Saturday, September 29, 2012

Healing The World One Person At A Time

How does the world fare
does it need to be healed.
Seems as though it must
hate resides in most fields.

That hate in these fields
wider spread than you'd think.
Threatens us all
damn, our attitudes stink.

Our ways need some changin'
that's real plain to see.
But knowin' it's needed
ain't enough, you agree?

So where do we start?
How do we mold change?
There must be a method
that isn’t too strange.

And where to begin
that's a problem itself.
Here's a novel idea
we start with our self.

Just look deep inside
find your faults and your flaws.
Before ripping others
with bigoted claws.

Show love and compassion
to all that you meet.
Whether at home, next door
or out on the street.

If you can then by chance
help just one living soul.
It will be the first step
toward changing the whole.

If by changing just one
and he passes it on.
Another step's taken
we've birthed a new dawn.

Now then the changed
although only a few,
Can show others the way
that they can change too.


Compassion --- the caring for others who need.
Compassion --- the feeling for others who hurt.
Compassion --- the love offered to others who have none.
Compassion --- the lifting up of others who are down.
Compassion --- the willingness to catch others who have fallen.

Is it in your heart?
Is it part of you?
Do you sit and talk?
Do you stand and do?

From inside of us
comes a quiet voice.
Then on the outside
we must make the choice.

Do we have it inside of us?
Is it alive, is it well?
Does our life show we have it?
From our heart, does it swell?

For compassion is something
when it's real people know,
That you're really there for them
no matter where they go.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Without a Dream

Without a dream
we have no vision.
Without that vision
we are blind to life.

We have no vision
there's no direction.
We are blind to life
not knowing where we are.

There's no direction
in lives without purpose.
Not knowing where we are
there is emptiness.

In lives without purpose
people flounder and fail.
There is emptiness
down deep in their soul.

People flounder and fail
till their dreams return to them.
Down deep in their soul
they can once again see.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The lion wanted courage
what he lacked was confidence.
He had no belief of his own
he always rode the fence.

His thoughts were that he couldn't
it didn't matter what it was.
If you asked why he didn't
he'd shy away, say just because.

He never got the strength he needed
from his family or his friends.
So he joined a group to see Oz
all the while offering up amends.

Old Oz just couldn't help him
as the problem was all within.
He had to start thinking the right way
if in life he wanted to win.

Oz told him he had to believe
telling himself over and over again.
That all things can soon be accomplished
from negative thinking he must always refrain.

So keep to the positive thinking
and hang with your positive friends.
Reach deep and draw from within you
to find courage, that's what Oz recommends.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


something that's needed in life.
To free us
from inner frustration and strife.

Most think from sin
and falling to life's evil temptations.
Yet moreover from self
and our self condemnations.

When we harbor the past
never letting it go.
We hold our lives back
never letting them grow.

We must give it up
let it loose to be free.
When held onto it festers
so head this decree.

Self condemnation is
no longer allowed.
Henceforth you'll stand tall
and act as you're proud.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can We Move Forward

The direction we take
whether forward or back.
Seems to be something others
will often attack.

Sometimes forward can scare us
moving toward someplace that's new.
While returning to where we've been
actually frightens a few.

Moving forward enlightens
enriching our life.
While backwards returns us
to periods of strife.

Our country seems split
as to which way to go.
But with nothing but gridlock
we'll just never know.

So if nothing gets changed
in our mighty congress.
We'll suffer stagnation
and never progress.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning (Cinquain)

Undemanding, Uncomplicated
Arousing, Awakening, Activating
A time that prepares us for that which lies ahead of us
A Beginning

Friday, September 14, 2012

Desire (Cinquain)

Innermost, Heartfelt
Tenderly, Thoroughly, Triumphantly
Moves us toward the realization of our vision


In life we have choices
they're forever with us.
Some are not quite so easy
and we oft make a fuss.

There are those we don't want
to deal with at all.
Fearing that if we did
we're in for a fall.

The unknown it scares us
it worries us so.
We're afraid it will take us
where we'd rather not go.

But we cannot ignore them
they just have to be made.
If we expect out of life
to be making the grade.

