Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling For You

Though I don't suffer the way you do
I’m hurting now just the same.

And though my troubles may be few
I sit here feeling your pain.

For you it's a physical anguish
while my heart it pangs with sorrow.

Praying that your pain it might vanish
hoping for you a better tomorrow.

If only there was something more
I could do to brighten your day.

It might offer you a little comfort
and chase any blues away.

So if even for just this one moment
a smile can form on your lips.

My job will be done with some pain forgotten
and our hearts will start doing flips.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ministering to One

Ministering to one
or ministering to many
really makes no difference as
without the one
there aren't any.

When the help is needed
is for only just one
we shouldn't let that halt us or hinder.

In your heart it's appeared
and the pathway's been cleared
this time it's your job to help.

Whether body or soul
there's a need to be made whole
that's what your ministry's for.

So hungry or cold or empty of spirit
when this person's been given to you
there comes one simple fact
it's time now to act
a special blessing is waiting for you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Should I Bother

Am I here for myself
or here for another?
Why should I help,
why should I bother?

It's not like I'll get paid
there's no profit for me.
At least not on the surface,
there's just nothing to see.

So why would I do this,
give to others with needs?
They're not pleasant like flowers,
they seem more like the weeds.

Homeless and dirty,
sometimes they stink.
But are they really so different
or is this just how we think.

For the most part they're hungry
often not of their faults.
Our economies failed them
hoarding riches in vaults.

So what are they supposed to do,
die of starvation?
It's not really that hard
to aid their bodies salvation.

But where's our return
just what do we get.
Actually it's a feeling inside
that you'll never regret.

It's their thanks, their smiles
their appreciation for what you've done.
It will touch you down deep.
A feeling that can't be undone.

This feeling we'll have
when we've helped one another
will convince us our aid
has been well worth the bother.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Dreamcatcher

Yesterday though gone
gives to us tomorrow.
It has formed us who we are
old experience we borrow.

It's the dream that takes us there
which must live within our heart.
Without it be caught today
we'll never get the start.

To love all others must be the goal
to this end we cannot shirk.
Once there we'll actually have the proof
the Dreamcatcher did it's work.

Will Equality Ever Come

Whether Martin, Malcolm
Jack or Bobby
there will never be but one.

These men were few
their dreams were great
their jobs did not get done.

Taken too soon
by bullets all
killed for their beliefs.

Equality would have to wait
will it ever come?

Will another arise
to carry the torch?

Will someone continue
to beat equalities drum?

If by chance it does one day
and all are viewed as equal,
brotherhood could finally come
we might start living peaceful.

As we look forward to that day
there's something we all can do,
treat each other equally
spend some time in another's shoes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Might Mistaken for Power

The mighty stand tall
staunch and steadfast.
To their beliefs they are loyal,
committed unto the last.

Anchored as the mountains
standing tall as the trees.
Unaffected unwavering
by the strongest of breeze.

But is this real power,
does might have control?
By it's presence alone
does it fit the role?

Real power it seems
draws its strength from its beauty
the ability to lead
others onto their duty.

Through charisma and love,
the respect that is shown
your life can be made rich
and you'll ne'er be alone.

The riches you'll hold
in the palm of your hand
will come from giving of self
throughout the land.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Circle To Avoid

greed the covetous of others
drives us unto jealousy
cultivating thoughts of
for the lack we have
poisoning our minds and soul
displaying our
of contentment
of life and loving-kindness
fostering a
which forces us to try to prove ourselves
telling us we need more
increasing our

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Silence Is Too Loud

The voice is held,
the pen is stilled,
the night will not soon pass.
My heart it pounds
while tears abound
as time finds its impasse.

The Prison Of Fear (part 2)

Keeping the prison of fear without folks
would be hard as to count a moving bicycles spokes.

As many go round thinking only of self
not caring for others, leaving respect on the shelf.

They end up with enemies instead of new friends
forgetting the needs that their life recommends.

The stress they create robs the peace from within
giving them thoughts of paranoia and chagrin.

Embarrassed and fearful they collapse on themselves
driving them ever deeper inside of their shells.

Their hearts hardened to others as if it were stone
only to find themselves completely alone.

The loneliness found in these prisons of fear
brings an ache to the heart an from my eye brings a tear.

Is there nothing to do, can we not force a change
I’m afraid there is not as it's out of our range.

They must make their own choice if they want to escape
their prison of fear to life they'll reshape.

The Prison Of Fear

There's a life that is lived
in a prison of fear.
Within it there's no joy
that is what I hear.

In a prison of fear
life seems to stand still.
That is what I hear
it brings on a great chill.

Life seems to stand still
without moving on.
It brings on a great chill
my freedom now gone.

Without moving on
my hope would be fleeting.
My freedom now gone
my heart would be bleeding.

My hope would be fleeting
in that prison of fear.
My heart would be bleeding
someone please sound the all clear.

In that prison of fear
I do not wish to die.
Someone please sound the all clear
before my life passes by.

Giving Brings Receiving

Giving brings receiving,
how is that you ask.
It's really not that difficult,
it's quite an easy task.

A meal to someone hungry
a coat to one who's cold.
Might seem to you no help at all,
but to them it won't grow old.

They'll see that you have tried to help
and gone the extra mile.
With their thanks the magic comes
you'll find that inner smile.

So when you come upon the needy,
set aside your pride.
For as you bow to help them up
you'll feel so good inside.

If We Were All Alike

Our lives are unlike others
in fact they're our own.
It's good that we're not all the same
or how would we be known.

If we all looked and sounded alike
without our own little quirks.
Mistakes we'd make while with our friends
could make us appear as jerks.

You could be thinking it's Harry
while you're talking now to Jim.
Sharing all those common memories
that mean nothing at all to him.

It's not only in the way we look
but also the things that we like.
For without these differences that we have
we'd be eating the same things each night.

You see if we all really did think the same
we would suffer a limited view.
Without that encouragement from one another
we'd never try anything new.

Our lives would just continue
day after day.
Each one then being repeated
just like it was yesterday.

Be glad for all of our differences
and happy we're not all the same.
For if we were as this poem points out
our lives would truly be lame.

Monday, January 14, 2013

What Have We Done

Left by the wayside
the children did suffer.
Many because their parents
were huffers.

But parents weren't only
the ones bringing illness.
Society and greed guilty
because of their stillness.

The lead in the paint
asbestos in walls
wreaked havoc on health.
These folks had big balls.

By placing their stature
and profit first place.
Caring not for the people
their coffers they'd grace.

Even now when they see
kids that they've left behind.
They do nothing at all
as they choose to stay blind.