Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Present Day Hiding Place

Rude and rotten
that's what they are
with their bigoted messages
the worst kind by far

Seldom respectful
to the people they meet
destroying their mood
but not on the street

It's here on the internet
and not face to face
where they act as the tough guy
feeling perfectly safe

Anonymity that's cool
avatars they're great
and what they give to the bullies
is a place to practice their hate

Monday, September 28, 2015

Samma Vaca

words so in-edible
you just can't keep them down
they move your insides
you regurgitate
you've had your fill
but the children must play

their game
proving they are better than you
their onslaught of disrespect continues

they don't know when to stop

they have no idea what they cause

in truth, they don't even care

they don't seem to realize
they are responsible
for the pain they bring
the spirits they crush
and the hearts they break

their way is the only way
the game must be won
even if the cost
includes their humanity

the frozen places
are always the loneliest  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Casualty of a One Sided War

Without acknowledgment
The warrior has no foe
His war remains within
The only casualty
His spirit

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Box

stuck in his box
with no way out
frustration with life
he began to shout

where is my freedom
the walls he'd scrape
again raising his voice
he would beg escape

let me out he cried
give me new things to learn
variety is calling
and inside I do burn

the box holds me prisoner
with no way to move on
I long for that place
where knowledge will spawn

someone please help
come show me the way
I know I'll learn quickly
if you'll but teach me to play

it's joy that I seek
not the four walls of this box
help me open my mind
bring the keys to the locks


They live in boxes
no doors to pass through
no windows to accept the light
the world has to offer
their meals never change
and no longer have flavor

Seldom Forever

Was it ever true
was it ever alright
there was more than a twig snapped
to give birth to this fight

two lives now uprooted
the end too soon was found
love hadn't been rooted
firm and deep in the ground

the anger had grown
they were both far too proud
neither could back away
their voices now loud

the violence was verbal
this had not come to blows
but the hurt went much deeper
as insults found some new lows

had love ever existed
or had lust been their bond
and with the newness worn off
they'd both found they'd been conned

those three words “I love you”
they lied through their teeth
all they had done was to hide
lust that had lain deep beneath

Fear has had Its Way

Outside my window


So changed from what it once was
people so different from what they were
today it seems as if
we have no time for others
we act as if we are threatened
by those who pass by
even by our neighbors
ever on our guard
the only respect we show
seems to be
because of our fear

Outside my window
life in its ridiculousness
I watch as they walk by
afraid to make eye contact
unable to greet each other

No, it's not just those two across the street
they've been feuding for years
it appears to be almost everyone

There was a time when women
would nod and give a slight curtsy
and men
would tip their hats in greeting
it was a time
that people showed respect for each other
in the form of politeness

Today's respect is shown by their
avoidance of acknowledgment
due to fear of possible confrontation

There are so many angry people in the world today
the shame is that they don't have to be angry if they don't want to be
they hold on to their anger as if it is their life's blood
like those two across the street
only their feud seems to be with life itself

Will they ever see
will they ever understand
they hurt themselves in their denial of joy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Deny

I knew a man
who could not see beyond his nose
his path through life
was covered with stones

I knew a man
who refused to open his mind
he could not understand
why he could not understand

I knew a man
who would not let his heart be touched
he died alone
never knowing the joy that was his

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nightmares come from a Lack of Passion

What I would
I have not done
my life cheated
by my cowardice

Afraid to step out on a limb
afraid to follow my dream
unwilling to step outside
that safety net
of being responsible

Dreams are only achieved
by the passionate

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Destroyers

large enough
to steel the spirit
of entire societies

their self servitude
offering no help
to the people

their cold hearts
have no place
for love of others

their only need
to feel superior
as they tear down
all that is about them
through the misuse of
the position they were given
in order to become

as a child
king of the hill

whose lie
gave them the idea
they were above all others

do they not see the destruction
they leave in the wake of their walk
through life

Monday, September 14, 2015


Knocking men down
from his great altitude
an insane egotist
with a bad attitude

his knowledge was great
why wouldn't they listen
with all of his schooling
his opinion should glisten

the arrogant bastard
went ahead, said his peace
with the ultimate end
a soul for to fleece

to kill a spirit
break a heart
sow discouragement
right from the start

to his dismay
what he didn't expect
was he never received
other peoples respect

eating at him
he'd continued his fight
hoping his words
would push others to flight

showing great disrespect
as his means to his ends
he found himself alone
without any friends

