Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We Are Who We Are

We are who we are
we cannot be another
and for those who do try
it's the truth they do smother

They're weak in their spirit
insecure is what they are
and with these lies that they live
often become quite bizarre

Always in character
and never themselves
while who they were born as
collects dust on the shelves

There will be no true happiness
and no lasting joy
what you'll reap is a sadness
is that what you want from this ploy

You'll only do yourself harm
when you go and hide
the acceptance you need
has to come from inside

Live as yourself
just be who you are
if others don't like you
it's their loss by far

There's nobodies love
that you will need more
than your own from your heart
from down deep in your core

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Oak Leaf

I am the fallen leaf
of the mighty oak
I have a sad
and troubled
I lose my color so quickly
turning brown as the dirt
of the forest floor
of which I wish to return to

I realize I am not
as other fallen leaves
for they
break down
and return
to our mother
the earth
becoming part of
the rebirth of the foliage
within this great forest

But I am the leaf
of the oak
and must wait
an extra year
my blades curled up
as if they were
fingers interlaced
on hands in prayer
to once again
become a part
of the life I once was 

Happy New Year 2014

2014 well here it comes
folks are hungry and homeless
and for many it seems
the situations quite hopeless

The fat cats still gaining
while the poor go without
and the government ignoring
the people as they shout

We're hungry

We're cold

Will this new year
merely mimic the old

The money that's spent
killing folks far away
how's that protect us
have we gone that astray

The needs of our people
really ought to come first
feeding our hunger
quenching our thirst

Can't we stop all the war

Can't we help heal our sick

Why don't we put roofs over some heads
c'mon we've got plenty of brick

And this killing at home
the violence we have
do we not have a cure
is there really no salve

But Hey, Happy New Year
Go Head Shout Whoo-Hoo
But I Gotta Ask
Happy For Who

What A Waste

As in a garden
which has not been tended
the flowers
and leave behind
a land laid waste

So too are the lands of a king
where the peoples needs are not met
the people
leaving behind
a kingdom laid waste

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Too Many Thoughts?

My thoughts
quite often confuse me
aggravate, upset
and abuse me

There is
no release
they leave me
no peace

Must they go on
like a drone
why can't they
leave me alone

But a life
without thought
would it bring
total peace

Maybe so
for some others
they might get
their relief

But this existence
I have
with an
overactive mind

I wouldn't
change it at all
for all the gold
I could find

For what good
would gold be
if my mind
couldn't think

I'll tell you
quite frankly
me thinks
life would stink

To Hold or To Mold

There is a time for to hold
and a time for to mold
the direction
that we travel through life

As our paths can be hard
often littered with shards
our journeys
can be filled up with strife

We can be safe with the hold
unto our days of old
never changing
and stagnating within

Or we can go and behold
the adventures of mold
on the new road
we're about to begin

These new roads may bring hazards
and many unknowns
they also bring growth
as we travel new stones

A life without growth
is a terrible thing
when stagnation sets in
no joy it will bring

Friday, December 27, 2013


I thought
I would wait
till tomorrow
but when what I thought
was tomorrow had come
I was surprised
to find
what I'd waited for
was today
now you may think this dumb
I then went about
the days business
knowing I'll have to
wait one more day
and when tomorrow
does get here
I'll have another chance
to put it off 
for yet one more day

How Free Are We

or tolerance
five of them here for us
assembly, speech, press, religion
the right to petition the government
we really aren't totally free
simply tolerated
by what we call

The freedom to assemble
yes we can do this
with a permit of course
or at our own risk

Then there's that speech
we can say all as we want
long as we don't incite violence
or behind bars they may haunt

The freedom of press
what a joke that that is
as editors won't publish
if your opinion's not his

That freedom to worship
well that's guaranteed
only not by our society
if you ain't drinkin' what they feed

That thing called petition
redressing grievance we use
only puts it back in the hands
of the ones who abuse

So are we free or just tolerated
it's for each one of us to measure
I guess it comes down to
just what we do treasure

