Monday, September 30, 2013

Shit Happens, a Good Thing

I read that shit happens
and that made me think
this could be a good thing
well except for the stink.

Yup, our lives take a dump
and it's usually our fault
when we're trying something new
mistakes then mount an assault.

Now here's where the stink comes
here's where we are saddened
but if we don't pay attention
we'll miss what just happened.

A lesson was taught
yeah in a negative way
that if we choose the wrong option
there's a price we must pay.

So if shit didn't happen
we would miss a life lesson
so wake up pay attention
class still is in session.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Always Our Turn

It seems that as for me
It's about the message
Whether it's gotten through
Or not

I've got to keep it simple
So the lesson
Here for both of us
Doesn't end up lost

Sometimes it rhymes
But not all the times
See what I mean
That S on times
Just doesn't belong

And metre now gone
Is it still a poem
Don't lose track
Or you might as well have
Stayed home

You see, the lesson today
Is to help someone who strays
Without any delays
To keep their spirit from decay
What we wish to convey
We can't leave unfinished, halfway
Not to cause them dismay
It should be our love on display
Enter the healers cafe
Choose from it's buffet
It's a veritable array
Filled with all of love's bouquet
You see there are always ways
And most often they'll pay

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Don't Wash Your Windows

In my chair
Peace and tranquility
They surround me
Soft music
Eases my mind
Into fond memories
Of my life
Photos on the wall
Bring them close
Though they are grown
And away

The days light is failing
Yet it still seems early
The windows
They're dirty

The light
Again shines through

Standing gazing outside
Children fighting
Their parents
Cursing each other
Police cars arriving
Senseless killings
Of innocent people

Why did I ever wash that window

Can Salt Really Heal All Wounds?

Upon my eye
there forms a blister
salt water is the cure.

Though it stings
the healing begins
my comfort returns
once more.

But why add pain
when you already hurt
it doesn't sound quite right.

The reason it seems
is actually sound
as with it's cleansing
with salt infection we'll fight.

But what of a heart
when it's been broken
can salt then cure this wound.

Taste your tears
what you'll find
is a not so strange brine
that carries the poison away.

So giving it time
a brine used this way
can ease a heart broken
but I'm afraid

It generally takes more than a day.

Who's Glory

Isn't it all about intentions
The reasons we do the things we do
Do we really care about others
Or is it just to be seen by you

Good Morning

Good morning
A new day has come
With it a new beginning

Welcome it
Breathe in it's fresh air
This is a time for starting over

Open your eyes to your new path
Follow it to where it takes you
One step at a time

Allow your day
To advance on it's own
Do not force your pace

Worry not for the next step
This will only bring anxiety
A roadblock to your happiness

Live for the moment you have
It is special in itself
It has come as a blessing for you

Celebrate your new day
Celebrate life

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hiding The Hurt

When a man hurts
then hides it.
Though he spares others
his problems
he is being dishonest
with himself.
His dishonesty
only hides his problems
allowing them to grow
the hurt then multiplies.
He has entered
into a circle
that if it goes
it will destroy
his soul.

For Me? For You?

Is my writing for me
or for others to see.

Is the truth yet not told
or will I be too old
for it to do any good
as the truths of life should.

It's often through strife
we learn the lessons of life.

When we learn them this way
there's a price that we'll pay
when we think rules don't apply
that price can be far too high.

Before too late we must learn
rather than let life's problems burn.

So it's essential while young
before by these problems we're stung
to learn these lessons of life
before reaching midlife.

Are these words here for me
or this writing for you?

Who knows maybe it's both!

How I wish that I knew.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Kingdom Of The Flesh

To what level of darkness
does man descend through
the ignorance he displays
believing the lies of
the kingdom of the flesh
with it's lustful desires
for selfishness and greed.

The thought process' of
the ends justifying the means
and if it feels good do it
lead men to forget
how all of our lives
are intertwined
and affect one another.

These men step away from
believing that others are equal
and deserve a show of respect.

Loving-kindness and compassion
begin to wither.

The joy that he has sought
through his selfishness
proves to be momentary
not lasting long enough
to satisfy his lust.

His heart drains to empty.

He has become a victim
of kingdom of the flesh.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Be More Than A Shadow

A heart filled with love
feeds mans spirit
keeping his soul alive.

But when it is empty
depression will grow
and all that is left is a shadow.

Kill The Snake

Within us there are two
one is false
the other true.

That false one
we know to be fake
must be looked at as a snake.

That lowly creature we despise
lives within
with all his lies.

A troubled life
he'll bring to us
and in this false one we should never trust.

Our other side
the one that's true
proves no need to ever hide.

We must be able
to love ourself
we can't do this if we're left on the shelf.

We must live as the true one and not as the lie.

Defeating the snake so that our heart does not die.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

All Are Invited To Eat And Drink From The Poets Platter

Those quiet moments alone
in the middle of the night
offer the perfect conditions
for poets to write.

Undisturbed are they
by man nor beast
accompanied only by words
on which they will feast.

Assembling these words
so many different ways
sometimes in minutes
sometimes it takes days.

