Friday, August 29, 2014

The People

The needs of the people
why are they not met
where is the compassion
of the government
for its citizens

The future of our nation
is in their hands
yet they allow the nation
to grow weak
through its homelessness and its hunger

To me it's a crime
that the only dime
that they're willing to spend
will find its end
in the pockets of the wealthy
this is not healthy
for once the spending class dies
because of political lies
our nation will crumble
to the third world we'll tumble

All for a people so weak
with an outlook so bleak
our homelessness growing
the government should have been knowing
corporations aren't people
the politicians are the sheeple
only the rich do they care for
it's their greed that they feed more
ignoring the folks
they've been sworn to represent

Let them live in a tent

Money spent on defense
is one of these lies
but again to the contractors
is where they have ties
this is a great failing
of our American congress
but how can you blame them
as war is big business
padding their pockets
feeding their greed
while all the while
ignoring the need

Of the People

The needs of the people
should have come first
yet these folks who are in power
satisfy their own thirst

On the backs

Of the People

When will they learn
will it become far too late
can they turn this around
or have they finally sealed the fate

Of the People

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is There A Bucket For The Homeless

The ALS bucket challenge
now what a great thing
drawing attention to disease
with the hope
a cure it may bring

Truly I'm happy
that this goes around
as each year 5,600
are diagnosed
does that number astound

But my fight is for
for the homeless
they sure could use help
each year 1.6 million children
become part of this mess

Please cure this disease
but please don't forget
the veterans
and families
who have fallen through the net

Friday, August 22, 2014

Can Anyone Love A Michigan Winter

Michigan fairs well
as it always will
though the cold days of winter
can be a bitter pill

Yet they come with rewards
and these can be so divine
down the hall to the kitchen
a fresh cobbler, all mine

The warmth from the oven
the smells baking brings
often in winter
are my favorite things

Fresh bread and muffins
the cobbler mentioned above
cup cakes and pies
with scents that say love

Then on the tongue
all these flavors explode
and you find winter's brought
the great mother lode

There's the stews and soups
the chili, the roast
the great feasts created
of which you must boast

You see those cold days of winter
they're not really so bad
when you take to the kitchen
for more of what you just had

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five Rounds With My Son

Five days of golf
how the needle can change
could it have been
we never visit the range

My son came out strong
he took the first two
we tied on the third
then he won the fourth too

But on the fifth he was owned
as the old man came alive
with an old hickory putter
his game did arrive

Yes my son had been awed
by some shots I had made
out of the rough, over trees
with the slightest of fades

But once the putts started droppin'
for this old man with one eye
all that was left for my son
was to break down and cry

MERCY please dad
you don't have to spank me this hard
it's this 3 wood that's failed me
“don't count that” on the card

Well my son won the overall
the victory was his to claim
but on that fifth day he learned
his old dad still has game

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Story Never Heard

So often passed by
as if they weren't there
by people too busy
that haven't a care

People with thoughts
homelessness is a choice
and that the bum on the corner
should not have a voice

After all they're just druggies
at least that's what they think
and they smell to high heaven
no, it's the heartless who stink

You see there's no way of tellin'
why someone is homeless
but more often than not
their situation is hopeless
when no-one is willing
to give a hand up
and pretend they're not people
these folks need to backup
take the time for to listen
to a story or two
see the world for a moment
as those homeless folks do
the moms with their children
a whole lot of vets
how the hell in this country
do they fall through the nets

Why don't they care
why can't they see
why won't they hear
the homeless and their plea

Are they afraid they'll get dirty
afraid it'll rub off
how I wish that this ignorance
would be soon to die-off

But the voice of the homeless
so seldom it's heard
there's a few who will listen
and their vision's not blurred

They see the homeless as people
just like you and me
with all the same needs
right down to a tee

They stop and they listen
they take time to provide
they know it's their mission
and they don't run and hide

These are the heroes
as they go out of their way
giving all from the heart
as they go about their day

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't Look Back

How could he go on
life was too much
the days of his past
had left a cruel touch

It was never that others
had been abusive
it was what he had done
he could not forgive

When he was young
he'd not answered the call
folks were left wanting
now he felt guilty and small

As he looked back
his pain became great
he was stopped in his tracks
that feeling “TOO LATE”

Guilt had taken him down
depression set in
he'd played the game of life
he just couldn't win

Was it time to give up
cash in his chips
then the strangest thing happened
words came from his lips

Quit looking back
or you'll never move on
life still has purpose
don't sit here withdrawn

Cast your eyes forward
move on, up ahead
there's another who needs you
your life is their bread

Looking back only delays
all the good you can do
stop regretting your past
before it kills you

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How I Wish I had the Answer to the Question "HOW?"

We all have a purpose
that should be practiced in boldness
on this journey we know as our life

Individuals all
with our own given call
to relieve another from strife

In many ways we're all equals
and can often be sequels
continuing the work of another

As they've made a great start
it's been a work from their heart
now it's our turn to lift up a brother

Our hearts will be gifted
as from gutters they're lifted
even if all that can be offered is hope

If for a moment they're able
to see life as stable
it's the one thing that might help them to cope

You see there once was a day
they were working class people
who could afford to live
incomes never this feeble
but the way things have changed
they can't supply for their need
that's been caused by a sickness
known as corporate greed

This life in the gutter
is no way to live
it's the spirit of man
leaking out through a sieve
an end
must be found
if from the street
they're to vanish
it's the cause
we must banish