Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fighting For Peace

Fighting for peace
is folly for sure
all that it gets us
is another damn war

More soldiers do die
innocents as well
so many lives
having days spent in hell

Men use your heads
you're able to think
how is it your decisions
so often do stink

Greedy for power
hungry for land
taking what you want
from another mans hand

Then hiding that greed
and shifting the blame
you try to convince us
it's done in Gods name

Do we really look stupid
do you think that we're blind
can you not see that war
does not bring peace of mind

It only brings heartache
to all of mankind
as death and dismemberment
is what's left behind

Peace will not come
through your fighting and wars
not from your armies
not from your corps

It will come from the hearts
overflowing with love
and who knows, with a little help
from that man up above

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