Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year Cometh

Some thought it was ending,
but it's really just starting,
new year has arrived.

The Mayan calendars
were understood as we were finished,
it seems that this was wrong.

So our lives go on
as we knew before,
our days continuing forward.

So I've one wish
I'd like to share,
and I hope you'll wish this too.

That during this year
we'll conquer hate
and give all great reason to celebrate.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


There are some who'll take advantage
while another's chips are down.
They'll act as they're a victim
seeking a profit from a frown.

They prey on those with broken hearts
and others who offer their aid.
While inside they smile not giving a damn
living their life as one big charade.

They're using your pain to increase their gain
How did they become who they are?
Why do they steal faking your pain that is real?
Their minds and hearts must be truly bizarre.

Now those who've been cheated and suffering the pain
carry with them the rest of their lives.
A feeling of guilt and a hole in their heart
while emptiness is all that survives.

Where's their compassion, where is their care?
They've no care of the cost on your part.
As long as they get theirs they're shouting who cares.
It's plain to see they just have no heart.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Are All Truly Brothers

When it comes to our bigotry
we're born pure, without it.
But in the wrong environment
we tend to learn and form it.

Coming then from parents
yes from family and our friends.
We're often taught to share their hate
and their prejudice extends.

They bring us up to be like them
not realizing what they've wrought.
It's likely not their fault at all
it's just what they've been taught.

But others live within our world
we can seem different as night and day.
These differences though they be few
should never get in our way.

Just as we've then learned to hate
we can also learn to love.
If not from those surrounding us
let it come from up above.

Whether from Yahweh or from Allah
The Great Spirit or from Jesus
the one we like to call our God
our creator is who can teach us.

This love now that we need to show
should be extended to all others.
It's time that we start treating folks
as we are all truly brothers.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Are We on a Road to Bigotry or Love

When we listen
we hear.
If what we hear are lies
the lies enter our minds.

When we look
we see.
If what we see is evil
that evil tries to take up residence in our hearts.

What we hear and what we see
mold what we believe.
If that which enters us is wrong
we must learn to recognize and purge it.

What we believe
shapes our thoughts and feelings.
How we understand these
determines how we act.

Our actions
tell others who we are.
Whether we are filled with love
or hate

How do we want to be known?
For that love, for our hate.
That decision belongs to us
it's a choice we make.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Choice Do We Have

We follow a path
to a destiny chosen.
Is this a choice that we make
or is this road we're on frozen?

Just how much control
do we have where life leads us?
Are we willing to follow
or do we just make a big fuss?

The doors that do open
they've been placed for a reason.
They're there for our growth
and to teach us this season.

So what is the purpose
of this free will we've been given,
if this frozen path that we're on
is really just driven?

The answer I don't have
only the question.
Is the road that I follow mine
or divine intercession.

Broken Bonds as Life Moves On.

As the road moves on
and our lives evolve
many memories
do often fail.

The broken bonds
which once were strong
become hidden
like a holy grail

They're not really gone
just quite neglected
as new doors
present themselves.

Once through these doors
a new path beckons
calling our names
to get off the shelves.

To travel these roads
moving on to new heights
guiding us towards
our destiny’s.

Regrets of the past
slow the blessings to come
along this new life
with it's melody’s.

The songs that are sung
and although they are new
will often sound
familiar to you.

Then memories will come
days gone by will return
and the bonds of your past
will come back anew-ed.

Monday, December 17, 2012

T'is the Season

Deep in the corner there stood a strange tree
with an unusual effect
it was talking to me.

It had these bright shiny ornaments on all of it's boughs
and an angel on top
not allowing my drowse.

The lights flashed so softly, it was a comforting glow
announcing the season,
letting me know.

T'is the time now for giving it's arrived once again
but why just at Christmas
the poor we have with us my friend.

Why is it we seem to ignore this all year
and only equate it
to eight tiny reindeer.

The needs of the poor who are human like us
are so easily forgotten
why's our giving so brusque.

Do we not care about those hungry and cold
haven't we learned
or have we just gotten old.

It could have been me, no it could have been us
that others ignored
and thrown under the bus.

I'm lucky enough to have not gone over that ridge
while others are barely surviving
living under a bridge.

