Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Sides to Every Street

This world of ours in parallel
will only work its way to hell
their fond beliefs will never meet
and war their favorite meal to eat

The evil men they take their toll
always wanting more control
yet these words that they dismiss
will drive us to the great abyss

It's twisted people who find their gladness
by feeding off of another's sadness
how is it they don't know the score
when sending off their youths to war

And it's not only their politics
that seems to need to get in their licks
the religious crowd they want it too
control of the people, that means you

My hope is some day these folks will see
and maybe for a time they might agree
but I doubt the two sides will ever meet
when there are still two sides to every street

The Movie Screen of Memories

Within the confines of the eyelids
the entire cast of life is present
the show that has gone on for these 66 years
that's the show I have the privilege to watch

Privilege might seem a strange word to be used
there were
just as in any other life
the bad times
these were the times I learned the hard way
these were the lessons that had to be remembered
they're the ones that have brought me safely to where I am

You wonder about the good times
those memories are being played on the screen as well
they're the times that gave me a break from learning
everyone needs a break from time to time from the hard lessons

A person will never build the strength without the hard times
to survive in the real world you gotta understand real
and real doesn't come from playing and pretending

Ultimately, it takes all of ones life to make a person who they are
the bad times will always come along with the good
it's the balance of them that makes the difference

The good times
the play
the pretending
can build a body
the outside of a person
and make us physically able

But it is those hard lessons
the bad times as many see them
that builds the inside
the heart and mind
the intestinal fortitude if you wish
that teaches a person how to survive

Children will often play with fire
they are usually told of the danger
an easy lesson has been presented
but the danger never seems to be real
until they are burned by the flame

To learn the hard lessons of life is not often fun
but it is those lessons that protect us from future pain

Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Wonderful The Self Hug Can Be

Arms crossed
hands nestled just below the armpits
so comforting
my eyes close
shutting out the world around me
I rest safe and secure within this self hug
this escape from a world filled with unrest
at least for these few moments

From here I can watch the gentle surf
the waves send the sea up along the beach
the it recedes washing the place where the sea meets the coast

Sometimes I am privileged to the company of the birds
they sing the tales of nature
and I am actually able to understand the lyrics

They call it a babbling brook
I hear the stories of the lands they have passed through
of the people that have sat on its bank
the brook seems to tell me of their conversations
conversations of peace, brotherhood and love for their fellow men

What a wonderful time this can be
sitting back
arms folded across my chest
hands nestled just below my armpits
within this self hug
in the silence of my temporary solitude
watching and listening
to all that should be

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Witnessing the End

The sun rises
it also sets sets
each day passes
with growing threats

A world at war
no peace is found
the people suffer
hope is drowned

The sound of weapons
no sleep at night
rockets and missiles
increase the fright

But this violence is not found
on the battlefield alone
we have these senseless killings
right here at home

Will we see tomorrow
or be dead by dawn
and you ask why
so faces are drawn

This present day violence
should make us mad
but my lack of hope for mankind
is what makes me sad

Can man ever change
can he curb his hate
or have we gone too far
and it's now too late

How many more sun rises
will we see it set one more time
will there be more days to pass
or has man reached the end of his line

Friday, July 24, 2015

Giving Up is Not an Option or This One's For Me

I tried to read
my eyes so tired
the words
not much more than a blur on a sea of white

(did you know that having only one eye
you often cannot see past the floaters)

Occasionally they would clear but the story was all but lost

Do I back up and try again
or just quit
put the book down
give up
move on to mindless entertainment

The imagination is so far more desirable

The pictures the mind can paint
the completeness of the intent of the writer
the book so superior to the movie

(how often the transition of the story is missed
movies seldom do books proper justice)

How I yearn to be able to once again
sit and read for hours on end
allowing the art of the author to take me on a trip
trips that I have missed since that loss

The words have been shared
“never give up”
shouldn't they be remembered in all matters of our lives

I think maybe that it's time to go back and try again

I think, maybe I wrote this for me

Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's All About Lust

Money, power
I gotta get some
if I ain't got the two
I just ain't the one

Week as a kitten
without any claws
what could I ever do
with two useless paws

Just give me the money
I'll buy me that power
I'll hit the ground running
and it won't take an hour

Don't get in my way
as I go on this run
I promise you now
you won't find it fun

I want what I want
I'll do whatever it takes
if it means burying you
it'll take less than two shakes

My lust is for power
you cannot deny me
how can you say that I'm evil
I'll have it, you'll see

The man used to care
his humanity meant all
but his lust for that power
had brought his great fall

There's more to life than power
success is not about money
those statements may seem strange
don't laugh, it ain't funny

Too much money and power
corrupt simple men
erasing their kindness
that they had back then

Often making them monsters
losing sight of who they were
and their pasts, they became
not much more than a blur

No love left in their heart
their humanity lost
not a show of any kindness
lust for power has a cost

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Eagle and His Dinner

Soaring high above the earth the eagle spotted it's dinner.
The rabbit, earthbound was minding to his own dinner
munching on grasses and leaves.
He was unaware of the danger that was far above him

The sharp eye of the eagle,
the silence of his lofty soar
gave the great bird an awesome advantage.
The great hunter dove toward the ground,
talons open,
ready to grasp onto his prey
and in an instant the rabbit was his.

The strong wings carried the eagle and his dinner high into the air.
Far from his nest, seeking the solace of his home to enjoy dinner
he climbed ever higher.
Spreading his wings to ride the thermals he lost altitude.
Again using his strong wings he ascended to the height needed
and again he found himself dropping back toward the ground.

This rabbit that he held onto in his talons
he found to be too much for him to hold onto and soar as he had hoped to.
He found himself struggling to fly.
The great bird began to wonder why he had chosen a meal so large.
The baggage of this rabbit had changed his life.
It was not for the good.