Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Get Off Your Knees and DO Something

I write this to you Christianity
What matters more
that we pray for
or feed the hungry
the flow of manna from heaven
today is nowhere to be seen
other than where it is with the help
from the hand of man

Was it not to be shared with all of gods chosen
by your word, your savior came to save all
his father fed them in the wilderness
he fed them on the mount
yet many die today of starvation
why must even one go hungry

This world has a glut of food
all it needs is to be shared
distributed to those in need
yet so much is thrown away

I guess it's less expensive letting it go to waste
when the bottom line is your desired taste

I have to wonder
those who feel that need to pray
and then do nothing to help
do they not see
that they are the answer
for what they pray for
their hearts would not have been touched
if they weren't

Or is it just more of the same lip service

Even if we were just to sit down
and share half of our sandwich
we would be helping them
renewing their faith
restoring their spirit
helping to ease their pangs of hunger

prayers without works
my friend, they're dead
as your heart is unchanged
where is your head
do you not understand
you've been called to good works
to help and feed others
should be looked on as perks
never a burden
rewards then received
as smiles grace a face
with their hunger relieved

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