Do we let them go hungry, do we let them stay cold
are we so blind we can't see
it could have been us in that mold.

That's why it's always the time whether we're from suburbs or hood
that we be working together
for the worlds common good.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Children, Gone in a Moment

Children gone
in the blink of an eye.
I sit here weeping,
wondering why.

So much now is lost
that will never be found.
As the blood of our children
now covers the ground.

It's not just those
of Aurora and Newtown.
But also in war zones
making us frown.

This killing goes on
it's totally senseless.
With most of the victims
completely defenseless.

The victims are children,
fathers and mothers.
Not only those killed
but sisters and brothers.

Lives changed forever
in ruins in a shamble.
Survivors left behind
who can only mutter and ramble.

For where has this world gone,
how deep has it sunk.
With the actions of many
treating life as mere junk.

How did we get here,
which road did we take.
This path to destruction
why weren't we awake.

Is there an answer,
can we return?
To a life as we knew it
a life with concern.

Concern for our neighbor
not only next door.
But for those we've not met yet
our love should out-pour.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Gospel of Love

They've a gospel of love
but that's only within.
To folks who are just like them
with skin oh so thin.

If you tell them that others
around them teach love.
They'll deny it and say
love only comes from above.

Though they may believe true
in their heart and their mind
to them “from above”
has it's limits that bind.

If you don't think just like them,
your beliefs not the same.
In their eyes you are evil
as you don't play their game.

They deny love exists
outside of their God.
Feel their faith may be shaken,
they remain quite tight jawed.

But the truth of the matter,
true love comes from within
and to me what this shows,
is their faith's pretty thin.

So if love resides in us
our outside will show it.
Not confined to the few
but be shared without limit.

Friday, December 7, 2012

True Friends

True friends they are precious
that's why there are so few.
How many folks out there
will drop all just for you.

For the most part we're selfish
that's just how we are.
Our priorities are held close
seldom traveling very far.

But once in a while
one may come along.
Open your eyes and your heart
they'll emerge from the throng.

So if you're lucky to find one
you should count yourself blessed.
For the bond you will find there
will survive any test..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Dawn

A new dawn breaks,
over the rich and the poor,
in this land we wake to it's call.

Though many it seems,
think it's only for them,
this day has been given to all.

It should not matter,
the color or creed,
the gender or position in life.

For we all have the right,
to expect to be treated,
as our child, our husband or wife.

Yes the dawn brings to us,
a joyous new day,
one that offers a brand new chance.

The opportunity arrives,
for to start life anew,
whether at work, at home or romance.

It's not like this doesn't happen,
with each brand new day,
this really is not something new.

For life offers a new chance,
with each new dawn,
it's call is not just for me, it's for you.

So today, look around,
view the world with new eyes,
show respect, give each person their due.

You'll find your heart filled,
in a way you've not known,
while this dawn molds and reinvents you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Not Disabled

With the loss of an eye
comes a deep and dark sorrow.
The self pity you feel
doesn't leave by the morrow.

Feeling sorry for self
really does you no good,
it's not like your life's over
your loss is misunderstood.

There's a time of adjustment
that seems far too long,
such as depth perception
you're always an inch wrong.

Peripheral vision
is removed from one side
you bump into many things
that you come up beside.

But those things you don't see
aren't the things now that matter.
It's the things that you do see
you should keep on your platter.

When you still have one eye
you can see to your needs
you need not be held back
this disability misleads.

It gives you the chance
to accept and reflect
just how good that you have it
that your life's not been wrecked.

You can walk and still talk
you can drive and play ball
you can still watch your grandchildren
as they grow strong and tall.

You see, your life is not over
and there's no need to cry
you're not really disabled
it's all been a lie.

So now I sit thankful
for this lesson I've learned
seeing all of life's beauty
found every way that I turn.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Words Without Muse

When words go away
leaving you nothing to say
emptiness fills you.

Your life still goes on
as you're used as a pawn
yet nothing feels right.

So what can you do
when inspiration leaves you
it cannot be forced.

As I have tried here
to force these words without muse
my point is made clear.

And now here I sit
the emptiness has not left
my direction lost.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy Day Golf

Once upon a day so dreary
I'm feelin' oh so tired an' weary.

