Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Freedom of True Love (Cinquain)

true, unconditional
enlightens, enables, energizes
if we let go and allow our children to be who they are.


Pistachios, the nuts most evil
of all nuts on planet earth.
Our hand they make to operate
independently of our minds.
Try as you may to put them away,
your hand gets drawn to the bag.
Wait just one more nut before you quit
but your hand you just cannot stop.
That process continually copies itself
the pistachio has taken total control.

Beware the evil nut named pistachio!

(hey, watch out for those cashews, they've got that same power)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Regrets (Cinquain)

past, present
debilitate, delay, discourage
more often than not keep you from moving on with life

Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Life There Are No Do-Overs

When you look back
and see what you've done
some things were quite tragic
and others just fun.

We remember the fun times
they make us quite glad
but the tragic times creep in
reminding us of the bad.

We wish to forget
these ugly old times,
by taking some do-overs.
Would they really be crimes?

The do-overs don't come
to us in this life.
If they did we might suffer
from extraordinary strife.

Our lives would be different
and never the same.
Other lives we would ruin
yes we'd be to blame.

Though we want to erase them
and change them to fun.
Do-overs change everything
yep, even one.

Why is Time Backwards

Time, it can be so confusing
the minutes they seem never ending
the hours seem to fly by.

The weeks, the months
we slowly work our way through
then wonder, where has the year gone.

As kids, Christmas couldn't come quick enough.
When young, our school years were forever.
Our working years, they all seemed so long.

Now in retirement everything's changed
from the past this is different,we see life in a way
that all of those years seemed like just yesterday.

Intolerance (Cinquain)

racial, religious
zealous, hateful, demeaning
greater damage has not been done to our world.

When The Rains Come

When the rains of life fall upon you.
and your world seems in total shambles.
You may not know of a cleansing to come,
as you fight to escape these brambles.

The troubles that come have no hold over you
unless you let them consume.
It is really within your own power
to deny them and stop their mushroom.

So sit back, take care, relax, chill out,
don't allow life's demons to burn.
For when these rains stop your new day begins,
and life as you knew it returns.


cleansing the air and earth
offering new life
and refreshment to all that grows.
As the rain,
our tears refresh our spirit
through the cleansing of our soul.
Easing our pain and sorrow,
limiting its effect on us
so that it does not consume us.

Rain is a good thing,
for so much more than corn.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fresh Air

Today I breathe a new air
it's different than before.
For some odd reason I feel light
my spirit seems to soar.

There's a promise of a new life
a hope of things much better.
Beckoning, please come along
I see you're not a setter.

A new path goes before me
it's beauty ever present.
Something deep inside has changed
a metamorphosis underwent.

Now where did this all come from
where do I express gratitude?
Well it's really rather simple'
it's the brand new attitude.

You Have a Choice

Throughout our lives,
we make many choices
whether taking the high road or low.

As the low leads to places
of great desolation
it's always the wrong road to go.

But the high road it's said
leads you in the right way
toward a life that's filled with peace and great joy.

It's a lesson neglected
that ought to be taught
to each little girl and young boy.

To act in a manner
that we know to be right
avoiding the ways which would hurt.

Once again I must say
the high road is the way
don't let yourself be dragged through the dirt.


Where darkness dwells
mans spirit falters
he cannot smile nor laugh.

For in the dark
he cannot not see
his way has been taken from him.

The blindness swells
his way is blocked
it matters not where he is.

For with no vision
there is no path
and no place left to go.

His life's a mess
he sees no good
for the darkness hides it all.

But shed some light
and give him sight
the path will be made clear.

As now a vision
shows the way
pointing out all of life's beauty.

His spirit lifts
a smile returns
he once again can laugh.

To laugh is to live
with a joyful heart
this is the only way we should live.

The Mist

There is a mist
that does exist
within the minds of men.
And there are times
our decisions hide
as to how or what or when.

Our thoughts
often quite clouded,
confusion settled in.
A time of doubt
must be left out
don't act, find peace within.

A time of quiet
a time alone
a time to think things out.
Will often guide
and show the way
teaching you what life's about.

So if you'll pause
and search down deep
letting your mind and thoughts grow clear.
You're soon to see
the reasons that be
for that mist you've found so near.

In a Fog

Heavy fog and mist
nothing moving so quiet
train whistles afar.
Lonely though it be
I find tranquility.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank God for Variety

Imagine how our lives would be
quite boring, yes you're right
if we had just one recipe
eating the same thing every night.

Well all of life is like this
so thank God for different tastes
they've offered us variety
and with food it goes to our wastes.

But food or cars or clothing
and the differences that we see
make each new day enjoyable
they give us reason yet to be.