We'll always be subject
to the rules and laws of some others
trust me, it won't be so bad
if we would treat all like brothers

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey, It's The First

There's something today
that folks just don't understand,
the idea of free speech
and how it affects common man

Folks believe it protects them
to say what they please
“Hey it's the first amendment
and that's what it guarantees”

They believe it pertains
to their every day life
and that saying whatever they will
ought not bring them no strife

“My boss he can't fire me
my neighbor can't sue
I can say what I want
and that's just what I'll do”

Wake up, the first amendment
it ain't speaking to you
it limits the government
with what they can't do

It's the government folks
they cannot make a law
that abridges your speech
not about a work place blah blah

It has nothing to do
with the employer you have
so if what you say is out of line
you just might need a salve

You can be fired for cause
whether you like it or not
their reputations at stake
you can't put them on the spot

But if you feel it's been wrongful
to the courts you can go
just don't scream first amendment
as it just isn't so

Monday, December 23, 2013


our escape
from reality
a voyage
of mind
and spirit
to a place
of comfort
or adventure
giving us
from our
daily strife
while also
allowing us
to become
within our

Friday, December 20, 2013

How Do We Handle The Homeless

For those who wish to reach a soul
homeless bodies first must be made whole.

Their hunger must be satisfied
shelter given from the cold outside.

But if all you have to give are prayers
you've not ministered to their deeper cares.

They're hungry, thirsty, cold and ill
physical needs must come first, that's what we must fulfill.

Following this they may be ready to listen
and if you're truly sincere your light then will glisten.

Where Is Their Heart

Their heart
their compassion
have men become so cold
that they walk on without seeing
the needs of the poor who live on the streets
care not that children go hungry
how can they live like that
where the hell is
their heart


is a poison
it will eat up your soul
you are giving your life away
if you allow it to reside within
bitterness will take you over
joy can't enter your heart
cast away your

without any joy
surrounded by anger
only see darkness around them
as they walk through life and along it's path
with the light of the world hidden
there is no happiness
for anger filled


to others needs
can be as rewarding
to he who gives as he who gets
while giving you receive a special joy
one that fills up a heart and soul
all from a thank you smile
you receive from

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trust Me, Trust You

Trust me
would that be wise
you don't really know me
yet you feel that you can trust me
your expectations must not be too great
you must wish for disappointment
or is it a faith in mankind
that leads you to
trust me

Trust you
would that be wise
I don't really know you
and you believe I should trust you
can I really place my life in your hands
wait you have trusted me with yours
you have believed in me
your faith tells me
trust you

Mutual trust and respect person to person
should be the norm but as we see day to day
that this only happens in a perfect world.

If we could start as a people with the respect
portion of how we treat others, the trust will
fall into place where it belongs.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

It was
just yesterday
my life was up side down
the confusion beyond belief
not able to handle daily problems
the frustration made me break down
she really bit me hard
an awful day
it was

brought with it a new peace
greeted by a different scene
able now to relax with a new mind
able to understand what's past
drinking in that new peace
my mission for

With life
comes tomorrow
what it will bring to me
will only be known once it's here
worrying today brings back yesterday
I will not be bitten again
leaving tomorrow be
I will move on
with life

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


yes the present
is really all we have
yesterday is gone forever
tomorrow is not found except in dreams
we should relish all that we have
lucky to be alive
we celebrate

The Optimist

an optimist
seeing the positive
is ever ready to find good
in everything that is put before him
he's constantly moving forward
never looking behind
he sees beauty

Love Comes

Love comes
touches your heart
at least you think it has
you give your all to your new love
then awaken one day and it's over
finding your new love has left you
theirs was infatuation
now it's fear when
love comes

