Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Am I Taking Me

Which path shall we take
to where we would go
we can't ask another
or expect them to know.

It's our path to choose
not theirs to decide
it must be what we want
down deeply inside.

If we can't locate it
and don't have a vision
then our lives will flounder
through our indecision.

We have to look deeply
to see what is there
sit down and reflect
as we haven’t a care.

The answers will come
if we sit down and listen
then the paths will be made plain
and our decisions will glisten.

A Power to Give

The power you have
to give life over death.
With a camera
instead of a gun.

Lets your prey bless another
with a presence so close
allowing a share
of the fun.

For nature has given
to all of us here
the creatures we see
to love and not fear.

There is nothing wrong
in the hunting for foods
but to kill just to kill
only ruins our moods.

So camera it is
let the creature live on
we must stop the slaughter
before they're all gone.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What A Wonderful Life They Must Have

I see the house across the way
new siding
new roof
new windows.

The trellis with morning glory
showing itself off
climbing to the top
opening its blossoms.

The shrubs lining the yard
in perfect rows.

The lawn mow'n short
pure grass
edges trimmed
no weeds.

The drive brand new
with shiny new cars
basketball net
and hopscotch court.

Sunday mornings they all leave together
to their church
then return
later on.

They seem to me to be
the perfect family
yet I've never seen
what's indoors.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeding Our Spirit

Total quiet
of heart
of soul
brings peace
and harmony
to the life
we've been born to.

Our spirit
is fed
and nourished
it grows
giving us
the comforting
knowledge of
who we are.

We become one
with our surroundings
part of nature
and of all things
as we dive
into ourselves
to our very core.

in this
and place
of quiet
we learn
to love.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

To Be Grandparents First

If we could only
be grandparents first.
We might just understand
our kids and their thirst.

They need to see love
they need to be heard.
The fact that they matter
and not placed in third.

They ought to come first
in all thing that we do.
Without showing our love
it just won't ring true.

We've got to start listening
to things that they say.
Opening our hearts
showing the way.

But as parents we seldom
can see what they need.
We surrender to wants
instead of planting a seed.

Then when we have troubles
we must take the blame.
The kid just wants attention
our neglect is our shame.

We haven't been listening
ignoring what's said.
We think we know better
and send them to bed.

But to gramma and grampa
it's all so quite different.
We've seen the mistakes we made
no longer indifferent.

We've learned to take time
to sit down and listen.
And when we look in their eyes
they seem to just glisten.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here For You

Lay it on me,
an invitation to you.
Lay it on me,
let your hurting come through.

That's why I've been put here,
and my troubles are few.
I've been blessed with broad shoulders,
and they'll be here for you.

Whatever your burden
whatever your care.
I'm here for you brother
so do not despair.

We'll team up together
attacking your trouble.
Making it seem as
you could stand a double.

For what are friends for
if not just to be there.
To help and support
to comfort and care.

Come see me my friend
we're truly a pair.
Lay it on me my brother
I'll always be there.

The Winds of Change

Stay the course of who we are
or ride upon the winds of change?
That is the question we must face
from birth thru golden age.

As the world around us moves
we must make our choice.
Stay behind, get lost in it
or add to it our voice.

As people we seem to fight change
rejection is what we show.
But this path we share with others
is there that we may grow.

Our life cannot grow stagnant
not even for a minute.
Look back at life before they came
without the changes in it.

Your life would not be wonderful
not even in your mind.
If you rejected all the changes
choosing to stay blind.

For it's the changes that gives you sight
of great things yet to be.
So grow with changes along your path
give them time, they're good, you'll see.

Monday, July 23, 2012


If apples tasted like oranges
and steak tasted like potatoes.
Whatever then would be the use
of different kinds of tomatoes.

If we weren't born with different tastes
there would only be one dish.
We'd only have one recipe
for different food we’d have no wish.

But thank God that we're all different,
none of us just alike.
For this is what has given us
variety, the spice of life.

Without it we'd find life boring
a terrible way to live.
So we chase away monotony
varieties gift to give.

With each and every one of us
being different deep inside.
Our lives are made much better
our horizons broadened wide.

We learn to share things that we love
opening ourselves to others.
Accepting their ways their customs and selves
we now have found new brothers.

The difference between us
has brought us together.
And has given us a lift
thru the darkest of weather.

It's all because we have liked something different
and been given a chance to see.
Our lives have become fuller we've grown more complete
credit this to variety.


In quietude we wait
the silence takes us in.
Our hearts and minds come open
then words flow from within.

They're left upon a paper
but most often on a screen.
Time now to share our inner thoughts
with friends we've never seen.

We inspire one another
with the words we tend to use.
You wonder where they come from?
That thing we call our muse.

We are here to serve each other
to give strength and edify.
To ultimately lift some-one
and make their spirit fly.

So take some time for quiet
let it take you where it will.
Your friends here will be grateful
as you'll give to them their fill.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


emptiness surrounds me
consuming my inner self
darkness refuses to retreat
there is no escaping the mire

this life is filled with troubles
the troubles cause great pain
depression follows, no way out
your feet have been put to the fire

your fears grasp hold
they won't let go
but down deep
there's a fighting spirit

it's time to rise and heal yourself
to fill the hole you find inside
your life alone is worth the fight
get up rebuke the lies

don't let the bastards beat you down
you're worth much more that they
they're miserable inside themselves
forcing others to play their game.

go find the road that leads on high
walk on it toward the light
the darkness flees, depression lifts
that hole fills up within.

it doesn't have to last
it can soon be passed
there is no reason to stay this way
for emptiness has no substance.


