Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Credit Is Due

Without a heart

Without a conscience

Selfish children
step all over the men
they USE
to achieve their goals

What principles have they

For sale to the highest bidder

They rationalize that the means
are truly justified
as all that matters
is the prize they find at the end

They believe
they're self made

They forget
who made it all possible

They refuse
to share any credit for success

They don't realize
the world has given them a hand up

Where their heart

When did they lose their conscience  


The days of honor
men lie
to achieve power
they cheat
to gain wealth

There was a day
a mans word
was his bond
his hand extended
now paired
with one holding a knife

The backs of others
never safe
when they become
as stepping stones
for the greedy

There was a time
came first
now even they
have become
a means to an end

Where are the men of honor

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Kings Sword

How I remember
the glory of war
men fought face to face
the death toll was the score

The killing fields filled
by a cruel and barbarous hoard
men who were led by their kings
wielding their own sword

Cowards they weren't
the rulers I mean
they road out in front
so that they could be seen

Inspiring their men
leading them on
not using the commoner
as if they were a pawn

Today things are different
the kings don't go to war
they lead from behind
from a safe foreign shore

Sending the soldier
to reap the power they crave
while all the while
they stay huddled in caves

Staying at home they're untouchable
at least that's what they think
but as the death toll rises
respect for them will shrink

Why do these leaders believe
there'll be no consequence
when waging their wars
at the peoples expense

wars were so much more civilized when the combatants had to postpone their fighting because of darkness. putting on a third shift on was such a wonderful way to increase the
productivity of the war machine.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Don't Become A Raisin

The nourishment flowed
from the earth
up through the vine
into the stems
filling the grape
with juices
that define its life
once harvest day arrives
its lifeline is removed
growth ceases
the juice of life leaves
its fruit hardens
its skin wrinkles
its will to live vanishes
it slowly becomes a raisin

Retirement can be great
don't allow your life juices
to dry up

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today Was Going To Be Special

The daybreak was amazing
I sat watching
enjoying that first cup of coffee
the entire eastern sky
filled with orange
moving toward a majestic purple
as my eyes
moved up away from the horizon
it was early
you could still see stars
and the moon
was just setting in the west

There was more to this dawn
than the sunrise
the earth was waking up
to a new day
the sounds of morning came alive
from their evenings rest
the morning dew
dripping into puddles
of its own making
the movement of the birds
as they searched
for their first meal of the day
you would swear that you could hear
the flowers greeting the sunrise
and the grass standing tall to begin
the days growth

There was no question in my mind
today was going to be special

The quiet moments of the morning
often set the stage
for the kind of day I'm about to have
it's a time that reminds me
just how small a part of this world I am
how glorious the Earth really is

Then I realize that as I gazed eastward
there were others
who had seen this day break before me
their hearts
their minds
their thoughts and feeling
almost identical to mine
it made me feel as if each one of us
no matter where we were
were all tiny parts of the same whole
we were all part of each other 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's A Wonderful World

A wonderful day
so nice to see all these people
in harmony with each other
Reid and McConnell sitting together
enjoying a moment
working together
Obama and Boehner
drafting legislation together
with all the people in mind
Israel and Hamas
dining with each other
planning for a joint celebration
of the holy days
it's such a wonderful world I live in
while dreaming

Monday, September 22, 2014

Throwing Stones

They lived on opposite sides of the street
It was common knowledge that there was no love lost between them

One had thrown the stone of Prejudice
The stone thrown back was Disrespect
The next stone he threw was that of Bigotry
The returning volley was the stone of Anger
He then loosed the stone of Hate
That stone was answered with the stone of Loathing

Their war brought death to their families

The stones we throw
Pave our pathway through life
We must choose these stones wisely.

