Monday, March 31, 2014

Rekindling The Flame

Beware the rekindled flame as the wick has already been burnt once

Long ago they were lovers
each day drew them closer
their lives were as one
life itself nothing but fun

Together forever
was what they thought
until the flame
began to flicker

There was an emptiness
a deep pang within
leaving them joyless
even while together

Their eyes began to wander
searching for others
who might bring back
what they had once had together

Their lives
now torn from each other
had gone separate ways
without finding the love they knew

The day came when they crossed paths
sat and talked
they decided to try once again
as lovers

But there was no spark
that could ignite the flame they once knew
as life had trimmed their wicks
too far back

Diggin" For Treasure

Dig anywhere in the earth and you will find a treasure, only you must dig with the faith of a peasant!  ~Khalil Gibran~

It's there to be found
wherever you dig
the treasures abound
I'll tell ya, they're big

One thing you should know
before excavatin'
attitudes everythin'
when talkin' expectation

See diggin' for treasure
has become a lost art
folks keep thinkin' it's money
instead of a start

It's not always about
riches an wealth
appreciate life
you might surprise yourself

Your family and kids
they're a treasure for real
when it comes to pure value
they're a really big deal

If you'll dig for that treasure
with the heart of a peasant
the outcome you'll find
will truly be pleasant

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where True Ugliness Can Be Found

When ones insides are ugly
it shows in their words
when the purpose they have
is to use them as swords

When they ridicule others
and treat them as dirt
it shows just how small that they are
if you're looking for proof it's their own words that assert

It won't matter their good looks
on their outside they've been born
with the way that they act
they'll do naught but draw scorn

In the end no-one will like them
they will be cast away
they must learn to treat others with kindness
or there's a price they will pay

Though many may say
“oh no, that's not me”
if they don't change their ways
they'll learn how speech is not free

For our words they do come
with a great responsibility
not to use them to hurt others
you see they have that ability

Do they want to be lonely
is their goal to be hated
again, if they don't change their ways
then their wish will be sated

Ones words can show
just how ugly they are
and their beauty won't matter
looks don't make one a star

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Prize Won At The End Of War

Nothing I see
is speaking to me
the silence
won't let me be

Making me crazy
driving me mad
I've had days
in the past
but never this bad

A wee little sound
something to hear
a gentle reminder
other life is still near

Oh how I need it
don't leave me in fear
are they really all gone
someone, please reappear

Has the war taken all
is the face of earth clear
please don't let me find out
I'm the only one here

Now Ain't That Ironic

Them that share
they's unaware
that folks today
ain't sposed to care

They jus keep on givin'
all the days they's livin'
there must be a problem
in what they's believin'

They jus get outta bed
an it enters their head
ta give it all away
they ain't never gonna get ahead

I warn 'em it will be their ruin
but they jus keep on doin'
how's come they can't see
it's themself that they's screwin'

Hell they don't know the score
hold on, there's the door
gotta be them meals on wheels
I don't unerstand why they can't give me more

Monday, March 24, 2014


I see said the blind man
as he did with his heart
he had great understanding
he was really quite smart

Always willing to listen
before he would speak
it was more than just hearing
it made him kinda unique

You see so many today
they speak without thought
merely repeating some words
that someone else brought

Their opinion's not theirs
they don't know the facts
with their refusal to see
they've become blind as bats

But this blind man takes time
to choose his own words
considering facts
rather than following herds

So try to see with your heart
who knows what you'll find
you just ain't gonna learn nuthin'
if you choose to stay blind

Sunday, March 23, 2014

For The Children

Love and laughter is living
but the lack thereof is pure hell
without them life is totally empty
your spirit stays trapped in a shell

There's no satisfaction
absolutely no joy
and the real cryin' shame
for some it's been like this since they were a boy

When the family's so poor
that food just don't go around
the children do suffer
in ways that astound

The worst part of all
they go hungry at night
with these bellies that ache
they learn life is just one great big fight

It's not fair I tell you
no way it should be like this
why do so many fall through the cracks
what the hell have we missed

This land has the money
and food to go round
why do we let them starve
why has no answer been found

Has man really quit caring
it's like we've just closed our eyes
why ain't it none of your business
go on keep tellin' your lies

You see each one is our brother
and we should be their keeper
when it comes to well being
we must stop being a sleeper

It's time to wake up
about time to help out
shape their mouths in a smile
instead of that God awful pout

Friday, March 21, 2014

Days, How They Pass

The days were always so long, it seemed that they would last forever. The time it took between birthdays or Christmas time an eternity. I guess it was because in our youth those were the times that I would look forward to most. (Patience was was something that had not been learned.) Vacation time may have been the reason, maybe it was for presents that I would be receiving but regardless of which it was, once those times came they would pass quickly and be over. They just weren't like the rest of the year which had been taken up with that dreaded daily grind called school.

