Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fighting For Peace

Fighting for peace
is folly for sure
all that it gets us
is another damn war

More soldiers do die
innocents as well
so many lives
having days spent in hell

Men use your heads
you're able to think
how is it your decisions
so often do stink

Greedy for power
hungry for land
taking what you want
from another mans hand

Then hiding that greed
and shifting the blame
you try to convince us
it's done in Gods name

Do we really look stupid
do you think that we're blind
can you not see that war
does not bring peace of mind

It only brings heartache
to all of mankind
as death and dismemberment
is what's left behind

Peace will not come
through your fighting and wars
not from your armies
not from your corps

It will come from the hearts
overflowing with love
and who knows, with a little help
from that man up above

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hope only needs to exist

He had spent many years on the street
his life had lost direction long ago
having little to eat or drink to nourish his body
seldom having clothing suitable for the weather
as he was more often than not without shelter
the man still wore a smile
the few teeth he still had in his mouth
would show through his grin the age
and lack of care they suffered
but what you could see
in his eyes
you could not mistake for anything but
he was alive
not only in body
in spirit

Before he had found himself on the streets
his life had been one of service
it had been a time that his heart and spirit soared
helping others along through life was his passion
he had lifted many out of the gutter
giving them a hope for a better tomorrow

Now finding himself among those folks
living on those same streets
and in the same gutters life brings to many
he saw no reason not to continue
helping others

His body was breaking down

His spirit was as alive as ever

He still shared the hope of tomorrow
with those who could not find it for themselves

He knows that another
will come along
maybe tomorrow
maybe the day after
but another will come along
and lift him out of the gutter

A Heart of Forgiveness

A heart of forgiveness
gentle and kind
though they're often hurt
they're a treasure to find

The people who have them
hold no anger within
even during those times
that their skin appears thin

What a blessing this is
one so few folks really know
as within these hearts
no bitterness can grow

Scattered Stones

Scattered stones along the pathway
seemed to appear out of nowhere

They were the cause of many
to stumble along their way

There were times that these stones
would appear more as boulders

Boulders that would drive men
to their knees

Those who fell came to know pain
as the bruising was at times deep

Each and every one of these got up

Rose from their fall
and considered their path

Many moved forward while a few turned back
returning to where they had come from

Those who could not move on
had found in front of them a great wall

A barrier keeping them from their goals
made of scattered stones along their pathway  

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Remembering Thumper and Bambi

Religion often
gets in the way
of loving-kindness
having its day
the moment of which
blesses another
treating each man
as if he's our brother
we're all in this world
the discord needs to cease
we must find a way
to live together in peace
the road will be tough
littered with stone
but as we win over another
we'll not be alone
the steps will come small
but if we trudge on
someday we may live
as the rabbit and fawn

Friday, April 25, 2014

this just ain't no jive

On this you can trust
we do what we must
otherwise we just won't survive
and this ain't an old con
we've just got to move on
that's the one thing keeps us alive
if you sit and you mope
you're actin' the dope
your happiness will just take a dive
listen, I ain't a lyin'
ya gotta keep tryin'
if your wantin' your spirit to thrive
well I'm hopin' my yelpin'
for someone is helpin'
cause i'm tellin' ya, this just ain't no jive

Thursday, April 24, 2014

They're Coming To America

They came in droves
unto the coves
of this place
known as turtle island

Welcomed they were
by those who wore fur
these folks had helped them survive
their first winter

Space soon became cramped
where they had first encamped
these new people
now had need to spread out

But the natives had need
of these lands they did seed
their crop important
this was their home their very lives

The white men with his gun
though had not come for fun
he was determined
to make this land his

Move over he cried
indigenous died
when more Europeans
moved in and took over

Then across this great land
he did increase his span
pushing the natives
further toward becoming no more

Now it's today
many have forgotten the way
their ancestors
arrived on this land

How for freedom they came
giving this land new acclaim
as the home
of the free and the brave

Now things are different
as we seem so indifferent
to others
who wish to be free

Today we're obsessed
to keep them oppressed
I guess we've forgotten
of who we once were

We tell them “get lost”
“we'll not pay the cost”
we tell them
there just isn't room

It seems we no longer care
no longer a people who share
how the hell did we get here
causing so much despair