Our children all are different
no owners manuals there
each one an individual
down to their faces, size and hair.

The animals and plants
all different for a reason
have given us ability
to survive through each new season.

So when you meet a person
who is different from yourself
appreciate what you've received
a new blessing off God's shelf.

Love (Double Cinquain)

unrequited, unshared
desirous, yearning, longing
leaves within a person's life an emptiness

shared, returned
intense, enthusiastic, earnest
allows the lives of the two to become one

The flame that true love ignites is eternal and never dies out completely.  there is always a burning ember beneath the ashes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Laughter (Cinquain)

exuberant, unrestrained
blessing, nourishing, lifting
giving our spirit a moment in Heaven
on Earth.

Truth (Cinquain)

ugly, beautiful
hurting, healing, helping
never needs remembering as it is what it is

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Failed Life

He who harbors unforgiveness and hate
lets anger and bitterness reside within.

Consuming inner peace and happiness
satisfaction of life is lost to him.

Loneliness is his portion, others avoid him
never finding friendship he hardens.

He is his own undoing, none other is to blame
love and life have escaped him.

It didn't have to be this way.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friendship (Cinquain)

personal, ever-present
supporting, nurturing, loving
making it all worthwhile traveling the path of life

Chains (Cinquain)

endless, unremitting
binding, enslaving, imprisoning
cast away and broken when you learn to love

most of our chains are self imposed by our own 
insecurity of who we are and what we think of ourselves.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charity (Cinquain)

selfless, benevolent
giving, helping, providing
having compassion for others in need

Faith (Cinquain)

boundless, mystical
inspiring, everlasting, uplifting
without it there's no trust within us

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hope (Cinquain)

deep, unfettered
living, burning, everlasting
holding us together for tomorrow

A New Day's Air

As I wake to a new day
partake of it's air
I arise breath it in
and become quite aware.

For there's needs all around
this much I can see
many tasks now are calling
for attention from me.

Some needs are for others
and some for myself
one thing is for certain
they're not for the shelf.

These needs are not wants
there's no time to shirk
the responsibility is mine
I must go to work.

Priorities to set
decisions to make
others to consider
action to take.

We must use this new day
for the intent it was seeded
to bless one another
and provide what is needed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Journey Without Care

Up or down, does not really matter
on the path to town or on a garden path
we take this journey blindly
not noticing where we are.

On the path to town or on a garden path
we rush through our lives
not noticing where we are
depriving ourselves of their beauty.

We rush through our lives
without a care for others
depriving ourselves of their beauty
leaving loved ones behind.

Without a care for others
an empty world emerges
leaving loved ones behind
and a hole in our hearts.

To heal our hearts returning to them
we must not take this journey blindly
along the path of this empty world
up or down, now, does really matter.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Along the Gardens Path

What we find as we walk
along this gardens path
are things we never knew were there
they've been hidden oh so long.

Along this gardens path
there are treasures to be found
they've been hidden oh so long
covered up with chosen blindness.

There are treasures to be found
if we would only look upon them
covered up with chosen blindness
a life with many missed blessings.

If we would only look upon them
opening our heart along the way
a life with many missed blessings
could be left behind today.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Damned Weight

All this weight
that i'm carryin' round
is too much to handle
it's takin' me down.

Other folks
they think that I'm happy
they don't get to see
what's inside
they try to be friendly,
I know it won't work
what I do is
I run off and hide.

I know
if they got to look deeper
and see me
for who that I am
they'd take off and leave me
alone once again
as I wouldn't
fit in to their plan.

Now again
I find that I'm lonely
as I crawl off
to my little shell
I hide there so safe
from the outside
and spend life
in a self imposed hell.

So this weight
that I find upon me
that hinders my pathway
through life
becomes something
that I learn to live with
or cast aside
toward a life without strife.

I must open the doorway
for others to see
who I am
to accept me
with all of my problems
lift me up
like I know that they can.

For those times that
we find life's load heavy
we should step back
and try to understand
we cannot travel
life's path without help
we're not weak
when we accept a hand.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Search

We search
for that which is hidden.
We yearn
for the things we don't need.
We seek
for a way to obtain them.
We're not satisfied
unless we are feeding our greed.

We search
for that which is hidden.
We yearn
for a life oh so grand.
We seek
for a way we can force it.
But that life
is out of reach, out of hand.

We search
for that which is hidden.
We yearn
for a following throng.
We seek
for the people to fill it.
Yet these people
recognize us as wrong.

For we searched
what was before us.
And we yearned
for things all around us.
We sought
for what we thought had escaped us.
And all that time
it was something we had.