Sunday, January 11, 2015


Beneath the tree
a great love was born
the time
the place
they were unknowns
they were inevitable
the moment came

That day I awoke
followed the path
found deep within
there was no understanding
of why
or where
only need
to follow my heart

As I walked into the morning haze
I could feel a warmth
building within
each turn I made
that warmth told me to continue

At first I thought
this warmth
was the sun burning away the haze

What I was feeling
was desire
the desire for a belonging

A belonging
to something greater

My path led me to a meadow
lush green grass
dotted with all the colors
flowers were capable of producing

In the middle
there stood a single great tree
one that beckoned me to join it
as I sat in it's shade
I watched

There were deer
entering that same shade

A raccoon and a squirrel
left their nests to great me

The birds perched on my shoulders
in acceptance

A gorgeous red fox
laid down at my side

Mother Earth
had drawn me home

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