Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Dawn

A new dawn breaks,
over the rich and the poor,
in this land we wake to it's call.

Though many it seems,
think it's only for them,
this day has been given to all.

It should not matter,
the color or creed,
the gender or position in life.

For we all have the right,
to expect to be treated,
as our child, our husband or wife.

Yes the dawn brings to us,
a joyous new day,
one that offers a brand new chance.

The opportunity arrives,
for to start life anew,
whether at work, at home or romance.

It's not like this doesn't happen,
with each brand new day,
this really is not something new.

For life offers a new chance,
with each new dawn,
it's call is not just for me, it's for you.

So today, look around,
view the world with new eyes,
show respect, give each person their due.

You'll find your heart filled,
in a way you've not known,
while this dawn molds and reinvents you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Not Disabled

With the loss of an eye
comes a deep and dark sorrow.
The self pity you feel
doesn't leave by the morrow.

Feeling sorry for self
really does you no good,
it's not like your life's over
your loss is misunderstood.

There's a time of adjustment
that seems far too long,
such as depth perception
you're always an inch wrong.

Peripheral vision
is removed from one side
you bump into many things
that you come up beside.

But those things you don't see
aren't the things now that matter.
It's the things that you do see
you should keep on your platter.

When you still have one eye
you can see to your needs
you need not be held back
this disability misleads.

It gives you the chance
to accept and reflect
just how good that you have it
that your life's not been wrecked.

You can walk and still talk
you can drive and play ball
you can still watch your grandchildren
as they grow strong and tall.

You see, your life is not over
and there's no need to cry
you're not really disabled
it's all been a lie.

So now I sit thankful
for this lesson I've learned
seeing all of life's beauty
found every way that I turn.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Words Without Muse

When words go away
leaving you nothing to say
emptiness fills you.

Your life still goes on
as you're used as a pawn
yet nothing feels right.

So what can you do
when inspiration leaves you
it cannot be forced.

As I have tried here
to force these words without muse
my point is made clear.

And now here I sit
the emptiness has not left
my direction lost.