Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Man' Windows

Mans windows
to the world
his senses
open all
for his understanding
and his pleasure
his eyes feast upon
the beauty of the flowers
sun risings and sunsets
the colors of the leaves of autumn
his ears receive
the bird songs from above
and the sound of the babbling brook
his nose takes in
the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee
and the wonderful smells of the bakery
with it's freshly baked breads
his taste buds able to differentiate
the sweets from the savory
allowing him to enjoy the foods
meant to nourish him
and his touch
with its gentleness
not only to feel
but to bestow his love
upon another  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a Name

So, they say they are Christian
but how are they measured
do they act like their Saviour
can they truly be treasured

Or have they wandered away
from so many of his teachings
ignoring his words
it's his intention they're breeching

When you look at these people
quite often you'll find
they've forgotten his love
for all of mankind

Their treatment of black folk
less than human they were
three fifths of a person
not the Christians finest hour

Women had their day
in the churches not equal
again less than human
kind of like a rerun or sequel

Today it's the gays
trans-gendered and bi's
and these same so called Christians
have averted their eyes

Refusing to love
as that man Jesus said
gone to the extreme
of wishing them dead

Where is that love
where is their caring
are todays Christians real
or is just a name they are wearing

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who are Those People

Where is Christ
they told me he was dead
I knocked all the doors
of all the churches
there was never any answer
I guess it's true

Has hope up and left
without him
what will become of the world

Who's that sharing his food
and providing a coat
to that homeless fellow?

Why is that person
giving his shoes
to that bum?

Did I just hear that woman
offer shelter and help with health care
to that pregnant teen with no home?

Do my eyes and ears deceive me
or is that.......

Wait a minute,

How come he's not in the churches?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Beauty of a Lemons Rind Hides the Sour Fruit Inside

I knew this girl, quite beautiful
and of course I thought, she's wonderful
until her mouth had opened wide
the words that she spoke were ever so snide
revealing to me what was deep inside
an ugliness that she couldn't hide
that proved her to be despicable
and made her quite unlovable

I Can Only Hope for that Someday

Both on the street
and battle field
the killings endless
they never yield

While all the talking
gets nothing done
it appears as they kill
purely for fun

I feel as though
I write this in vain
while so many others
continue to suffer their pain

If they who need to
will not listen
however will our words
ever glisten

Yet I'll continue to write
with hopes for tomorrow
that one day we'll wake
with none of this sorrow

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Own Your Own

No need to be threatened
by the beliefs of another
when the beliefs you have
are your own

No need to be upset
by their ideas and words
if yours are truly written
in stone

There's no need to fight
no need to argue
simple discussion
is a much better tone

For then if you talk
and learn from each other
you'll find in the end
you've both grown

Others words, ideas and beliefs threaten not when one truly owns his own.

The Fourteenth at Tomac Woods

I love it
I hate it
it's both my favorite
and least
a long and narrow fairway
lined by marvelous trees
so many different types
the colors
for a moment
cause you to forget how important
a straight drive is on this hole
the leaves in the landing area
tell you it really doesn't matter today
you're here to enjoy the course
wandering through the changing season
even now as autumn has taken full control
the joy playing
brings a smile that remains
ever present

Don't miss a day of it my friends

Don't miss a day!