Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today Was Going To Be Special

The daybreak was amazing
I sat watching
enjoying that first cup of coffee
the entire eastern sky
filled with orange
moving toward a majestic purple
as my eyes
moved up away from the horizon
it was early
you could still see stars
and the moon
was just setting in the west

There was more to this dawn
than the sunrise
the earth was waking up
to a new day
the sounds of morning came alive
from their evenings rest
the morning dew
dripping into puddles
of its own making
the movement of the birds
as they searched
for their first meal of the day
you would swear that you could hear
the flowers greeting the sunrise
and the grass standing tall to begin
the days growth

There was no question in my mind
today was going to be special

The quiet moments of the morning
often set the stage
for the kind of day I'm about to have
it's a time that reminds me
just how small a part of this world I am
how glorious the Earth really is

Then I realize that as I gazed eastward
there were others
who had seen this day break before me
their hearts
their minds
their thoughts and feeling
almost identical to mine
it made me feel as if each one of us
no matter where we were
were all tiny parts of the same whole
we were all part of each other 

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