Friday, September 25, 2015

Fear has had Its Way

Outside my window


So changed from what it once was
people so different from what they were
today it seems as if
we have no time for others
we act as if we are threatened
by those who pass by
even by our neighbors
ever on our guard
the only respect we show
seems to be
because of our fear

Outside my window
life in its ridiculousness
I watch as they walk by
afraid to make eye contact
unable to greet each other

No, it's not just those two across the street
they've been feuding for years
it appears to be almost everyone

There was a time when women
would nod and give a slight curtsy
and men
would tip their hats in greeting
it was a time
that people showed respect for each other
in the form of politeness

Today's respect is shown by their
avoidance of acknowledgment
due to fear of possible confrontation

There are so many angry people in the world today
the shame is that they don't have to be angry if they don't want to be
they hold on to their anger as if it is their life's blood
like those two across the street
only their feud seems to be with life itself

Will they ever see
will they ever understand
they hurt themselves in their denial of joy

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