Thursday, September 18, 2014


when i was young
was our greatest friend
at times
our only playmate

filled the hours
we became super heroes
our favorite ball players
and during the Cuban missile crisis
soldiers ready to hit the air raid shelter

Things were much different then
we had no video games
no facebook

The games we played for the most part
were played out of doors
with neighborhood friends
or board games in the evening
with family

Our social interaction with others
was face to face

The memories of my youth
are truly great
the wonderful times spent
with family and friends

things are different
technology has changed the way
our children grow
our imagination has been replaced
by video games developed by others
family time shortened
by time spent on-line

our lives were communal

our lives have become global

Things have changed since my youth alright
but really, not all for the worse

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