How I hated those long days. Having to read and write, study and learn they offered me no fun no enjoyment. (I thought we were supposed to have fun as kids.) It felt like a place that I needed to escape from and graduating my senior year of high school that was exactly what I did. No more of that stuff for me!

No more school for this guy it causes long days and I hated being told what to do. Air Force, here I come. Well I thought that I had escaped. Guess I was still a little young and naive when it came to life in general. More waiting, more long days but now I would have to hurry up in order to wait for anything and everything.

After about 11 years of that, enough was enough and it was time to settle down to living a normal civilian life of working for a living. By this time I had finally realized that no matter what I was doing, time was going to drag on with long days. By this time birthdays and Christmas no longer offered the relief that they had in my youth. Living for the weekend offered hope, only to often be squashed by that last minute announcement that we would have to work on Saturday.

Retirement has come, the days are finally mine to do with as I please. Golf, making labels for friends and writing poetry fill a lot of the time. It really ain't too bad! Something else came along with this extra time I now had to spend as I saw fit. A time to think, a time for memories of my past to move to the forefront. My youth and school with the friends I had. My time in the service and my marriage. Bringing my sons into the world and watching them grow.

You know what's funny, we just celebrated 40 years of marriage and my older son turns 40 on his next birthday. Remember all those long days? It all just seems like yesterday.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slammed Doors And Burnt Bridges

Slamming doors and burning bridges
they're pretty much the same
once it's done there's no turning back
life becomes a brand new game

The grass that's seen on the other side
though greener it may seem
still needs the same amount of tending
not like what was in your dream

Yeah the land of milk and honey
sure that's what you thought you saw
all things brand new within your view
through your gaze you're held in awe

Taking the step you claim your land
wait don't burn that bridge you just crossed
you slam that door from where you've been
it's all that could be lost

Things don't always work out the way you plan
sometimes you've just gotta retreat
and if you destroy your only pathway back
it's your demise that you could meet

So leave that doorway open
and keep that bridge intact
they could be quite useful in your future
and save you from being trapped

Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Voice Is There To Be Used

I had no voice
till I spoke out
deciding to take a stand

Nor will you
if you don't step up
and deny the silence that they demand

Before we believe
we should question their words
it's important that we understand

If we don't protect
the freedoms we have
it won't be long before they all become banned

Friday, March 14, 2014


Men often build walls
which bring on their falls
when they insist on keeping their minds closed

Beliefs most unwavering
when they ought to be savoring
the good that they seem to oppose

Their feelings unspoken
as if they were broken
so that they'd always appear quite composed

With emotions held back
as if under attack
such a weakness if bared and exposed

Their authority would be lost
that's much too high of a cost
they're the king and ought not be deposed

So it's not much of a puzzle
why they're flexing their muscle
they're just insuring that their will is imposed

They're now living in a bubble
creating most of their own trouble
it's their foolish pride that should be quickly disposed

If they'd only open their mind
so much less stress they would find
life would improve, now don't you suppose

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Open Door

An open door
can lead to more
than one could ever imagine

From the other side
we'll no longer hide
the riches that were left there abandoned

When opened for you
there's a brand new view
presented that you might now grow

You see life has a way
of stopping you just to say
I've got something that you really should know

You've been put here for others
and meant to treat them like brothers
no matter their color or creed

So step through that door
whether you're rich or you're poor
minister to all as we can all meet someones need

It's time to make a new start
open the door to your heart
by doing so your light and life will then glisten

You see it's not out of fashion
to share a little love and compassion
sometimes that need is for someone to just listen

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Stifle The Voice

If the voice of reason
come what may
one day finally
goes astray
and falls in line
with this angry earth
what peace we have
will lose all worth
wars will grow
more killings at home
our world laid waste
a valley of dry bone
it's a picture of death
when reason doth flee
without that voice
what hope have we

Arguing Can Be So Much Fun

Should I be civil
or should I fight back
peacefully protest
or mount an attack

There is no real winning
when men go to war
there's really no point to it
what the hell is it for

When men have a difference
and neither will budge
what is argued doesn't matter
it won't give them a nudge

Their minds are made up
and the hollering starts
respect then gets lost
and reasoning departs

There's no wonder
there are so many killings today
folks have forgot how to talk
it's just no longer their way