It's been rainin' for three nights and days
keepin' me from golf an' play.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring
as I clean my clubs an' golfin' things.

The wife, I'm getting' on her last nerve
givin' help she don't want but does deserve.

Now don't get me wrong, we got lotsa love
but when I'm hangin' round like this she needs help from above.

She says take off get outta the way
go find a game in the rain you can play.

But it's golf that I love, you all know about that
so I take the umbrella and find that rain hat.

Then I take off to play knowin' full well I'll get wet
but it's better'n argue'n yep now that's a good bet.

With a nose that starts drippin' an' shoes that are soaked
I'm playin' my golf, oh man am I stoked.

Got no care in the world today about score
an' with nobody else out here won't have to yell fore.

So I finish my round and I had some great fun
it's my wife I should thank as this day's a homerun.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Golf In The Fall

When living up north
and golf is your game
when fall comes about
nothing at all seems the same.

The trees change their colors
they're a site to be seen
the beauty you witness
is almost obscene.

But we have a real drawback
to golf in the fall
it's the leaves on the fairways
that are hiding your ball.

The ball seems to vanish
even with a straight shot
making the search last for hours
leaving you quite distraught.

Now wait, there is more
if you do reach the green
the leaves they are there too
it's a terrible scene.

You can't putt the ball
without a yard rake
at the end of the round
your score is a fake.

But none of this matters
whether the leaves or the wind
you're still plying golf
don't go feeling chagrined.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cost of Freedom

When freedom is obtained through struggle,
the cost that is paid is death.
That cost is most oft paid by soldiers,
expelling their very last breath.

For you and me and our children,
they go to war and they fight.
So we can here enjoy freedom,
protecting all our rights.

The right to worship as we wish,
the right to speak our mind.
The right to report on our government,
when we feel so inclined.

What kind of people do love us so,
that they will give for us their lives.
Fighting and dying for you and me,
insuring America survives.

They're patriots the lot of them,
sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters,
husbands and wives.

They're giving it all just to keep us safe,
our country and all of our families.
So hold freedom dear and all who have fought,
remembering all of the casualties.

So stop for a moment remembering those dead,
as you're warm and safe by the hearth.
Considering what freedom has cost us,
To you what is freedom's worth?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Healing The World One Person At A Time

How does the world fare
does it need to be healed.
Seems as though it must
hate resides in most fields.

That hate in these fields
wider spread than you'd think.
Threatens us all
damn, our attitudes stink.

Our ways need some changin'
that's real plain to see.
But knowin' it's needed
ain't enough, you agree?

So where do we start?
How do we mold change?
There must be a method
that isn’t too strange.

And where to begin
that's a problem itself.
Here's a novel idea
we start with our self.

Just look deep inside
find your faults and your flaws.
Before ripping others
with bigoted claws.

Show love and compassion
to all that you meet.
Whether at home, next door
or out on the street.

If you can then by chance
help just one living soul.
It will be the first step
toward changing the whole.

If by changing just one
and he passes it on.
Another step's taken
we've birthed a new dawn.

Now then the changed
although only a few,
Can show others the way
that they can change too.


Compassion --- the caring for others who need.
Compassion --- the feeling for others who hurt.
Compassion --- the love offered to others who have none.
Compassion --- the lifting up of others who are down.
Compassion --- the willingness to catch others who have fallen.

Is it in your heart?
Is it part of you?
Do you sit and talk?
Do you stand and do?

From inside of us
comes a quiet voice.
Then on the outside
we must make the choice.

Do we have it inside of us?
Is it alive, is it well?
Does our life show we have it?
From our heart, does it swell?

For compassion is something
when it's real people know,
That you're really there for them
no matter where they go.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Without a Dream

Without a dream
we have no vision.
Without that vision
we are blind to life.

We have no vision
there's no direction.
We are blind to life
not knowing where we are.

There's no direction
in lives without purpose.
Not knowing where we are
there is emptiness.

In lives without purpose
people flounder and fail.
There is emptiness
down deep in their soul.

People flounder and fail
till their dreams return to them.
Down deep in their soul
they can once again see.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The lion wanted courage
what he lacked was confidence.
He had no belief of his own
he always rode the fence.