Monday, December 16, 2013

Go With The Flow

Is it wise
to spit
into the wind

Does rain fall
contrary to the
winds direction

Would it be smart
to attempt
to swim up river

Do logs simply float
up river
against the flow

There was a time
man knew
that he had to wait for the tide

There is a natural flow
throughout our world
an easier path to tread

Man depended
on that natural flow
to move him through life

Though he has witnessed
the lessons of nature
all about him

He often chooses
the hard road
against the flow

Choosing to go
through the bramble
rather then along the road

Making his own life
harder and
more complicated

Simply because
he refuses to
go with the flow

Diving For Joy

We have
some are unreasonable
that go beyond our normal means
setting goals that are unachievable
causing a great disappointment
killing self confidence
ruining what
we have

for lack of obtaining
those things we were not meant to have
things that would only bring disappointment
people need a satisfied heart
why do we choose to live

Of life
becoming hard
why look outside ourselves
the pain comes from wrongful desire
not being satisfied with what we have
wanting things we have no need of
always looking for more
is that the spice
of life

The spice
real happiness
does not come from our toys
yes they bring joy for the moment
but we tire of toys as they become old
yet we still look there for our joy
it is within our hearts
that we will find
the spice

Dive in
the waters fine
like the submariner
we must dive deep into ourselves
if we wish to find true and lasting joy
that which is outside of ourselves
can leave without warning
protect you joy
dive in

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Truth

The truth
brings a lesson
one that appears to hurt
yet it is not the truth that hurts
but the fact that we've ignored it too long
that brings us our pain and sorrow
why do we as people
choose to ignore
the truth

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make The Best Of Today

The future
on what we do
with the present

I saw these words
and thought it wise
to remind us all
of one great prize

We leave behind
when we do not
live this day
with all we've got

A day of joy
our spirit filled
not of regret
with our milk spilled

For going on
to face tomorrow
is so much easier
without the sorrow

So once again
I beg of you
don't live your days
as in a stew

Shed your anger
don't be bitter
catch up with life
don't be a sitter

Life moves on
of this I have no doubt
if you don't move with it
you'll be without

Follow that road
around the next curve
you just might find
that joy you deserve

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Harvest

the harvest
a time to reap
that which
was sown
in the late spring
and early summer

The earth
has worked hard
to bring
the blessing
of sustenance
to us and
our families

With hopes
that it will be enough
it becomes
time to rest
and enjoy
the fruits
of our labor

While we watch
the leaves of autumn
put on a show
for our enjoyment
turning many colors

The colors
so beautiful

They then
begin to fall

They pass by
my window
and I am reminded
will soon arrive

Yet now
while still
in the
of my life
there is still
time to enjoy
the fruits
of the

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Anger is
a poison
that will eat away
your soul

If you let it
live within
your life will ne'er
be whole

It must be
gotten rid of
and be totally
cast aside

If you don't
your happiness
will run from you
and hide

A person without happiness
seldom sees the light of day
as darkness clouds their vision
all along their way

Their life becomes an awful mess
when there's no joy within
so when it comes to anger
we must needs grow some thicker skin

I don't mean to sound uncaring
as emotions we all have
but if we let them get the best of us
to man there's no known salve

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Victim Of His Madness

He was taken
by a flickering madness
One that came upon him
without warning

It seemed to come
and go at a hearts beat
and there was no awareness
of his changes left behind

It might have been
for days at a time
At other times
only for seconds

Whether days or seconds
when he returned from wherever
his madness had taken him
A great depression came upon him

Without any knowledge these trips
There was a feeling
deep within
That he had another life

It left him longing to know
Who he was
While also having a great fear
to find out the truth

The day came
when he could no longer
live with this feeling
His depression had won

He had given in
Gave up
And left
To return no more

Getting Away

To get away
even for just a day
would not be
a really bad goal

Getting away just to play
what a great way
of relaxing our minds
and making us whole

We should exit the race
find a wide open space
letting it go
and following our heart

For there's a time and a place
we must wake up to face
that relaxation
is where we should start

But what do I know
I sit here a typin'
not payin' attention
to that which I'm hypin'

You'd think I'd wake up
and take the day off
wait, maybe I will
later, I'm off

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don't Let The Seasons Of Life Pass You By

