Monday, September 29, 2014

The Kings Sword

How I remember
the glory of war
men fought face to face
the death toll was the score

The killing fields filled
by a cruel and barbarous hoard
men who were led by their kings
wielding their own sword

Cowards they weren't
the rulers I mean
they road out in front
so that they could be seen

Inspiring their men
leading them on
not using the commoner
as if they were a pawn

Today things are different
the kings don't go to war
they lead from behind
from a safe foreign shore

Sending the soldier
to reap the power they crave
while all the while
they stay huddled in caves

Staying at home they're untouchable
at least that's what they think
but as the death toll rises
respect for them will shrink

Why do these leaders believe
there'll be no consequence
when waging their wars
at the peoples expense

wars were so much more civilized when the combatants had to postpone their fighting because of darkness. putting on a third shift on was such a wonderful way to increase the
productivity of the war machine.

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