Saturday, October 31, 2015


The nights of my life
that morphed into days
tired body and mind
in so many ways

to rise from the bed
not rested at all
seemed to promise me daily
an additional fall

my spirit now broken
my energy gone
these sleepless nights
they've gone on too long

I don't want to work
it's become a struggle to live
the hungry faces keep coming
and I have no more to give

across this world children starving
and I don't understand why
with the government's riches
hungry kids have to die

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Being My Own Man

Am I not my own man
secure in my own beliefs
there are those who try and enter my life
having the sole purpose of changing me

why do people let others tell them
who they are supposed to be
how they're supposed to act
and who their friends can be

somebody once said
to impersonate is the sincerest form of flattery
but should I surrender who I am
for their need to feel noticed
to feed their ego

these people are like pictures of insecurity
they've not grown into their own individualism
they've become carbon copies
of others from their past
people they consider to be their heroes
rather than becoming their own person

they now wish to be the hero of another

no, I will walk my road
there may be many different paths through life
but for me the one I'm on
is the one I must travel
it will be the influence of this road that will mold me

I've grown to really like who I've become
I think I'll continue to be my own man

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Eyes Should Have Been Open

Encompassed in darkness
the light of day unseen
the years passed in a hole of lies
this faith is not my own
if it were
I could find joy
but there is only darkness
a spirit that has no life
birthed by false hope

The negativity of those men
the ones who seek power
to hold control over others
their words were so inviting at first
those words are no longer so
today they bring a loneliness
a longing
for the days of innocence

I ask myself why
why have I slept so long
why have I walked through life
with my eyes wide shut

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Hole that Cannot be Filled In

The inadvertent excavation left a hole
it seemed large enough to swallow the world
people said not to worry
it can be filled in again later

with the loss of a child
later never comes  

The Color of Morning

Those wonderful colors
almost black on the edges
the transition to a rich chocolate brown
becoming transparent as it moves toward gold
then yellow
that beautiful morning beverage
being poured from carafe to cup
I hear the voice of Joe Cocker
“You are so beautiful to me”
“You're everything I'd hoped for”
“Everything I need”

Good Morning World

Saturday, October 24, 2015

How The Loss of My Eye Became A Blessing

My right eye
lost to glaucoma
self pity took my heart
the days were long
the question was always
why me
a constant mood of darkness
my attitude was sour

it's strange how a person can change
totally change for such a small disability
so small compared to those who have lost both legs
so small compared to those who become paralyzed
so small compared to if I had lost both eyes

it was those thoughts that brought me back
losing one eye was little
a minor inconvenience
mostly just a loss of peripheral vision
that and my depth perception leaving me
within that six to eight foot distance it was strange

life was changing for me again
it was night and day
from sour to sweet
the self pity was gone
what I had was far greater than what I had lost
I was immediately able to appreciate what I still had
no more did I rue the loss
I began to realize
there was beauty in the world
that I had never seen before

'nuff said

Congress acts so stupidly
with a lack of common sense
no longer working for the people
money grabbing for two more pence

Once they've been elected
treat voters as who cares
let them eat cake is what they speak
after all, they've been given theirs

The Danger of Flowers

Some speak with words reminiscent of flowers
while others blunt with bare naked truth
the one tends to tickle the ears of the people
while the other is deemed quite uncouth

these words they offer when spoken so soft
lull the people to sleep
the speakers pretend to act like they're shepherds
treating the people like sheep

with the smell of their flowers that's hiding what's real
leading the listener to a false comfortable feel
carefully protecting what it is they conceal
what they really do offer is just a raw deal

wake up people
all they want is more power
if you don't read twixt the lines
there's a danger to flowers

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Will the Pain End on The Other Side

on the right side of the dirt
what could it hurt
to open my eyes
before me a picture
one of sadness
the homeless
the working poor
the children with dirt upon their faces
in tattered clothing
I see distended bellies
malnutrition taking its toll

this is supposed to be
the worlds greatest nation

we see those who will not work
and there are those who can not help themselves
but it is the children who suffer most
they deserve better

I often wonder
and I know I wouldn't change things
could I stop the hurt inside
if I were to awaken on the other side

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clouded Views

my opinion was questioned
my view then became clouded
are my beliefs now that of another
no longer do I have an understanding
nothing of this life path that has been set before me
can be seen
I feel as if I am now blind
my direction lost
there is no moving on from where I find myself
no longer do I know which way is forward

why is it some wish to mold everyone they meet
into a clone of themselves

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

There is a Cost

The people heard
but they wouldn't listen
their eyes were open
but couldn't see
the killing fields
this war at home
was never something
that should ever be
our children gone
forever lost
the right to bear
it has cost
when a crazy man
can still get a gun
and in his mind
it's for his fun
death will follow
excuses spun
the NRA
again has won

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Salt trails upon cheeks
speak of sorrow
and also joy

joy and sorrow
they are yin and yang
the two sides of the emotional coin

so odd
two totally opposite emotions
yet they release in the same manner

my salt tested twice in three days
that which was lost to us

how is it a pet can mean so much

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Murder For Hire

Death and dismemberment
that's what they bring
while songs sung of heroes
are the tunes that we sing

Soldier on soldier
a body count is the score
but it's the folks who build weapons
who are winning the wars

It's all about money
satisfying their greed
the rich filling their storehouse
while they haven't the need

Today's wars they're for profit
of money, of land
and the worlds children keep dying
as we strike up the band

When will we stop
will it ever end
war, murder for hire
was not meant as a friend

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Killing Fields

The killing fields
right here at home
are somehow different
from those that we've known
no longer war
on foreign fields
but there's a body count
this new war yields
students and teachers
professors and preachers
murders committed
by horrible creatures
are there no answers
to the question why
these monsters keep killing
causing mothers to cry
life is not ours to take
nor a game that we play
when will this madness end
will there come such a day
a day of beautiful peace
love shared man to man
the tools of killing laid down
would be a wonderful plan
but I know it's a dream
one that can never come true
and that thought and the stress
leaves me ever so blue