Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Open Door

An open door
can lead to more
than one could ever imagine

From the other side
we'll no longer hide
the riches that were left there abandoned

When opened for you
there's a brand new view
presented that you might now grow

You see life has a way
of stopping you just to say
I've got something that you really should know

You've been put here for others
and meant to treat them like brothers
no matter their color or creed

So step through that door
whether you're rich or you're poor
minister to all as we can all meet someones need

It's time to make a new start
open the door to your heart
by doing so your light and life will then glisten

You see it's not out of fashion
to share a little love and compassion
sometimes that need is for someone to just listen

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