“My child arrived just the other day
he came to the world in the usual way”

Harry Chapin wrote these words
they should have been a lesson

The father was away when
his son took his first steps
he missed the first words spoken
these moments were gone forever
never to return

As in Harry's song
I too missed my sons
taking their first steps
speaking their first words

It was the same for me
as it is with most fathers

There was a living to be made
to provide for my family

That meant that the family
would fall in line
behind my responsibility
to provide

Sacrifices would have to be made

I thought

Some how I didn't realize
that these sacrifices
would affect them as much as me

Though I was not there at times
they still learned from me

The lessons were not necessarily good

It was not I alone who missed out
on the lives of my sons

They too missed out on mine

The seasons passed by
and my sons grew
into men
and gone off to join
the world of responsibility

In many ways
they became just like me

I was there when both were born
retirement has made me available
to them now

But there is a huge gap
between these times

There are some good memories
but there was more time missed

Don't let the seasons of life pass you by

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Streets

He was a poor man

Clothed in rags

The dirt and filth
of the streets
had not only taken toll
of his clothing
but his body as well

Emaciated as he was
with little to eat
he had found his way
into a back alley
to escape the wind
and frozen temperatures
that had come with winter
to the city

What he found
was unbearable
for him to look upon

A dog huddled
in a far corner

Barely skin and bones
could be seen

The dog
looked up in despair




On the brink of death

Tears formed
and ran down his cheeks

As he laid down
the dog didn't snarl
or growl

This poor man was accepted

He gave the dog
the last of his water

His last few crumbs of bread

And his warmth

As they spent their
last few moments
upon this earth

Friday, November 29, 2013

Their Beauty Is In Their Eyes

The eyes
the mirrors or the soul

Within them
you see into another's heart

It is there
that the very spirit of man
comes forth
from his heart
to the surface

His love and compassion

His sadness and longing

His joy and happiness

Is on display
for all the world to see

If you wish to see mans beauty
gaze into his eyes

What you see
will be
his heart

The Days Come And Go

The days come and go
what they'll bring
we don't know
it's always a mystery
until they arrive
and one of these days
while we're still alive
we'll wake up to find
a most marvelous surprise
as we look in the mirror
into our own eyes
we'll see a great truth
and our we'll realize
our very best friend
who has given us drive
has been living within us 
all of our lives

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't Go Changin'

Nobody likes me

Everybody hates me

I'm gonna go eat worms

So do I change for them
or do I stay who I am

Do I live in a manner
that they'll accept me

An existence based on lies
untrue to mine own self

It's sounds so much better
than the life I have now

But they still laugh

They call me a fake

I still don't fit in

There's another group I can try
maybe they'll believe my white lie
if I can become someone else
I'll no longer be left on the shelf
I'll be part of the group
be with the in crowd
accepted I'll be
and I'll shout it out loud

But that didn't work
well it did for a while
but lately when they look at me
I see a strange smile
kinda like when the others did see
the facade I'd put on
now they're laughin' at me

Where do I go
what will I do
lately I'm feelin'
like an old worn out shoe
where will I find
the acceptance I need
“try looking inside
from your heart you should feed”

The voice had come strong
the message was clear
the answer so simple
I was knocked on my ear

I remembered the start
of a song I'd once love
I could hear the words now
as they came from above

"Don't go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore
I would not leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are"

That's when i decided
it was all inside me
to accept who i was
and always would be

Lyrics ~ Billy Joel

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Book By It's Cover

Their love
short lived
for it was held in their eyes

The attraction
so strong
it just couldn't be wrong

Yet it died

The changes they thought
they could make in each other
were too many
for either to accomplish

It was like choosing
a book from the shelf
the cover was so appealing

I guess I'll never understand
why some feel
that they can change the words
a book holds inside

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Never Lose Your Song

We were younger
full of as they say
“piss and vinegar”
there was nothing
that could stand in our way

We listened
to The Beatles sing
“when I find myself in times of trouble”
we found ourselves self reliant
not needing Mother Mary to come to us