Those minutes or days
is not what really most matters
it's the way that they're served
upon these writers platters.

For poetry it seems
yes, right from the start
is inspired from within
and meant for your heart.

So eat of it, drink of it
take all that you will
as the poets are hoping
you'll be enjoying your fill.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Changing Our Corner Of The World

There is a path
That we can follow
To help renew our world

The beginning of it
You'll find is not far
It's the earth below your feet

Making our world
A better place
Starts with the corner we're given

When we give to the poor
From a generous heart
You renew their faith in man

Sharing kind words
With the people we meet
Will encourage respect within our circle

Serving others who hurt
Through our compassion
Will ease their burden and comfort their pain

The faith, respect and comfort
We shed upon this trail
Will go a long way
Toward renewing our world
An outbreak of civility
Is what we could unveil

Hell Visits The Navy Yard

Another shooting
what's wrong with people
why must they resort to a gun.
Twelve dead this time
and more that are wounded
their families will suffer as well.
What drives a person
to commit such crimes?
Where is our society bound?
Have we sunk to depths
that we've never known of?
It really seems as we're now in HELL.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life Within

Life within
below the skin
is where real people are found.

For on the crust
there is no trust
of truth being there and present.

For people it seems
wish to live in their dreams
allowing them to be seen on the surface.

Then when meeting anew
what they often do
is come across as that person created.

It's a shame they're not proud
and crying out loud
here I am, can't you love me for me.

But with that need to fit in
they feel there's no way to win
except pretend that they've stepped out of a dream.

Desire of Name and Fame

of name and fame
often destroys
the soul and spirit.
Moving a person beyond
an inner acceptance
toward requiring
an outer attention from others.
Doing any and all
in order to please them
and leave behind a legacy
of a person
that they were not born to be.
They become a creation
of their imagination.
Life away from this creation
becomes empty.
True happiness
requiring more
from outside of themselves
to fill the hole
they've created within.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Standing In A Cloud

I stood within a cloud
the heavy mist swirling about me
so alone
so quiet
so peaceful
the silence finally broken
a train whistle off in the distance
the nearest tracks 10 miles away
the quiet returns
I am encompassed once more by the mist
I become part of the cloud
I’ve never felt so tranquil

how I wish this peace could spread over the entire earth.

Friends For A Season

Most friends they come for a season
they're with us just for a time
a moment for us to share our lives
and when they're gone it's almost like a crime.

It makes us feel quite abandoned
left behind and flat cast aside
as though we've lost a part of ourselves
like as if a little piece of us died.

What we don't understand
is they're not really gone
as within us
the sharing goes on.

We wouldn't without them
be who we are
and they really haven't left us at all.

The sharing we've done
lives way down deep in our hearts
and those seasons of friendship live on.


why couldn't it just be

Life Is

Life is
my morning coffee.

So how is it others thirst.

Life is
my family
knowing they are rested, fed and safe.

But for many others they are weary, hungry and scared.

Life is
putting my wife and her needs
before my wants.

And yet our society seems hell bent on selfishness.

Life is
the early morning relaxation times,
quiet and alone.

At other times turbulent and crowded.

Life is
at times, my trips to the golf course
with the beauty of nature surrounding me.

Yet some abuse the natural beauty of our world ruining it for others.

Life is
at times hectic
and other times calm.

Life is
sometimes confused
while other times clear.

Life can be
and sometimes secure.

can be violent
while at other times gentle.

But most importantly
Life is.
We can only accept the moment we're given
and live it to its fullest.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rain From The Heart

The rain of the heart
Cleanses the soul
Heals the spirit
Makes us whole

They ease our pain
And chase our sorrow
Help us survive
To see a tomorrow

Pain and sorrow
Quite often consume
Leaving depression
Move you closer to a tomb

When troubles do visit
And raise their alarm
The tears that we shed
Can protect us from harm

So let the storms come
We have our protection
The rains of our hearts

Were the good Lords invention

September 15, 1963

How many people
remembered these girls
their smiling faces
their hair filled with curls.

Victims of hatred
because they were black
prejudice raised its head
and just couldn't sit back.

In a Birmingham church
on a Sunday morning
a bomb killed four children
four innocent girls.

That splinter group known as
the Cahaba River Bridge Boys
treated their beloved KKK
to its demonic joys.

But once push came to shove
and the loss of life hit so hard
the Civil Rights Act was born
equalities next card.

Unknowingly these girls
gave their all for our people
in their death they became heroes
from under that steeple.

Their Names

Addie Mae Collins (age 14)

Denise McNair (age 11)

Carole Robertson (age 14)

Cynthia Wesley (age 14)

9 11 2013

Never forget
has become
the cry of the day
but to live in the past
only muddies our way

we'll never move forward
if all we seek is pay-back
you see when that's the case
it's a heart
that we lack

vengeance it seems
turns hearts into stone
and once this happens
we're set apart
all alone

and the hate
causing bitterness
with a bad attitude
makes others around us
follow our mood

our hearts though were meant
to share love
with all men
not seek vengeance with hate
can I get an amen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life Is For The Living

There is a time to surrender yourself to that which is taking you along for the ride.

