Saturday, September 13, 2014

When It Comes A Knockin'

There upon my door
came this solid knocking
I called out and asked who's there
the answer was quite shocking

Please open up
you must admit me
I'm here now to offer you
a brand new opportunity

If you'll open up the door
your life will surely change
this great big world around you
is what I'll rearrange

You know you want to prosper
have that feeling of great joy
consider it my gift to you
not a greedy selfish ploy

So I opened up the door
and right there from the start
a whole new world had opened up
and entered into my heart

It wasn't a new job for me
nor was it material riches
what I saw was a brand new attitude
with futuristic glimpses

For me a new way of seeing
I'd not experienced before
not quite what I'd expected
when I went and answered that door

I saw a horde of people with needs
they were hungry, cold and poor
an entire world filled with them
just outside of my front door

That's when my heart became quite broken
as I now viewed what was their great pain
why does this still continue
how long will it remain

Someone's got to do something
from this pain please set them free
but wait, it was opportunity knocking
I guess that someone is me

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