Monday, September 22, 2014

Long Live the Bully ... Till the Bigger One Comes Along

our lives today
they're not so serene
you see bullies exist
they're intentionally mean
they prey on the weak
at times unforeseen
when there's no-one around
who could help, intervene

fear is their weapon
dominance their goal
always they're seeking
to gain more control
forcing others
to play out a role
in their sick twisted way
this makes them feel whole

when will they grow up
when will they learn
for their day, it will come
it will one day be their turn
when a larger and stronger
bully will come
putting them in their place
under a thumb

yet still they choose
to be ever so blind
as to think that it's weakness
when a person acts kind

why must we be living
ever resigned
with no escape
our lives intertwined
with those
who insist on remaining unkind
pushing humanity
ever further behind

the truth is there's just nowhere
that we will find
a life filled with harmony
and true peace of mind
although that is the way
we should all be inclined
sharing some kindness
with the rest of mankind

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