Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Knowledge of Man

The dawn of conception
of the ideas born to man
came as flickering lights
to minds that were aware
open to accepting change
awake to their surroundings
and realizing a need
thus came the knowledge of man

Friday, January 16, 2015


War kills
not just bodies
but souls
while in its wake
leaving hearts emptied
with holes

The spirit of men
ruined by trauma
it's clear
they look to tomorrow
and tremble
from fear

For what it will bring
these men
never know
often like Jekyll
and Hyde
which one will now show

is pure hell
for all that it touches
and there's no hiding it
with a million


his mind appeared limited
he had never seen the big picture
what did it matter anyway
was there anyone who really cared
things never change
life's flow a drone
a constant low frequency hum
no variance what-so-ever
no music
no song
each day
though the sun shone bright
grayer than the previous
he could no longer muster the care
needed for the moment


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fire and Eyes

Fire with fire
an eye for an eye
the whole world burns
more men become blind

The earth became charred
man had lost his way
that choice of blindness
brought his last day

Fire with fire
an eye for an eye
while children are dying
governments don't seem to mind

It's from collateral damage
it's the price that you pay
it's part of war in today's world
at least that's what they say

Fire with fire
an eye for an eye
putting an end to this madness
is simply just being kind

Respecting our neighbors
this is the greatest gateway
if man could only learn
to put love on display

Unconditional - Haiku

He once had a dog
It took too much of his time
Yet it still loved him

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fire and Eyes

Fire with fire
an eye for an eye
the whole world burns
more men become blind

The earth became charred
man had lost his way
that choice of blindness
brought his last day

Who sees the evil in war

Who sees the evil in war
We do whispered the dead soldiers
Who sees the evil in war
We do spoke the dismembered men and women
Who sees the evil in war
We do came the response of the children of collateral damage
Who sees the evil in war
It is I was heard from the widowed wife
Who sees the evil in war
We do cried the parents as their child would never come home again
Who sees the evil in war
Will daddy ever be able to ever play with me
Who sees the evil in war
It seems all do except for the corporate world of the war machine

Where Have We Gone

The gruesome photos from war
they want brought to the floor
dead pictures of men
what the hell happened and when

The blood and the gore
they always seem to want more
it appears that man's taste
has really gone waste

Does man not see what's in store
this will poison his core
will he ever really learn
or wait until spirits burn

Be Like The Birds - Haiku

Birds on the feeder
Sprinkle the seed to the ground
Others are well fed

You Come First

Our youth
they talk of suicide
this seems to me
a place they hide

To give their heart
a way to drain
and relieve it
from a terrible pain

The help they need
resides within
and will not be found
upon their skin

For in this life
folks will oft let you down
leaving you feel
as you're about to drown

Their acceptance is great
but your own must come first
to love who you are
is a most worthy thirst

Winter Revival - Haiku

The bear hibernates
The trees rest from feeding leaves
Winter is for rest

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Beneath the tree
a great love was born
the time
the place
they were unknowns
they were inevitable
the moment came

That day I awoke
followed the path
found deep within
there was no understanding
of why
or where
only need
to follow my heart

As I walked into the morning haze
I could feel a warmth
building within
each turn I made
that warmth told me to continue

At first I thought
this warmth
was the sun burning away the haze

What I was feeling
was desire
the desire for a belonging

A belonging
to something greater

My path led me to a meadow
lush green grass
dotted with all the colors
flowers were capable of producing

In the middle
there stood a single great tree
one that beckoned me to join it
as I sat in it's shade
I watched

There were deer
entering that same shade

A raccoon and a squirrel
left their nests to great me

The birds perched on my shoulders
in acceptance

A gorgeous red fox
laid down at my side

Mother Earth
had drawn me home

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Maturing of Tree and Man

The tree takes it's time
for to reach maturity
then blesses with shade

Men imitate trees
once they reach maturity
they bless with wisdom

A tree with deep roots
withstands the winds at their worst
to bend and not break

A mans deep beliefs
hold fast throughout his days and
cannot be broken

The tree and the man
bless the world and together
can be seen as one

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Who Upset the Apple Cart

They all stood watching
there in the shadows of the great forest

The lion and impala
looked at each other
concern in their eyes
the hawk and rabbit
viewed each other
their eyes had that same look
the mouse and the elephant
the wolf and the lamb
the mongoose and cobra
even the spider and the fly

All the creatures of the forest
the air and the sea
those of the great Serengeti
all of them



Gathered together to see
what man might do next
to further destroy their homes

Monday, January 5, 2015

Awaiting the Finale

It was quite a creation
yes somehow it was made
but through man's valiant efforts
we watch it wither and fade

The way things are moving
it's truly a shame
yet we must have our comforts
it seems this is to blame

It's a selfish old lifestyle
where we've gotta have it all
it matters not how it's made
or where the chips fall

This environment we have
yes it's taken its licks
though mans careless progress
and one day we'll hit the bricks

We need to clean up our act
make some changes for good
or sadly admit
this could be our final neighborhood

Saturday, January 3, 2015





The measure of tolerance
The Creator has with his creation

Friday, January 2, 2015

To Dream

The music
soft, relaxing
I drift off
a dream world opens

I find myself on a train

the observation car
all mine
me, my music
and the rhythmic sound of the tracks

a journey of all seasons

tulips of spring in Holland
the tranquil lakes in mid summer
the colors of fall in New England
the snow capped mountains of the Alps

all seem to be at peace

the lion and the lamb
the fox and the chicken
the killer whale and baby seal
all men of the earth

I have but one hope

that this music continues