His thoughts were that he couldn't
it didn't matter what it was.
If you asked why he didn't
he'd shy away, say just because.

He never got the strength he needed
from his family or his friends.
So he joined a group to see Oz
all the while offering up amends.

Old Oz just couldn't help him
as the problem was all within.
He had to start thinking the right way
if in life he wanted to win.

Oz told him he had to believe
telling himself over and over again.
That all things can soon be accomplished
from negative thinking he must always refrain.

So keep to the positive thinking
and hang with your positive friends.
Reach deep and draw from within you
to find courage, that's what Oz recommends.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


something that's needed in life.
To free us
from inner frustration and strife.

Most think from sin
and falling to life's evil temptations.
Yet moreover from self
and our self condemnations.

When we harbor the past
never letting it go.
We hold our lives back
never letting them grow.

We must give it up
let it loose to be free.
When held onto it festers
so head this decree.

Self condemnation is
no longer allowed.
Henceforth you'll stand tall
and act as you're proud.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can We Move Forward

The direction we take
whether forward or back.
Seems to be something others
will often attack.

Sometimes forward can scare us
moving toward someplace that's new.
While returning to where we've been
actually frightens a few.

Moving forward enlightens
enriching our life.
While backwards returns us
to periods of strife.

Our country seems split
as to which way to go.
But with nothing but gridlock
we'll just never know.

So if nothing gets changed
in our mighty congress.
We'll suffer stagnation
and never progress.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning (Cinquain)

Undemanding, Uncomplicated
Arousing, Awakening, Activating
A time that prepares us for that which lies ahead of us
A Beginning

Friday, September 14, 2012

Desire (Cinquain)

Innermost, Heartfelt
Tenderly, Thoroughly, Triumphantly
Moves us toward the realization of our vision


In life we have choices
they're forever with us.
Some are not quite so easy
and we oft make a fuss.

There are those we don't want
to deal with at all.
Fearing that if we did
we're in for a fall.

The unknown it scares us
it worries us so.
We're afraid it will take us
where we'd rather not go.

But we cannot ignore them
they just have to be made.
If we expect out of life
to be making the grade.

So make them my friend
it is time for decision.
For if you put it off and wait
you'll not achieve your vision.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Mothers Heartbreak (Cinquain)

Empty, Lonely
Anxiously, Awkwardly, Frantically
Waiting as my baby leaves for school the very first time

The Treasure and Tragedy of Wealth (Double Cinquain)

Utilized, Applied
Deliberately, Honestly, Genuinely
Makes a life worth living when shared as a blessing

Accumulated, Hoarded,
Gradually, Continually, Devastatingly
Ruins a life when it is looked on as God

Hate (Cinquain)

Ugly, Untamed
Unceasingly, Unrelentingly, Utterly
Eats away at our spirit, tears our lives apart

Must be let go of if we are to survive.  Harboring
hate destroys self while the target of that hate
goes on seldom affected. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heartbeat (Cinquain)

Demanding, Driving
Earnestly, Continually, Faithfully
Sending us forward to do what we know to be right

I Know A Few Christians

I know a few Christians
they know who they are.
Oh no not just talk it
yes they walk it by far.

They know who they are
they don't just sit in the pew.
Yes they walk it by far
they do what Christ said to do.

They don't just sit in the pew
they know it takes action.
They do what Christ said to do
receiving great satisfaction.

They know it takes action
not just giving tithes.
Receiving great satisfaction
earning their prize.

Not just giving tithes
as some think earns them favor.
Earning their prize
from the one they call Saviour.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Patience (cinquain)

Immeasurable, Inexhaustible
Invigorating, Intensifying, Intently
Allowing another the time and freedom to find themselves

When God Collides

My God he ain't your God
oh no he ain't not.
You see, you don't unerstand
what we got.

You know he's on our side
he ain't never on your'n.
Cause we know that ya'll believe
is doin' nuthin' but chorin'.

Why don't you start listenin'
an believin' like us.
Otherwise when he come
you be missin' the bus.

I don't unerstand
why you can't think like me.
Afer-all we the right ones
an dat's meant to be.

What you mean you not Muslim
an neither a Jew.
I know you say you Christian,
preacher says question your view.