We were strong then
our whole life ahead of us
nothing could stop us
from forging ahead
sometimes in a rebellious manner

The songs were entertaining
the words didn't really matter
the beat made us dance though
the music made us feel good
it gave us life

Then, somewhere along the line
we forgot our youth
we traded it in for news of the world
bringing to us the troubles
that came with the times

The singing and dancing disappeared

The love of life seemed to wane

Was this our destiny, to be depressed unto death

Was it time to look for Mother Mary to come to us

Sing on old one
there's a life to be danced to
a song to be sung
it shall lift up your spirit
once again make you young

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time and Tide

Time and tide
wait for no man
we cannot stop time
nor control any tide
yet neither can wash true love away

Monday, November 18, 2013

Accept Yourself!

Why is it we seek
the acceptance of others
before accepting ourselves

Caring more about what they think
and what they feel about us
while going out of our way
looking to please them

Lying to ourselves

Not believing

We are special

We are important

Just as we are

Those who we seek attention from
will not live with us
for our lifetime
as we will

If we wish to live with ourselves
we must learn to accept ourselves
for who we are
rather than
trying to become

Living a lie

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Live Beneath Your Bed

I live beneath your bed
my purpose to cast fear
to whisper in your ear
in the middle of the night
delivering great fright
my breath upon your face
don't bother running I'll give chase
you see there's no escape
as I always change my shape

The direction that I'll come from
you'll never know

You can fight me all you want
try to hide to no avail
as I'll find you anywhere you go
yes, I am always on your tail
So give it up, just call it quits
why not end this great frustration
there is no fear quite like what's here
alive in your imagination

Enlightening Words

There are words
that we've spoken
and words
that we've written
that have helped another to see
It's as if we have shed a new light
upon their path
aiding them
as they travel though life
This is a wonderful thing that we do
but it would be a shame
if we did not allow these words
to brighten our paths as well


Once the flame dies
a smoldering continues
within the ashes
left behind in that pit
which held the fire
empty of fuel
the heart burns no more
and pain
are all that remain

Thank God For The Drip

Morning, the rain has stopped
leaving behind a constant drip falling upon the sill
other than the creak of my chair
and the sound of the keys as I type
it is the only sound keeping me company

Without them
the silence would be

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Consider The Candle

Consider the candle
chasing away the darkness
a blessing to those who need light
at its very core is a wick
the candle only becomes useful
when its core is aflame
that fire is its life
without that fire
it serves no purpose
it helps no-one.

At the very core of man
is his spirit.

If his core has no fire
if his spirit is not alive
can he serve any useful purpose
for mankind?

Living In A Fantasy World

Moving away
from todays world
filled with it's
and stress

I find myself
moving inward
toward a place
some consider
a fantasy world

A place
without hate

A place
filled with love

A place
without confrontation

A place
with respect

A place
with no wars

A place
of peace

A place
where the stress'
of todays world
cannot harm
my spirit

Am I hiding
you bet
for here I am safe
in a wonderful place
that's filled my heart
with joy

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ever, Never and Always

Ever and never are two terrible words
there are times we have to eat them
as the twists and turns of life
take us places we hadn't known existed.
They can be used to describe that
something hasn't happened yet.
We can see where we've been before,
but we don't know what the future holds.
Where it will take us and how we will get there
we are blind to, they are a mystery to us.
How many have said that they would never love again
only to find someone who
would renew their love.
How many have said that their love would never change
only to find that their love was infatuation,
lasting only for a short season.

I will always
I will never
It's forever

These words are a danger to us
when we let pride get in the way.

We've used them
We were wrong
We must move on

Life shouldn't be ruined
by words spoken in haste
with no understanding
of the joy we could waste.

There are times in our lives
we must plot a new course
and move to new pastures
without a hint of remorse.

For life with its twists
and its turns we will grow
as we flow with the changes
a new person we'll know.

But don't be afraid
it will be for the best
don't let those absolutes hinder
is my simple request.