Saturday, March 2, 2013

Living in the Past

Living in the past
though some memories be kind
keeps one from moving forward
leaving them behind.

It seems as when we dwell there
our lives are put on hold
and things today don't have a way
of escaping days of old.

It's seldom that we choose this
as it comes on naturally
but once we've sat and stayed too long
we've lost reality.

So step up now to the present
live a life that's for today
moving on to a grand tomorrow
as we cannot relive yesterday.

Looking Inside The Package

On the outside may be beauty,

a handsome devil you may see
but are they real is that the deal
are they as their looks claim to be.

Your eyes may play these tricks on you
as looks do first attract
but often what you see outside
can deceive and that's a fact.

For as lovely as you see someone
that's not really who they are
it's what's inside where truth is kept
you'll learn much more by far.

What is done and what is said
is where you'll find that truth
just close your eyes for just awhile
let your ears act as they're a sleuth.

Then listen very carefully
to see if there's a heart
if you do not seem to find one
then it won't be worth the start.

Friday, March 1, 2013

We Should Never Turn Our Backs

They're red and they're yellow
they're white and they're black,
and for these differences alone
we oft turn our back?

What's wrong with us people
is it that we just cannot see,
they're just common folks
they're like you and like me.

Some are gay and some straight
some disabled as well
and when they're not quite like us
it seems we often repel.

Some are skinny some fat
and some are not so good looking,
but if you look deep inside
you'll find something stunning.

They're just people like us,
inside we're the same.
We've all been born of a woman
and given a name.

We must give each a chance
from the very first start
looking past their outsides
and search for their heart.

The heart has a habit
that will often reveal
the innermost person
the one with appeal.