Long Live the Bully ... Till the Bigger One Comes Along

our lives today
they're not so serene
you see bullies exist
they're intentionally mean
they prey on the weak
at times unforeseen
when there's no-one around
who could help, intervene

fear is their weapon
dominance their goal
always they're seeking
to gain more control
forcing others
to play out a role
in their sick twisted way
this makes them feel whole

when will they grow up
when will they learn
for their day, it will come
it will one day be their turn
when a larger and stronger
bully will come
putting them in their place
under a thumb

yet still they choose
to be ever so blind
as to think that it's weakness
when a person acts kind

why must we be living
ever resigned
with no escape
our lives intertwined
with those
who insist on remaining unkind
pushing humanity
ever further behind

the truth is there's just nowhere
that we will find
a life filled with harmony
and true peace of mind
although that is the way
we should all be inclined
sharing some kindness
with the rest of mankind

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The eggs laid upon the milkweed
a monarch worm born
colors so beautiful
there is beauty yet to grow into
a place
and a time
to experience that change
the cocoon
one day it will emerge
after the metamorphosis
a butterfly

The cycle of man too
must morph
become a beautiful adult
with a mind that projects that beauty
his cocoon is spun around him
during hes childhood
he must emerge from his cocoon
for others to appreciate the beauty
that he was meant to share

If one never exits their cocoon,
their time spent within it
becomes wasted
and the world
misses out on their beauty

Thursday, September 18, 2014


when i was young
was our greatest friend
at times
our only playmate

filled the hours
we became super heroes
our favorite ball players
and during the Cuban missile crisis
soldiers ready to hit the air raid shelter

Things were much different then
we had no video games
no facebook

The games we played for the most part
were played out of doors
with neighborhood friends
or board games in the evening
with family

Our social interaction with others
was face to face

The memories of my youth
are truly great
the wonderful times spent
with family and friends

things are different
technology has changed the way
our children grow
our imagination has been replaced
by video games developed by others
family time shortened
by time spent on-line

our lives were communal

our lives have become global

Things have changed since my youth alright
but really, not all for the worse

In Our Spirit

The spirit
present before
and remains
long after
the body
of man

Looking there
for guidance
for wisdom
brings us
our path
for life

An existence
intended to
be shared
in harmony
and peace
with others

We must
pay attention
and practice
the lessons
our spirit
has brought

The wisdom
of ages
the guidance
for life
is there
for us

In our spirit

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Her Beauty

Her beauty was there
for all to see
but it was only those
who opened their ears
that were able to
see her heart

Saturday, September 13, 2014

When It Comes A Knockin'

There upon my door
came this solid knocking
I called out and asked who's there
the answer was quite shocking

Please open up
you must admit me
I'm here now to offer you
a brand new opportunity

If you'll open up the door
your life will surely change
this great big world around you
is what I'll rearrange

You know you want to prosper
have that feeling of great joy
consider it my gift to you
not a greedy selfish ploy

So I opened up the door
and right there from the start
a whole new world had opened up
and entered into my heart

It wasn't a new job for me
nor was it material riches
what I saw was a brand new attitude
with futuristic glimpses

For me a new way of seeing
I'd not experienced before
not quite what I'd expected
when I went and answered that door

I saw a horde of people with needs
they were hungry, cold and poor
an entire world filled with them
just outside of my front door

That's when my heart became quite broken
as I now viewed what was their great pain
why does this still continue
how long will it remain

Someone's got to do something
from this pain please set them free
but wait, it was opportunity knocking
I guess that someone is me

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Moments Aren't Meant To Be Wasted

A mind left asleep
Misses the moments
Where the best of memories
Are born
Leaving behind
A lifetime of sadness
An empty shell
A spirit forlorn

There's no reason why
A person should suffer
Spending their days
With their minds never deployed
If only they'd wake up
Savour the moments
They'd find a life
Filled up with great joy

Don't let them pass
Reach out and grasp
Each moment
They're their for the taking
Engage your mind
You never know what you'll find
Your joy is right there
For the making

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Triple Double

Basketball is such a great sport
accomplishments abound
the triple double is sought after
until it's finally found

But today while out and playing golf
there was one thing that I found
that triple double mentioned above
it's really no way to start a round

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life In A Looking Glass

There in the mirror
a face to behold
yet not recognized
leaving a feeling so cold

He had no way of telling
here staring blankly
who this man was
this face totally empty

It was as if no life existed
in the reflection he saw
had he actually lived
or drawn the short straw

He should have been seeing
an inner spirit alive
but all that he found
was a failure to thrive

A life with no meaning
his days spent in vain
and now in this mirror
nothing but pain