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That Wonderful Rain

Droplets of rain
tapping my pane
delivering sleep
one that is deep
providing me rest
the type that is best
a body revival
insuring survival
for when I awake
I'll give life a shake
weary no more
how could one ignore
the blessing of rain
as it taps on the pane

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Special Needs Parent

His life perfect
at least that's how he viewed it
the typical dream of most
a house
a coupl'a nice cars
a lovely wife
and that one and a half kids

Yes, one was on the way

His boy

he let all his friends know
told of all his plans
how his son would become
club champion
not only in tennis
but golf as well

Oh how he would mold his son

Then it all crashed
the doctors said
there was little hope
the boy would be born normal

A great sorrow set in upon him
he wondered how this could happen
how could they deal with a child
with special needs

He and his wife
knew that they had no choice
but to accept a son
who would require special care

The day came
his son was born
the doctor handed the baby over to the father
and as he received the crying infant
the baby immediately took hold
of the mans little finger

A grimace that the man had worn
for the last three months
turned to a smile as
he found a deeper love
than he knew could ever exist

In The Dark

Night has arrived
eyes are closed
the sounds
of the world around me
have awakened

My awareness
my ears taking it all in

The gentle flow of the river

Bullfrogs in a distant pond

Crickets among the grasses along the hedgerow

Peace has come to visit my valley

It is in this darkness
during these still quiet hours
between midnight and dawn
with the distractions of this world
that I am able to hear
what my heart has to say
listen to my spirit sing

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Fool and His Mouth are Not Often Parted

Those that knew him
thought him the fool
his mouth would run on
repeating words and ideas
he had heard
but never really understood

Not knowing nor understanding
half of the issues
he attempted to share
attacked his credibility
within the whole of what he would say
making him
unbelievable to others

All that he claimed to believe
had belonged to others
he had never taken the time to think
and make these beliefs his own

Blessing or Bane

Love visits hearts
bringing both joy and sorrow
what is not known
is its tomorrow

Will love be a blessing
or become a bane
will it bring you joy
or cause your pain

This is not known
when one first does fall
yet one of the two, often both
happen to all

But to never know love
leaves us empty inside
cold toward the world
love should not be denied

Even as pain
it says someone once cared
and for a short time
our heart had been spared

A life without love
would be a horror untold
leaving ones heart
both empty and cold

Thursday, April 17, 2014

At What Cost

He grew up in a family wanting
at times with little food on the table
and often bedtime came on empty stomachs

His mother cleaning and ironing for others
his father seldom awake as he worked nights
together they barely kept a roof over their heads

Growing up, he was mostly on his own
making his way through life during the week
the kids in this neighborhood were raising themselves

He and his friends did what they could
In order to chase away the hunger they felt
To give each other a feeling of togetherness
To help each other survive life without parents

It was the worst of times

Sunday would then arrive
an actual meal would somehow be found on the table
the family was together

The bed would not find him hungry this night
not for bread
nor the love of family

Mom making sure there was enough in his belly
Dads laughter filling his heart
lifting his spirit and bringing smiles to all their faces

This was the best of times

As he grew he vowed to escape this life
never to have that empty feeling of want again
to do whatever it took, no matter the cost

His times were about to change

Once he moved on
he found that there was no-one willing to help him
he was again on his own

He learned to not only step over others
but to step on them in his attempt
to escape the past

He learned well, moved on
and left not only the old neighborhood
but his friends and family behind as well

The work seemed endless
there was no time anything else in his new life
but there was no want

The toys came
the food extravagant
but another yearning
another hunger
entered him

He wanted more

Yes his belly was full
but he was alone on Sundays now

Where was his fathers laughter

Where did the smiles and lifted spirits disappear to

How did this emptiness return

Maybe those days long ago
were not the worst of times
after all

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Was It Really The Grass That Was Greener

Oh how he hated his place in life
each time he would gaze in the mirror
what he saw was deeply disturbing
you could only compare what he saw
to a vast and barren wasteland
the years of toil had taken their toll
just as the arid winds had turned
plains into desert

It was more than age that showed
depression was written over his face
an emptiness was plain to see

As he plodded along through life
he would often come upon others
meeting them during these wanderings
so many wore smiles
they appeared happy
they seemed to be filled with vitality

They were alive

“Oh to be as they”
he thought

To live the life of others was his wish
all of them had it better than he did
the grass on his side of the fence had no life
while theirs was a beautiful plush green

