Sunday, June 29, 2014

In Blood and Spirit

The message clear
You gotta hear it
All of us brothers
We're the sons of our mothers
In both blood and our spirit
It's right there can't you feel it
Go on check your heart
That's where you should start

Love 'em

Care for 'em

Respect 'em

You need to give it to all
Don't be lettin 'em fall
It won't take all that long
To be sharin' your song
That one deep inside
Don't let these things hide
They were meant for another
It's your time, bless a brother

Not a story, not a poem ... just some thoughts to drive a point home

Those who are in the position of leadership but show little respect to those they are responsible for, receive little to no respect in return. Their leadership is rendered ineffective and the task at hand suffers. This type of leader has become less important than those they have been tasked to lead.

The point is, all people must receive the same level of respect concerning the importance of their portion and position in achieving the goal for the whole to be successful and survive. Every level of the job is equally important.

One supervisor stayed in a rotten mood
the other stayed respectful and pleasant.

The one barked his orders abusing his team
the other requested and worked alongside his.

The one team felt abused
the other felt respected.

The one team had no pride in their work
the other believed that their was no challenge they could not meet.

The one team barely managed to get the job done, late
the other put out their product with time to spare.

It might not hurt for the CEO
to show a little respect to the janitor.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

So You Think You're Free

How can man call himself free
His body has limits
Imposed on him by nature
He must live by laws
Imposed on him by rulers
His spirit is held back
Through the imposition of religion
What he believes to be freedom
Is in truth no more than tolerance

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nobody Should Be Someone Else

Going out of his way to be recognized
the man lost sight of himself
he was trying to please everyone else
putting his own life away on a shelf

It didn't take long, they saw him a fake
nothing at all about him was real
and who wants to hang with someone you can't trust
what other lies had he tried to conceal

While trying to become this person he wasn't
his whole world became quite a mess
sadly he had no life before this
and now he would have even less


Greed greed
that wonderful steed
the rich ride upon
hoarding much more
than they need

Not caring one bit
how the poor get along
not seeing at all
what they're doing
is wrong

Not feeding the hungry
not healing the sick
not helping with shelter
while their wallets
grow thick

The gap just grows wider
more homes become lost
but they only care
for themselves
ignoring the cost

A society lost
a third world country is born
when will they learn
there's a price
for their scorn

Friday, June 13, 2014


Once again
I saw it today
but it wasn't here
I'm happy to say

Arrogant comments
totally mean
demeaning another
they bordered on the obscene

The words that they use
they're so condescending
their conversations all come
with an unhappy ending

The way that they act
they think they're better than you
it's all in their tone
but we know it's untrue

But hey, all knowledge is theirs
yes, they do claim dominion
yet they keep trying to tell us
it's just their humble opinion

Because It's Yours

Why live in darkness
by not giving a thought
whether it's the truth or a lie
that you just went and bought

The beliefs of another
they're not really yours
when there's no understanding
and the thought process ignored

The mind must be open
not only the eyes
if blind from not thinking
you're in for a surprise

All you see that's before you
there's no real black and white
all that gray in between
that's where you'll find your might

You see personal knowledge is power
and that'll comes when you're thinkin'
please take the time that is needed
to keep your opinions from stinkin'

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wake Up Dammit

What's wrong with men
When they wish ill of others
Do they not realize
That all men are brothers

Do they really get off
Treating others unfair
We all live on this earth
All breathe the same air

Yet somehow they continue
To treat others as dirt
They must have never known love
Spreading all of their hurt

My hope is some day
These folks may come awake
Making the world a better place
For all of our sake

Our Need To Feed The Flesh

Ah, the foolish wisdom of the flesh
I want it, though I don't need it
I've gotta have it, although I've no use for it
It'll make me happy, for a moment anyway

These desires seem so innocent
How could they ever be bad
If all you wish is to please the flesh
You'll only end up sad

What you'll have is temporary
when found within that toy
But it's the spirit that needs lifting
With a full and inner joy

But I gotta have it I really do want it
Go ahead and have your way
Remember one thing, the cost will sting
Be prepared for what you'll pay

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Really, What's In A Name

Seven oceans have different names but contain the same water. ~ Matloob Bokhari ~

Some say he exists
others say that he don't
there are those who believe
and others who won't

Believing or not
he goes by so many names
the problem it seems
is the meaningless claims

They all say that he's theirs
and respects no other religion
when the truth of the matter
this is just their opinion

Can mortal man
truly understand his creator
see if he created us all
he just wanted love, nothing greater

For all men to be brothers
each one part of the whole
as the rivers to the oceans
like all of the water, part of the flow

