Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Reminder

Another Thanksgiving
and here we are
gathered round the old table
the grandest feast by far

The turkey, the stuffing
yams and mashed taters
gravy all over it
pumpkin pie we'll eat later

Yeah feeding our faces
till our bellies are full
yet still making an attempt
at just one more spoonful

Yes today seems so perfect
all this family and food
and it's thankful we are
for this fall interlude

But there are others less fortunate
who have no houses or homes
living out on the streets
cold and alone

Scrounging for food
and a place to get warm
without all the comforts
we believe are the norm

Please enjoy todays feast
but share when you can
though those folks may be homeless
they're still your fellow man

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

War, Good for Business

War is good
for business you know
there's always
a buck to be made
and the killing of people
increases the profits
as many employees
won't have to be paid

so mothers and fathers
throughout this great land
help build our economy
c'mon, take a stand
send us your kids
that's right, don't delay
kill 'em off for good reason
here at home they die anyway

why die in vain
who knows, with some luck
they could perish quite quickly
saving investors a big buck
spiking the profits
by saving their wage
keeping the rich on the fast track
without turning a page

like I said
war is good business
profit margins
they're great
as long as
there's killing
there will be
pieces of eight

We Can Always Hope

It's here, it's here,
Utopia has arrived
What a wonderful moment
And here I'm still alive

A land of peace
A country of love
A total absence of hate
A gift from above

Long have I waited
For this day to arrive
My hope for its coming
Is what's kept me alive

Finally it's here
This is mans second chance
We can rejoice all together
And to new music we'll dance

Oh how I pray this is real
And this moment is what it seems
That I'm actually awake
And it's not just one of my dreams

Why Not Have Ham

was once for dinner
but the cow said
“eat more chicken”
I saw the turkey
holding a sign
the words
“why not have ham”

These things made me stop
they made me think
these animals wish the demise of another
that attitude sure does stink

Then I looked around
quite embarrassed, AHEM
I'd seen this before
how HUMAN of them

I Can't Save the World Alone

Here I am
trying to save the world
my words
will they make any difference
why write
if no-one's going to read them
why care
when man enjoys his bitterness
his loss
peace, love and joy
his change
must first come from within
reaching one
my hope is that change is contagious
and passed
from one heart to another
a dream
of love spreading to all men

What the Hell's Wrong with People

well it just ain't right
what the hell's wrong
these folks ain't too bright

The violence erupting
won't change anything
the fires, the looting
more brutality will bring

They're hurting themselves
while destroying much good
this world that we live in
is everyones hood

Respecting our neighbors
a thing of the past
never more obvious
than while their anger does last

And that there's the problem
you'll see on both sides
closed minded people
living lives nurtured by lies

The Blacks are all criminals
The Whites all racists
Asians invading
Too many Latinos exist

People today
they're brought up on disdain
and their hate leaves behind them
nothing but pain

Do I have the answer
no, but I can see the cause
it's those closed minded people
who won't give hate a pause

If only for a day
they'd give peace a chance
and walk hand in hand
we could learn a new dance

You might say “FAT CHANCE
your dream will never come true”
well you're probably right
not with your attitude

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just The Way I See It

Though I wasn't there
the truth I'll never know
but the prosecutor
well put on a poor show

A life had been taken
his job was to indict
yet he presented defense
well I guess that's his right

I'm telling you folks
there's just something wrong
when a district attorney
touts a defense song

The killer went free
self defense we were fed
all six shots found their target
to make sure Brown was dead

How is this not murder
because Wilson's a cop
my word, six shots
I guess he just couldn't stop

If he's really that nervous
and afraid for his life
he might be working the wrong job
if it creates that much strife