It seems that some churches
that worship one God.
Just can't seem to get along,
I find this so odd.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm So Damned Important

I am so important
you cannot walk by my side.
That's right, so important
you belong two steps behind.

My words are so important
what you say just doesn't matter.
Yep, so important
all your words are just some clatter.

My opinion's so important
you will hear it all day long.
Time to listen, that's important
don't you know, I’m never wrong.

My time is so important
I can't not waste it on your problem.
To me that's not important
don't have time for all your drama.

So you see I'm all important
on my word you can depend.
That's right, I'm so damned important
I have no-one to call friend.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Words To Live By

We must take what life gives us,
making the best out of it.
Otherwise all we'll do,
is turn it to shit.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lies (Cinquain)

deceitful, dishonest
demeaning, destroying, demoralizing
removing trust and ruining relationships


Truth, is it something we seem to have lost?
Now if this is so, have we counted the cost.

For the lies that we tell others during this life
most often bring hurt, heartache and strife.

The cost to our children and others we love
all those blessings we've lost from a great God above.

Truth shouldn't be left just to simply depart
we must hold it tight and close to our heart.

For truth sets you free, you'll not need to remember
a life full of lies during your life's December.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stinkin' Thinkin'

Life as we know it
can often seem empty.
Without love for self
it just seems to pass by.

The days and the months
seem to linger like years.
A problem that's stemmed
from between our two ears.

We act as not worthy
to receive happiness.
Without it life slows
and becomes quite a mess.

We swear no-one likes us
and don't feel accepted.
So we put on a mask
giving away what's expected.

We're no longer ourselves
we've surrendered our lives.
We can't turn this around
if our spirit takes dives.

Now don't think all is lost
you can turn this around.
Though your ship seems have sailed
it's not run aground.

The problem you have
is all in your thinkin'.
You need to turn it around
so it's not always stinkin'.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Seasons of Life

A beginning
A time of new growth
A new season in life.

A blessing
A time to play
A season of warmth.

A back breaker
A time to provide
A season of responsibility.

A breather
A time to reflect
A season of rest.

The circle has closed
A new life emerges
The cycle continues.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Freedom of True Love (Cinquain)

true, unconditional
enlightens, enables, energizes
if we let go and allow our children to be who they are.


Pistachios, the nuts most evil
of all nuts on planet earth.
Our hand they make to operate
independently of our minds.
Try as you may to put them away,
your hand gets drawn to the bag.
Wait just one more nut before you quit
but your hand you just cannot stop.
That process continually copies itself
the pistachio has taken total control.

Beware the evil nut named pistachio!

(hey, watch out for those cashews, they've got that same power)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Regrets (Cinquain)

past, present
debilitate, delay, discourage
more often than not keep you from moving on with life

Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Life There Are No Do-Overs

When you look back
and see what you've done
some things were quite tragic
and others just fun.

We remember the fun times
they make us quite glad
but the tragic times creep in
reminding us of the bad.

We wish to forget
these ugly old times,
by taking some do-overs.
Would they really be crimes?

The do-overs don't come
to us in this life.
If they did we might suffer
from extraordinary strife.

Our lives would be different
and never the same.
Other lives we would ruin
yes we'd be to blame.

Though we want to erase them
and change them to fun.
Do-overs change everything
yep, even one.

Why is Time Backwards

Time, it can be so confusing
the minutes they seem never ending
the hours seem to fly by.

The weeks, the months
we slowly work our way through
then wonder, where has the year gone.

As kids, Christmas couldn't come quick enough.
When young, our school years were forever.
Our working years, they all seemed so long.

Now in retirement everything's changed
from the past this is different,we see life in a way
that all of those years seemed like just yesterday.

Intolerance (Cinquain)

racial, religious
zealous, hateful, demeaning
greater damage has not been done to our world.

When The Rains Come

When the rains of life fall upon you.
and your world seems in total shambles.
You may not know of a cleansing to come,
as you fight to escape these brambles.

The troubles that come have no hold over you
unless you let them consume.
It is really within your own power
to deny them and stop their mushroom.