The names do not matter
what they give us is hope
to survive our life's trials
and help us to cope


Without war, we would not know peace
Without peace, we would not become brothers
Our worlds of differences creating chaos

Without chaos, we would not know calm
Without calm, lives would be lived in constant turmoil
Lives lived in turmoil bring pain

Without pain, we would not know pleasure
Without pleasure, we would suffer endlessly
That suffering plagues the heart with sorrow

Without sorrow, we would not know joy
Without joy, life would be empty
Our spirit murdered because it went without

If not for war and chaos bringing pain and sorrow
We would not know peace, calm. pleasure and joy
That which brings hurtful lessons
Often teaches us appreciation for all that which is good

One Man's Success

For many years he worked hard
He was not always there for his family
Missing the first steps and first words of his children
Yet he had no complaints

There came the day
That he found himself and his wife
With an empty nest
His children were now on their own

He gazed upon their lives
Saw that his children were happy
This was the day
He realized success

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lazy Man

The lazy man seeks not his own way
He finds it easier to follow the crowd

Every day
I go their way
Never following
A path of my own

The lazy man cannot make real decisions
He refuses to weigh all, no any of the facts

Could I really decide
no I'd much rather hide
you see if mistaken
I could trip o'er the stone

The lazy man has no personal wisdom
He finds it easier to let others think for him

Sorry I'm not really knowin'
Just where I'm a goin'
But see my buddy
He's pretty much been right so far

The lazy man cannot justify his beliefs
He's found it easier to allow others to tell him what they are

Don't be askin' me why
I've just always followed that guy
I don't need to explain
Ask him over there in that car

The lazy man is empty
He finds no lasting joy in his selfishness

Am I happy you ask
Hell that's quite a big task
It ain't your business
Why don't you shaddup

The lazy man knows not who he is
He's been afraid to live a life of his own

Who am I, now that's rich
Just some dumb sonavabitch
Whoa, wait a second
Maybe it's time to wake up

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Madness, The Contagion

Madness would come
seldom with warning
He was like Hyde at night
then Jekyll the next morning

A monster he was
a reminder of the past
the killings went on
how long would this last

No-one felt safe
living in constant dread
it was as if the Ripper
had returned from the dead

The entire city
crippled with fear
praying their creator
this man would never draw near

But for days and months
his rampage went on
the fear grew to paranoia
that's what it did spawn

Folks thought that they saw him
where ever they went
going mad in their panic
bullets were spent

Daily the streets filled
with dead neighbors and friends
paranoia and panic
became the tool to these ends

Yes it started with one
and his madness spread far and wide
and the killings went on
even after he died

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Divine

I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the Divine in my heart. ~ Rumi

They entered the temple
found not what they sought

Then they moved to the church
finding their souls had to be bought

The mosque proved no better
these trips were wrong from the start

If man will seek the Divine
he only needs search his own heart

Only One Life

You've only one life
Twill soon be past
But wait I've a question
Why does it travel so fast

Can't it slow down
Maybe close to a crawl
Extra time this would give
To enjoy the colors of fall

The ice diamonds of winter
The budding of spring
All of the new life
That the summer does bring

It just moves way too quickly
To appreciate much
When we don't take the time
To smell the roses and such

We've got to take a few moments
Just to sit back and relax
Drink in all that surrounds us
Fill our spirits to the max

Our lives are for living
Not just watching them pass
If we've only the one
We should live it with class

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One Way Or Another, It's Always Our Turn

New people we meet
we don't understand why
some, they have plenty
others, high and dry

There are those there to bless us
and for others it's our turn
whether receiving or giving
they are not ours to spurn

You see when giving we get
and when getting we give
blessings to body and heart
there's just no negative

Whatever the moment
it's still about sharing
we just need to do our part
it's time we start caring

You see, caring through sharing
through both giving and receiving
bestows life's greatest blessings
of this I'm believing  

Don't Run From Your Purpose

Our purpose, our place
We often do ponder
Are these the reasons
That folks seem to wander

Not feeling quite right
That they've not done enough
Never feeling at home
While life seems too tough

How many don't care
About what they're meant to do
How many have hidden
From their purpose, withdrew

Refusing to admit
They may be another mans savior
Saying “no not I”
“I'll not be this days flavor”

There are those who do search
For what they're meant to do
Ever hoping their purpose
Will be revealed in plain view

Knowing we're here
To help others along
To give them new hope
Renewing their song

Lifting them up
When they've been knocked down
Helping them smile
Removing their frown

Friends and family
Those on the street
Having compassion
For all that we meet

Be someones angel
Do it now, don't delay
Without that moment of kindness
It could be their last day