Saturday, September 12, 2015


they follow
never seeing the world
for themselves
they all become alike
they have no individual traits

told where they can go
they are limited as to what world
has to offer
hounded by the dogs
who move them toward a pen
they say for there own protection
yet it is for the shepherd
truly an issue of control

the wolves will always be there
the pen is no protection

those who have not learned
to stand on their own will fall

those who become as the big horn
will experience life

Thursday, September 10, 2015


There once was a voice
he had never before been heard from
well, except for when pen
would make his recitation
to his good friend paper

The day came
voice discovered he had vocal cords
his first words, tentative in their birth proved
insecurity had been the reason
for his silence

He spoke slowly at first
worried that he would stumble
afraid he would begin to stutter
his fear of acceptance or lack thereof
kept him close to the edge of giving up

Deep within a new and fresh feeling come upon him
it was as if out of nowhere
there was a strength building
a new determination
giving up was backing up away from the edge

Voice became strong
no longer insecure

Voice realized his purpose
and vowed to fulfill it

Voice began shouting his messages
from the roof tops
from the tops of mountains
and across the seas

Voice would never be silenced again
his message will continue to be heard

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Get Off Your Knees and DO Something

I write this to you Christianity
What matters more
that we pray for
or feed the hungry
the flow of manna from heaven
today is nowhere to be seen
other than where it is with the help
from the hand of man

Was it not to be shared with all of gods chosen
by your word, your savior came to save all
his father fed them in the wilderness
he fed them on the mount
yet many die today of starvation
why must even one go hungry

This world has a glut of food
all it needs is to be shared
distributed to those in need
yet so much is thrown away

I guess it's less expensive letting it go to waste
when the bottom line is your desired taste

I have to wonder
those who feel that need to pray
and then do nothing to help
do they not see
that they are the answer
for what they pray for
their hearts would not have been touched
if they weren't

Or is it just more of the same lip service

Even if we were just to sit down
and share half of our sandwich
we would be helping them
renewing their faith
restoring their spirit
helping to ease their pangs of hunger

prayers without works
my friend, they're dead
as your heart is unchanged
where is your head
do you not understand
you've been called to good works
to help and feed others
should be looked on as perks
never a burden
rewards then received
as smiles grace a face
with their hunger relieved

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beware the Rose

He spent time in the garden
moved too close to the rose
was pricked by it's thorn
the love he had given
was returned with pain

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Come sit with me

There is this stream
it carries the music of life through the forest
calming the soul and spirit
of any and all who spend time
listening to its song

As I sit by waters edge
my toes being kissed by its gentle current
I find an unexpected blessing
one that has always been there for me.
All that was needed
was for me to come and accept it

To get here I left a world
ravaged by a rushed
and impatient society.
Its greed and lack of kindness
has taken its sad toll of far too many

That world would have owned me as well
had I not come to this place
far away from the mean streets
away from the get ahead at any cost attitude it has
free of the stress it imparts

It is a place of true comfort
more tranquil than one could ever imagine

The stream flows through me
its music feeds my spirit
its song fills my heart

The thoughts of that other place
now washed from my mind
it seems as though I have grown new ears
I have learned to listen in a whole new way
my eyes opened now to beauty
wherever they land
my heart, opened wider than ever
being filled with great joy

I have never known such peace

I think I'll stay awhile

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is There No Winning

I tried patience

Always waiting
Mostly for peace to arrive

Believing in their goodness
Every man
Inside and outside of our circle
Need our respect
Giving it is the least we can do

Can we come together
Each of us
Not just in words
Something much more is needed
Our actions are the important part
Reviving the spirits of others
Even when we feel at the bottom
Determines our destiny

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Masks

To wear a mask
an avatar
we're insecure
and it's quite bizarre
that we lie to folks
both near and far
in hopes they'll see
our rising star
while scared of that question
of who we are

Life Leaving on Track #1

A single rail
a closed mind
no switches
ignoring that there are other paths to travel
there is but one destination for the train
leaving a single direction to see life
the rest of the world is lost
there is no growth
some think it to be quite a ride
there is nothing that is unexpected
others see it as a train wreck
for them the lack of variety brings stagnation

Arrogance, Man's Worst Friend

The arrogant bastard
went ahead, said his peace
his ultimate end
was a soul to fleece

killing a spirit
breaking a heart
sowing discouragement
right from the start

knocking men down
from his great altitude
he was an egotist
with a bad attitude

but to his dismay
what he didn't expect
that he never received
other peoples respect

his knowledge was great
why wouldn't they listen
with all of his schooling
he believed his opinion to glisten

eating at him
he'd continued his fight
hoping his words
would push others to flight

then with great disrespect
as his means to his ends
he found himself all alone
without any friends