This is not giving up it is giving in to that moment in life that has come upon you.

These moments in life have a way of taking you to places that are intended to mold you.

To kick against the pricks during these times holds you back from becoming the person you were meant to be.

Each day brings with it a brand new start, a learning experience and an opportunity to move forward.

We should not waste these moments by living in the past or being afraid of what the future might bring.

Live now in the moment you have been given to the fullest.

Life is for the living, celebrate life.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Goals Give Us Strength

Goals give us strength
To shoulder the load
They can make our trek lighter
As we follow the road

We must set our sites high
Always viewing the prize
Not wavering away
Nor averting our eyes

Then once we arrive
It's a victory we'll claim
And the fear that we had
We've now overcame

But one word of warning
Your resolve shouldn't crack
Now that you've claimed it
Don't give that victory back

The Seasons Of Our Lives

spring so beautiful
bringing new life
into this world
new growth
walking and talking
are adventures in themselves

summer then arrives
in wonder and glory
and the adventure grows
through our play
and school years
we learn to become
social beings
forming friendships
that will help carry us
through our lives

autumn is much more
than a time of work
true, we plant
nurture and harvest
families of our own
yet all its beauty
provides us with visuals
that we may enjoy
throughout our days
our memories

winter brings with it
a hard earned time of rest
a time of renewal
of the earth
but also
for our spirits
a time of reflection
upon all that has brought us
to who we've become
a time to sit back
relax and enjoy
all that we have worked towards

though the numbers of
days, weeks and years
may differ
the seasons of life
are shown us
in each passing year

Lost Words

Lost words
Where do they go
Has anyone seen them
Does anyone know

Just what does become
Of those words I once had
Are they now gone forever
Has my mind gone that bad

Can't seem to remember
Ideas that had come
I no longer can hold them
Close under my thumb

Could it be that I thought
They were actually mine
Was it because of their purpose
This is like paying a fine

Could the words I've not lost
be only on borrow
With the final intent
To lift someone from sorrow

If so I don't care
About the words that I've lost
As the final result
Was well worth the cost

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Take A Gentle Walk Through Life

A gentle gait
should be our way
as we travel
along life's path.

We're not alone
upon this stone
and we really should see
others as brothers.

Showing respect
offering love
helping folks
see that they matter.

Our words and ways
never hurtful nor hindering
rather they should be
kind and uplifting.

Caring for others
treating them right
might just save this world
from all this evil in sight.

Giving Up

Giving up is sad
It is admitting defeat
Condoning failure


Many churches complain about works
but you know they're really a good deal.
Especially when they're done for others
leastwise that's how I kinda feel.

The preachers they say “it's by grace
not of works lest all ye should boast”
then attendees sit back in their pews
claiming “saved” and they coast.

They act as if their prayers
will be the cure for all life's woes
then quite often they quickly become
for the poor, their most formidable foes.

Nothing at all gets done
and the needy go without
the providing for the hungry
is a never ending bout.

Shelter from the elements
some warmth from all that cold
it's the kind of help that's needed
that we never should withhold.

Now it's not just the homeless
there are many many more poor.
Can't we see out of our windows
don't we even know the score.

You see it's up to individual people
to help others when we see that it's needed
getting up off our backsides
forgetting for a moment about the word seeded.

For if all it is that we offer
is kind words and or prayers
then all that we're really showing them is
that we're good at putting on airs.

So where are all the churches
far too many just won't act
seldom practicin' what they been preachin'
and you know that that's a fact.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


An eye for an eye
Is often the call
But if the truth be told
This will be mans greatest fall

Now justice is one thing
Revenge is another
Alone we're not meant to be
Judge, jury and executioner of a brother

We've a system for that
Our courts and our laws
There to keep us above
Retribution from teeth and the claws

For once it is started
In the end we will find
That an eye for an eye
Only leaves all men blind

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let Them Fly Free

It's cost
Can come with a loss
But then
What is it's worth

If pain
It does bring
Is it really something
To strive for
And give to our children

You see, our kids
They grow up
Go look, close-up
It's become time
That they rise with spread wings

It's so hard
Letting go
But what we really should know
It must be done
To show trust and love

The worth
Of freedom it seems
Is the answer to dreams
Our children's love
When we let them fly free

Allowing your little bird to fly free offers it the greatest love man can share

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where Has My Happiness Gone

I remember when we first got our new car.
I was so happy.
A smile came to my face each time I thought of it,
never mind when I got into it for a drive.
It's older now
it doesn't seem to bring that same smile any longer.

The day we had a hot tub installed
I was so happy.
We used it all the time
but not so much anymore.
It's just not the same as it used to be.
My smile leaves whenever I see it needs cleaning.

The day we closed on the new house
I was so happy.
It was our pride and joy for a while
but now
it's just a lot of work.
The smiles it brought have disappeared.

I just knew that the new garden would make me happy.
Not so much for very long.

That new TV,
that ought to make me happy I thought.
Didn't take long to just become the TV.

The trips and vacations!
They should have done it.

Why doesn't the happiness last?
Why is it so temporary?

Maybe they were right.
Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.

Maybe I should have looked within myself.