Saturday, August 29, 2015


Try to emulate others
no, not on your life
the conflict that builds
brings nothing but strife

Why would I wish to be someone else
is there something wrong with being myself
why go to the trouble of being another
would that not be lying to the world around me

Integrity step aside
no place here for you
the truth is now hidden
under my shoe

The mirror then tells a new story
one of a person I barely recognize
I have to question just who he is
and whether I can trust him for the truth

Is it not truth that builds trust
while lies break it down
those who once smiled as friends
step back now with frowns

The ruination of self
that's what comes with the copy
again I say, be a snowflake
don't be afraid to be different

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's a Sad Life for those Who are Perfect

How sad
knowing so many words
yet when they're put together
the man with no heart
has no understanding of them

I've noticed from time to time
people who pride themselves
on their great level of education
who have never learned to read for understanding
they prefer to nit-pic their way through life
finding fault in just about everything
that surrounds them
no matter what it is
if the structure
is other than what they think it ought to be
life itself
as we know it
must be reset
returned to start
and the rest of us will begin to receive
a reeducation


he misses out on so much of life
the dance of his spirit
to the song in his heart

without heart
there is no song
no dance
and no joy

life passes him by

how can the learned
carry so much ignorance
how can they not see
their own failings

these folks must needs
cast the beam out of their own eyes
before …...........

well you know the rest of the story

Who Do I Read

I was asked the question
“who do I read”
well, there's nobody special
that's not what I need

am I here to seek pointers
no, not at all
the way that I write
it's not been my call

I simply write down
the words that I'm given
then share them with others
you know, the folks who be livin'

so correct if you must
that's if it makes you feel better
punctuation and spelling
right down to the letter

but I won't be changin'
anytime soon
so I hope you don't mind
I'll keep singin' my tune

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Cup is Empty

many today
have begun to squirm
acting as
the lowly worm
as their secrets
begin to unfold
as finally at last
the truth is told
into the ground
hiding their faces
no longer visiting
their common places
ashamed of themselves
for what they have done
by pretending their actions
affect only one
their selfishness
has finally caught up
and what they are left with
is an empty cup


should I change me
to become thee
hell no I say
why can't you see
no two are the same
in life, this game
and if you want that to be
your understanding is lame
we must remain snowflakes
different each one
without that variety
we eliminate fun

so don't worry about style
let me be who I am
I'm not looking for change
only to become one more sham

becoming another
putting me on the shelf
all it would take
is to lie to myself
but that's not what I want
that's one thing I won't do
I must live with myself
before I please you

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I once was rude
but then I learned
I got nowhere
with bridges burned

retracing steps
could not be done
the points I made
had reached no one

my intent was right
to help another
but I'd forgotten
each man my brother

to show respect
with all my words
not slay a spirit
as if with swords

to rebuild a bridge
to regain a trust
one thing I've learned
respect is a must

Philadelphia Fallen

The weak fall
their spirits quenched
words as swords impale their hearts
they roast over smoldering coals
left behind by the unkind

Devoured by their discouragement
they are chewed up and spit out
by a world that simply
just doesn't care

My search for Philadelphia
has found it's populous
has moved away
the city of brotherly love
has fallen