Sometimes they're for planning
and often for fun.
Some say they're for children
but we've all more than one.

For when our dreams come
we are often not sure.
Just what was its meaning
and what it is for.

Is it there for direction
of the way we should go?
Could it be premonition
of things we should know?

Could they be our deep wishes
of our inner most self?
Are they there to be pondered
or placed on a shelf?

Have we pushed them aside
as if we don't care?
Wait, if they're not important
then why are they there?

The dreams of our youth
and those things yet to be.
Tend to build futures
for both you and me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hope can last eternal
giving to our spirit life.
We should not let it falter
during periods of strife.

It's something deep inside us
that says things will be alright.
That nothing now can stop us
whether by day nor during night.

No-one can take it from you
they cannot steal your hope.
But if you give it up to them
throughout your life you'll mope.

It doesn't have to be that way
there's a better way to live.
Don't treat your hope as water
letting it drain out through a sieve.

Hang on tight, hold it close
you'll always seem to cope.
As long as you don't give away
that precious gift of hope.

When Your Sunshine Goes Away

When your sunshine goes away
and sadness takes it's place.
You whimper and cry in darkness
while tears flow down your face.

The darkness seems foreboding
as your hurt seems there to stay.
You wonder if you're crazy,
why won't this go away?

Life's rain then falls upon you
your world seems in total shambles.
You just don't see an end in sight,
and now continue to ramble.

These dark days bring the heartaches
emotion we’d rather not face.
They seem to hide the pathway
that puts peace and joy in place.

But patience is a virtue,
so sit quietly as you wait.
The new day dawns, the darkness goes,
there's new sunshine on your plate.

You must take care, relax, chill out,
don't let life's demons burn.
For with the dawn new life begins,
inner peace will soon return.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cloud

The cloud rolls in
yet no storm comes
still you feel one's on its way.

The dark surrounds
it closes in
and you seem to lose your way.

Your troubled world
now beckons you
it wants to hold and own you.

The storm draws near
it's all around
you know not where to turn to.

You're all alone
there by yourself
no pathway for your feet.

Quiet your mind
have some faith
this cloud shall soon retreat.

Now if you look
within the cloud
you'll see a lining silver.

For the lesson that
this cloud has brought
will prepare you now forever.

Life's Rain

The rain
it's plain
falls often
on our lives.

The times that come
the moments that go
interrupt the way
of life's perfect flow.

These times of trouble
that we often find
only exist
in a muddled mind.

But never the less
this rain is real
and always affects
the way we feel.

We hurt inside
and shed a tear
but this is not
our greatest fear.

We're afraid that others
will think us weak
when the tear we shed
is at it's peak.

But what goes on
inside of us
is a cleansing from
an emotional fuss.

Just as the rain
from heaven above
our tears they renew
the lives we love.

The troubles then seem
to fade away
and behind them leave
a refreshed day.

So when the rain comes
and leaves us hollow
rest assured with its cleansing
comfort will follow.

The Heart of Man is All He Sees

Though heads are bowed
and eyes are closed
it really doesn't matter.
Our needs, our wants
we take to him
with words that sound a clatter.

We act as if
we are afraid
we look away in shame.
Then he reminds us
he is God
and has not forgot our name.

All he asks us
is trust
that he will meet our need.
If we will open
our heart to him
that he may plant his seed.

So when in need
and not really knowing
just how you ought to start.
Quiet yourself,
look upon him
and give to him your heart.

From Here to There

The road that we travel
brings us our life.
Imparting its knowledge
and showing its strife.

Its pathway leads from our birth
to the present.
Often to places
we should circumvent.

It will bring some sadness
and often pure joy.
I seem to have learned this
when I was a boy.

But the road offers twists
and turns with each day.
Changing our hopes and our plans
on its way.

We meet up with others
along the same road.
Sharing our wisdom
sharing our load.

We strengthen each other
give our spirits a lift.
That's why we've met
yes, to give a great gift.

Sometimes to receive
and sometimes to give.
For that is our purpose
as long as we live.

These gifts we can use now
to show us the way.
Along our life's road
to our last resting day.


Molding tomorrow
we cannot do.
We can hope and plan
and look forward to.

Whatever it bring to us
we'll know when it's here.
We'll only find what comes along
on the road from there to here.

So look for it
and for what you'll see.
Your hopes and plans
weren't guaranteed.

Please have some faith,
be patient wait.
Tomorrow will come
with blessings great.


Yesterday is past,
never to return.
It has shaped and molded us
toward paths that we must turn.

The lessons it has given
were there to make us strong.
Not only that but also
to show us right from wrong.

We cannot go and change it
to make it something else.
We must accept it as it is
as it has formed our inner self.

We shouldn't try to bring it back,
just let it live within.
It will awake in memory
allowing us to grin.

So yesterday has given us
the tools to form a plan.
That we may live in harmony
with earth and all of man.