Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Great Divide

The great divide
religious fanatics
cause it to grow wide
in the name of their god
think they're saving your hide
when in all honest truth
all they do is misguide

The great divide
separates families
groom against bride
splitting up marriage
conversation gets snide
from their stubbornness
that's based on their pride

The great divide
the different beliefs
relationship fried
run aground on the reefs
partners have cried
days together are ending
as this trauma takes them broadside

The great divide
organized religion
cause folks to take sides
rather than bond
total lives are shanghaied
and still they aren't seeing
that the great divide as always has lied

Burgers and Fries

The simple life
of burgers and fries
maybe not the best for your health
but they're a feast for the eyes

The very thought of 'em
just makes ya feel good
whether you're on the road
or at home in the hood

Yep burgers and fries
your waist might despise
but who the hell cares
when you're out with the guys

Go get you some Wendy's
or Micky-D's down the road
Sonic or Five-Guys
let some fat now get stowed

Once you start eatin' some burgers and fries
you're doin' it right
when you let out your belt
and your pants are too tight


It's hidden
what must it be
they don't want me to see
beneath those sheets of bigotry

Eyes that hold flames of hatred
faces twisted in bitterness
hearts that thrive on darkness
why do they worry concerning their faces being seen
if what they do they believe to be right and pure
why are they not proud enough to be known

As a child
there were things my parents said
you cannot do that
so I did “that”
whatever it was that was forbidden
became the target of my curiosity
the most powerful motivators a young one could have
is to forbid something from them

As a child I hid those things
(just as my children did and and all will)
that I did not want my parents to know about
concerning whatever it was I was up to
that I knew they wouldn't approve of

They were forbidden
thus hidden

Today we hide
words of belligerence and of a demeaning nature
flags that inspire the hatred of the past
faces of the bigotry of the so called better than thou crowd
and the truth
of what they do to harm our world

Hidden to deny they exist

These things forbidden
grow in power
taunting us to be part of them
causing more hatred to grow
directed at individuals
who have never caused us any harm

To hide that which is evil
will only cause the evil to grow

Friday, July 3, 2015

The N-word (if you are offended by it, please read something else)

Nigger's a word
that can be used as a sword
and once the pots stirred
our vision is blurred

They say it's so filthy it should never be said
and when it comes out folks go out of their head
said in hate by a white man he could end up dead
but if never discussed we'll not move ahead

Hiding it only gives it more power
a strength that keeps growing with each passing hour
but today our society shrinks back and cowers
with a political correctness that they view as a flower

Hid behind its first letter an N
some cannot even write it not even in pen
but the insult of nigger will ne'er see an end
if it's never discussed by mature adult men

See the racist gets taught when he's really small
by childish men who think they stand tall
harboring prejudice and hate that is always on call
and they practice that bigotry without ever a stall

When will we grow up
will we ever learn
if we keep hiding the issue
we will inevitably burn

Thursday, July 2, 2015



A terrible time for our country
The fear of what was called
the domino effect
Communism would be at our doorstep
if we did not stop the North Vietnamese

It was our own freedom
we were told that hung in the balance

We sent our young men
they fought
many died
others crippled and those who were fortunate enough
to simply make home
became the victims of a nation
that showed no support for the soldier

But the war was not about our freedom

It was about fear

Fear that traveled throughout our government
that we could be next

Of course history now shows
that was not the intent of the North
all they wanted was their country reunified

Our boys came home
the nation turned its back on them
many today still live in the streets
as do present day returnees from the middle east wars

It was the Vietnam veteran
who vowed
never to let another vet go unappreciated

The people have learned
but sadly
the government hasn't

The fear they have now
is the loss of profits
they continue to send
other peoples children
off to war that for these youg men
and now women
holds death and dismemberment
without giving those fortunate enough to return home
proper care and support

Today is so different from yesterday

the people spat upon the returning soldier

it is the spittle of the government that they wear

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Visit

He came
we said our hellos
and the hugs
they were real

Then we talked over a homemade pizza
the crust could have been thinner
the tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil from the garden
they made up for it that crust

Catching up over lunch
just being together again
it's was a wonderful way to pass the moments we had

Seventeen years is a long time
he was so much younger then
no longer the same little fellow we knew
of course Gramma and I
well, we might have changed a little in his eyes as well

It became time to rummage through so many old items
left overs that we had saved from the past
his past

We all have a past
his was a little tougher than most
mom and dad both taken from him
the one in her death
the other imprisoned

He was only five at the time

He never had a chance
this past was thrust upon him
much too early in his life
actual memories may have been few
but the few that made their way to the present
brought with them emotional moments

When he left
he took with him the things that meant the most to him
much too soon for my liking
but I was his age once, I guess I understand

It's hard to part again so quickly
there were so many lost years
but there will be another time
our hearts will forever beat as one
and the hugs will always be real

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time Lost

The time that was lost
delivered its cost
the pain it brought
covered my heart with a frost

This life never fair
others they stare
it's sack cloth and ashes
this garment I wear

They watch as I cry
not one caring why
they all think that I'm crazy
why must children die

So now while I mourn
and sit here forlorn
I have one giant question
why the hell were we born