Monday, November 30, 2015

The Waiting Room

This waiting room
so lonely at times
so quiet
it's as if no-one else is here
they sit across from me
yet I feel totally alone
all the time wondering
what awaits me on the other side of that door
I have heard others claim to know
but to me the afterlife remains a mystery

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stuck in a Box

Stuck in the box
a steel trap of a mind
when rusted shut
a man falls behind

Our language is wicked
when with one single word
so many meanings can vary
with the way they are heard

For the mind that is closed
understanding's a chore
but once it is open
it can perceive so much more

The Blood of a Turnip

Thirsting for blood
expecting a flood
when the turnip goes dry
their greed does not die

no the blood from a turnip
is never enough
it must be ground to a pulp
it's a treatment quite rough

we're put through the mill
which is never a thrill
with too little pay
so they might have their way

but somehow we survive
although barely alive
as they leave us a crumb
no they're greed is not dumb

the field has been plowed
they've planted the seed
from our pockets they'll harvest
the next crop of their greed

Thursday, November 26, 2015

We Have Become Rome

what does it matter
whether they come for your money
or they come for your blood
the fact that they come
speaks of a dark heart
they are the takers
they've no wish to share with us
only leaving enough seed behind
to ensure another harvest

our money and blood
the sweat of our brow
they depend on it
they demand our loyalty to their cash cow
while seeing us as fodder for their cannons
they thirst ever for more
never satisfied with the hoard
they've already amassed

those who stand in their way
they're expendable
the rich get richer by the day
our cost to live
continually endangered
oh how the plutocrat loves to hold his third world ransom

that is what we are becoming

we are their stepping stones
and once we are used to cross a river
bringing the takers to greener pastures
we are no longer needed
there will always be more stones
that they can throw into the waters

we are no more than bridge material to their next fortune
once crossed to be thrown away
they'll not need our bridge a second time
they never look back and care not
for the rubble they leave behind

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keeping Score

I had no dog in the hunt
but I kept score anyway
at least I though I was
I believed that the numbers of the fallen
ours and theirs
was the score of war
the body count kept increasing
more soldiers were sent
when that war died down
another began
once again the thoughts of
'who cares, I don't have to go'
came back
once again I began counting bodies
the cycle kept repeating itself
I began to notice
so many former soldiers
more dying of suicide
than in the wars they fought
while the military industrial community
continued to feed their coffers
by the blood of the fallen

What was the score again?

I seem to have lost count.

Don't Ignore the Alarm

You must wake to their lies
unto the truth
and it must be done
during the days of youth

for those who wait
until days of old
will find that their heart
has been grown as a mold

kept in the dark
and living in shadows
always afraid
to look out their windows

denying the violence
accepting the wars
and avoiding the truth
they've become cold hearted whores

Sunday, November 22, 2015

We are the Price

Their minds are closed
hearts grown cold
their killing continues
as they grow old

Fueled by their hate
what I find as odd
is that these terrorists kill
in the name of their god

Extremism sucks
whether religion or bucks
as at the end of the day
it's the common people who pay

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Seeds Of Conflict

The narrowness of understanding
it exists in all of us
a mind shut tight as if it were a rusty trap
with no desire for oil
denial that there is more to life
than their view
statements made carry consequence
many words
many meanings
often understood to fit an individual
then believed by another differently
each to fit their needs
neither is totally right
nor are they wrong
they are just different
how it can take so little of a difference to become
the seeds of conflict

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thou Too Shall Perish

Blinded by their hatred of others
taught them by those with an equally vile past

If you're not like me, some day you'll be
or perish for your denial of my god

Is this how the extremists share the love of their god
would not a god desire converts to choose him
yet those who would proselytize
offer fear and punishment as their incentive

If you're not like me, some day you'll be
or perish for your denial of my god

You think I speak of Islam
no, it is all of the Abrahamic peoples
you say, no not us
but it continues within all three branches
today we see the focus on Islam
while we ignore the Zionist movement
we complain, what has this to do with Christianity
while hiding our eyes from Bangui
in the Central African Republic it is Christians killing Muslims
because they are Muslims

There is no need to travel to see the evidence of this hate
the bombings of abortion clinics
the murder of doctors who perform abortions
proves the hate is right here at home
and there are those who celebrate the deaths
of people who do not believe exactly as they do

If you're not like me, some day you'll be
or perish for your denial of my god

We hear the voices of the extremists
calling for the deaths of the non believers
so many seek that eye for an eye
choosing to remain blind in their hate

Why is it that even within each leg
those known as Sunni cannot get along with the Shiite
Protestants and Catholics war with each other
the Semites of Israel and Palestine continue to battle
when their roots are all found
in the same servant of their god

Ideology sucks when it drives people to kill each other
all their books condemn killing
while at the same time justify killing the non believer
in the name of their god

There is no glory in this

How their god must weep
how he must wish them to rid themselves of their books
and live in peace with each other

If you're not like me, some day you'll be
or perish for your denial of my god

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Evil, In the Eye of the Beholder

justifying the war
because we're the good guy
and putting down evil
is our reason why
is ignoring the fact
that our enemy
believes they're the good guy
fighting the evil they see

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Seven Seas

The seven seas
the human race
their waters are one
we share the same life giving blood
they have different names
we come in many colors
they are separated by continents
we are separated by religion
these differences
do nothing to change that fact
that they remain one water
and we are one human race

Sunday, November 15, 2015

there are those who have never really grown up

they were no more than little green plastic soldiers
outfitted with rifles and ammo belt
as a child they were set up as to be in battle
the foe was unknown
it was just how we played
what fun it was to pretend army

the cold war was waging
the threat of missiles
Russian missiles so close to our own shores
being launched from Cuba brought fear
we were still young and didn't really understand the danger
we continued to play army
marching with sticks we pretended were rifles
ready to take cover in the shelters we made in the vacant field
we were still having our fun
playing army

now grown up
many of my generation sit in congress
they still have their toy soldiers
they're no longer green
the weapons no longer resemble the rifles of our youth
and the toys they play with
are no longer plastic
they continue to put them to battle in other lands
they are still having fun
playing army

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

My Own Answers

when perfectly clear
I've no reason to think
a mindlessness that I fear
stagnation does stink

I've no reason to think
give me my abstract
stagnation does stink
give me my mind back

give me my abstract
it serves me quite well
give me my mind back
set me free from this hell

it serves me quite well
to answer questions I find
set me free from this hell
and open my mind

the ability to think
this mindlessness that I fear
can be too often the case
when things are perfectly clear

I want my own answers
that way they'll be mine
so don't worry yourself
I'll be perfectly fine

Sunday, November 1, 2015


The promise of closure
there ain't no such thing
even when justice is served
it don't lessen the sting
when your child has been murdered
it isn't something
you ever get over
or quench the burning

The promise of closure
it's all one big lie
the loss is forever
you still question why
memories return
you again start to cry
shedding tears from within
of a never ending supply