Thursday, September 10, 2015


There once was a voice
he had never before been heard from
well, except for when pen
would make his recitation
to his good friend paper

The day came
voice discovered he had vocal cords
his first words, tentative in their birth proved
insecurity had been the reason
for his silence

He spoke slowly at first
worried that he would stumble
afraid he would begin to stutter
his fear of acceptance or lack thereof
kept him close to the edge of giving up

Deep within a new and fresh feeling come upon him
it was as if out of nowhere
there was a strength building
a new determination
giving up was backing up away from the edge

Voice became strong
no longer insecure

Voice realized his purpose
and vowed to fulfill it

Voice began shouting his messages
from the roof tops
from the tops of mountains
and across the seas

Voice would never be silenced again
his message will continue to be heard

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