He would often be heard complaining
that life itself was totally fair

Finally he decided to make the move
he would live on the other side of the fence
where the grass was green
but as he did
the grass began to turn brown
then died and the winds swept it away

If only he had watered his life

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Add Some To Your Cart

Why in the hell do I even try
society's gone over the edge

Respect for others a thing of the past
their words being used as a wedge

Where have we gone
what have we done

Did the birth of this madness
come from that age, “just for fun”

Attitudes are ugly
with the thought “yeah, it's cool”

Yet all that this is
is the mark of a fool

The hurt that this causes
can go beyond measure

I can't comprehend
how they see this as pleasure

This ugliness has spread
throughout all the land

Is there no turning back
or is this man's permanent new brand

I really do hate
seeing the world in decline

Can we somehow return to when
men's respect once did shine

It's not really that hard
if you'll try what you'll find

It's actually pleasant to be
respectful and kind

Men once showed respect
and it came from their heart

Please click on the icon
add some to your cart

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Mirror Can Be So Unkind

No longer am I twenty-five
that was forty years ago
yet with each new day
life appears the same
almost everywhere I go

But there is that one place
that I go upon this earth
that reminds me that all has changed
it's that morning mirror
how I wonder of it's worth

The mirror has a habit
of bringing a sad truth
though I view the world
through younger eyes
I've passed beyond my youth

Monday, April 7, 2014

An Act Always Outweighs An Intention

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~Oscar Wilde~

He asked for some food
from out of the gutter
I was already late
and began to stutter

Said I'll be back
but he'd heard that before
he just looked away
yeah, he knew the score

I meant to help
I really did
but then somehow
his life took a skid

Slipping away
he no longer had hope
to rise once again
he could no longer cope

Life itself
had become way too much
but my hesitation
stole his last crutch

For there in the gutter
he'd just given up
I was his last hope
and I'd not filled his cup

Oh what I'd give
to go back in time
and help that poor soul
up out of the grime

The morgue truck came
and took him away

“How the hell was I to know
this was his last day”

Friday, April 4, 2014

You Wanna Be Free

Our bodies do prove
we're not totally free
with most of our limits
quite plain to see

To dive to the depths
or fly on our own
our feet, they're planted
on the Earths crust of stone

Now the spirit of man
he imprisons himself
when he's living a lie
leaving real life on the shelf

His soul and spirit
will never be free
as long as the truth
he refuses to see

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Eyes Must Remain Open

With each step
Stay awake
Learn to recognize
All that's fake
Stay the path
Move on in truth
Guard the innocence
Of your youth
Out there live the lies
Their intent is to slay
The pure of heart
Along their way
Keep your eyes wide open
Remain aware
Avert your path
From the liar's lair

Finally Free

Thoughts of days gone by
came rushing in that morning
filling my mind with wonderful memories
as I wandered the bluffs alone

The grasses were heavy laden with dew
I found myself sitting upon the grass to watch
the sun was about to open this new day

I now understood what was meant
“this is the first day of the rest of your life”

I was not about to miss this sunrise
as I had missed so many
for so long a time

It was a prison of my own making
that had kept me away

As I sat and watched
a faint orange began to emerge
far across the sea
from beyond my imaginings

That prison I mentioned
had no walls
yet it seemed as there were many

It didn't matter the direction I turned
they always appeared only at arms length

The days seemed to meld into one another
as if they had no beginnings
nor endings

There was no laughter
nor were their tears

The days
just were

My eyes
turned back to the colorful sky
they filled with tears

My heart felt

I began to laugh

I felt
for the first time
in so many years

Why had I stayed within that shell of sorrow
how was it that a loss
could hold me for what seemed

That wonderful orange

This orange sky that I see before me

Is the same orange

As the sarong she wore that morning


The man he faced
He believed his closest friend
The strike came out of no-where
In an instant
Years of love and trust disappeared
It was as if a Damascus blade
Had plunged into his heart
Yet a ragged scar
One that could only have been made
With a rusty can opener
Was left behind

There was no known salve
That could heal the damage
Of the words spoken through
Deep seated and hidden bigotry

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From Beneath The Tree

The shadows hold the mysteries
The silence lets them speak
The river carries forth those words
That have birthed beneath the tree

Once they flow and reach the sea
They'll travel unto you
And that silence from beneath the tree
Will show my love as true