So make them my friend
it is time for decision.
For if you put it off and wait
you'll not achieve your vision.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Mothers Heartbreak (Cinquain)

Empty, Lonely
Anxiously, Awkwardly, Frantically
Waiting as my baby leaves for school the very first time

The Treasure and Tragedy of Wealth (Double Cinquain)

Utilized, Applied
Deliberately, Honestly, Genuinely
Makes a life worth living when shared as a blessing

Accumulated, Hoarded,
Gradually, Continually, Devastatingly
Ruins a life when it is looked on as God

Hate (Cinquain)

Ugly, Untamed
Unceasingly, Unrelentingly, Utterly
Eats away at our spirit, tears our lives apart

Must be let go of if we are to survive.  Harboring
hate destroys self while the target of that hate
goes on seldom affected. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heartbeat (Cinquain)

Demanding, Driving
Earnestly, Continually, Faithfully
Sending us forward to do what we know to be right

I Know A Few Christians

I know a few Christians
they know who they are.
Oh no not just talk it
yes they walk it by far.

They know who they are
they don't just sit in the pew.
Yes they walk it by far
they do what Christ said to do.

They don't just sit in the pew
they know it takes action.
They do what Christ said to do
receiving great satisfaction.

They know it takes action
not just giving tithes.
Receiving great satisfaction
earning their prize.

Not just giving tithes
as some think earns them favor.
Earning their prize
from the one they call Saviour.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Patience (cinquain)

Immeasurable, Inexhaustible
Invigorating, Intensifying, Intently
Allowing another the time and freedom to find themselves

When God Collides

My God he ain't your God
oh no he ain't not.
You see, you don't unerstand
what we got.

You know he's on our side
he ain't never on your'n.
Cause we know that ya'll believe
is doin' nuthin' but chorin'.

Why don't you start listenin'
an believin' like us.
Otherwise when he come
you be missin' the bus.

I don't unerstand
why you can't think like me.
Afer-all we the right ones
an dat's meant to be.

What you mean you not Muslim
an neither a Jew.
I know you say you Christian,
preacher says question your view.

It seems that some churches
that worship one God.
Just can't seem to get along,
I find this so odd.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm So Damned Important

I am so important
you cannot walk by my side.
That's right, so important
you belong two steps behind.

My words are so important
what you say just doesn't matter.
Yep, so important
all your words are just some clatter.

My opinion's so important
you will hear it all day long.
Time to listen, that's important
don't you know, I’m never wrong.

My time is so important
I can't not waste it on your problem.
To me that's not important
don't have time for all your drama.

So you see I'm all important
on my word you can depend.
That's right, I'm so damned important
I have no-one to call friend.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Words To Live By

We must take what life gives us,
making the best out of it.
Otherwise all we'll do,
is turn it to shit.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lies (Cinquain)

deceitful, dishonest
demeaning, destroying, demoralizing
removing trust and ruining relationships


Truth, is it something we seem to have lost?
Now if this is so, have we counted the cost.

For the lies that we tell others during this life
most often bring hurt, heartache and strife.

The cost to our children and others we love
all those blessings we've lost from a great God above.

Truth shouldn't be left just to simply depart
we must hold it tight and close to our heart.

For truth sets you free, you'll not need to remember
a life full of lies during your life's December.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stinkin' Thinkin'

Life as we know it
can often seem empty.
Without love for self
it just seems to pass by.

The days and the months
seem to linger like years.
A problem that's stemmed
from between our two ears.

We act as not worthy
to receive happiness.
Without it life slows
and becomes quite a mess.

We swear no-one likes us
and don't feel accepted.
So we put on a mask
giving away what's expected.

We're no longer ourselves
we've surrendered our lives.
We can't turn this around
if our spirit takes dives.

Now don't think all is lost
you can turn this around.
Though your ship seems have sailed
it's not run aground.

The problem you have
is all in your thinkin'.
You need to turn it around
so it's not always stinkin'.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Seasons of Life

A beginning
A time of new growth
A new season in life.

A blessing
A time to play
A season of warmth.

A back breaker
A time to provide
A season of responsibility.

A breather
A time to reflect
A season of rest.

The circle has closed
A new life emerges
The cycle continues.