Sunday, March 23, 2014

For The Children

Love and laughter is living
but the lack thereof is pure hell
without them life is totally empty
your spirit stays trapped in a shell

There's no satisfaction
absolutely no joy
and the real cryin' shame
for some it's been like this since they were a boy

When the family's so poor
that food just don't go around
the children do suffer
in ways that astound

The worst part of all
they go hungry at night
with these bellies that ache
they learn life is just one great big fight

It's not fair I tell you
no way it should be like this
why do so many fall through the cracks
what the hell have we missed

This land has the money
and food to go round
why do we let them starve
why has no answer been found

Has man really quit caring
it's like we've just closed our eyes
why ain't it none of your business
go on keep tellin' your lies

You see each one is our brother
and we should be their keeper
when it comes to well being
we must stop being a sleeper

It's time to wake up
about time to help out
shape their mouths in a smile
instead of that God awful pout

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