So sit back, take care, relax, chill out,
don't allow life's demons to burn.
For when these rains stop your new day begins,
and life as you knew it returns.


cleansing the air and earth
offering new life
and refreshment to all that grows.
As the rain,
our tears refresh our spirit
through the cleansing of our soul.
Easing our pain and sorrow,
limiting its effect on us
so that it does not consume us.

Rain is a good thing,
for so much more than corn.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fresh Air

Today I breathe a new air
it's different than before.
For some odd reason I feel light
my spirit seems to soar.

There's a promise of a new life
a hope of things much better.
Beckoning, please come along
I see you're not a setter.

A new path goes before me
it's beauty ever present.
Something deep inside has changed
a metamorphosis underwent.

Now where did this all come from
where do I express gratitude?
Well it's really rather simple'
it's the brand new attitude.

You Have a Choice

Throughout our lives,
we make many choices
whether taking the high road or low.

As the low leads to places
of great desolation
it's always the wrong road to go.

But the high road it's said
leads you in the right way
toward a life that's filled with peace and great joy.

It's a lesson neglected
that ought to be taught
to each little girl and young boy.

To act in a manner
that we know to be right
avoiding the ways which would hurt.

Once again I must say
the high road is the way
don't let yourself be dragged through the dirt.


Where darkness dwells
mans spirit falters
he cannot smile nor laugh.

For in the dark
he cannot not see
his way has been taken from him.

The blindness swells
his way is blocked
it matters not where he is.

For with no vision
there is no path
and no place left to go.

His life's a mess
he sees no good
for the darkness hides it all.

But shed some light
and give him sight
the path will be made clear.

As now a vision
shows the way
pointing out all of life's beauty.

His spirit lifts
a smile returns
he once again can laugh.

To laugh is to live
with a joyful heart
this is the only way we should live.

The Mist

There is a mist
that does exist
within the minds of men.
And there are times
our decisions hide
as to how or what or when.

Our thoughts
often quite clouded,
confusion settled in.
A time of doubt
must be left out
don't act, find peace within.

A time of quiet
a time alone
a time to think things out.
Will often guide
and show the way
teaching you what life's about.

So if you'll pause
and search down deep
letting your mind and thoughts grow clear.
You're soon to see
the reasons that be
for that mist you've found so near.

In a Fog

Heavy fog and mist
nothing moving so quiet
train whistles afar.
Lonely though it be
I find tranquility.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank God for Variety

Imagine how our lives would be
quite boring, yes you're right
if we had just one recipe
eating the same thing every night.

Well all of life is like this
so thank God for different tastes
they've offered us variety
and with food it goes to our wastes.

But food or cars or clothing
and the differences that we see
make each new day enjoyable
they give us reason yet to be.

Our children all are different
no owners manuals there
each one an individual
down to their faces, size and hair.

The animals and plants
all different for a reason
have given us ability
to survive through each new season.

So when you meet a person
who is different from yourself
appreciate what you've received
a new blessing off God's shelf.

Love (Double Cinquain)

unrequited, unshared
desirous, yearning, longing
leaves within a person's life an emptiness

shared, returned
intense, enthusiastic, earnest
allows the lives of the two to become one

The flame that true love ignites is eternal and never dies out completely.  there is always a burning ember beneath the ashes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Laughter (Cinquain)

exuberant, unrestrained
blessing, nourishing, lifting
giving our spirit a moment in Heaven
on Earth.

Truth (Cinquain)

ugly, beautiful
hurting, healing, helping
never needs remembering as it is what it is

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Failed Life

He who harbors unforgiveness and hate
lets anger and bitterness reside within.

Consuming inner peace and happiness
satisfaction of life is lost to him.

Loneliness is his portion, others avoid him
never finding friendship he hardens.

He is his own undoing, none other is to blame
love and life have escaped him.

It didn't have to be this way.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friendship (Cinquain)

personal, ever-present
supporting, nurturing, loving
making it all worthwhile traveling the path of life

Chains (Cinquain)

endless, unremitting
binding, enslaving, imprisoning
cast away and broken when you learn to love

most of our chains are self imposed by our own 
insecurity of who we are and what we think of ourselves.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charity (Cinquain)

selfless, benevolent
giving, helping, providing
having compassion for others in need

Faith (Cinquain)

boundless, mystical
inspiring, everlasting, uplifting
without it there's no trust within us