Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Her Beauty

Her beauty was there
for all to see
but it was only those
who opened their ears
that were able to
see her heart

Saturday, September 13, 2014

When It Comes A Knockin'

There upon my door
came this solid knocking
I called out and asked who's there
the answer was quite shocking

Please open up
you must admit me
I'm here now to offer you
a brand new opportunity

If you'll open up the door
your life will surely change
this great big world around you
is what I'll rearrange

You know you want to prosper
have that feeling of great joy
consider it my gift to you
not a greedy selfish ploy

So I opened up the door
and right there from the start
a whole new world had opened up
and entered into my heart

It wasn't a new job for me
nor was it material riches
what I saw was a brand new attitude
with futuristic glimpses

For me a new way of seeing
I'd not experienced before
not quite what I'd expected
when I went and answered that door

I saw a horde of people with needs
they were hungry, cold and poor
an entire world filled with them
just outside of my front door

That's when my heart became quite broken
as I now viewed what was their great pain
why does this still continue
how long will it remain

Someone's got to do something
from this pain please set them free
but wait, it was opportunity knocking
I guess that someone is me

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Moments Aren't Meant To Be Wasted

A mind left asleep
Misses the moments
Where the best of memories
Are born
Leaving behind
A lifetime of sadness
An empty shell
A spirit forlorn

There's no reason why
A person should suffer
Spending their days
With their minds never deployed
If only they'd wake up
Savour the moments
They'd find a life
Filled up with great joy

Don't let them pass
Reach out and grasp
Each moment
They're their for the taking
Engage your mind
You never know what you'll find
Your joy is right there
For the making

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Triple Double

Basketball is such a great sport
accomplishments abound
the triple double is sought after
until it's finally found

But today while out and playing golf
there was one thing that I found
that triple double mentioned above
it's really no way to start a round

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life In A Looking Glass

There in the mirror
a face to behold
yet not recognized
leaving a feeling so cold

He had no way of telling
here staring blankly
who this man was
this face totally empty

It was as if no life existed
in the reflection he saw
had he actually lived
or drawn the short straw

He should have been seeing
an inner spirit alive
but all that he found
was a failure to thrive

A life with no meaning
his days spent in vain
and now in this mirror
nothing but pain

Friday, August 29, 2014

The People

The needs of the people
why are they not met
where is the compassion
of the government
for its citizens

The future of our nation
is in their hands
yet they allow the nation
to grow weak
through its homelessness and its hunger

To me it's a crime
that the only dime
that they're willing to spend
will find its end
in the pockets of the wealthy
this is not healthy
for once the spending class dies
because of political lies
our nation will crumble
to the third world we'll tumble

All for a people so weak
with an outlook so bleak
our homelessness growing
the government should have been knowing
corporations aren't people
the politicians are the sheeple
only the rich do they care for
it's their greed that they feed more
ignoring the folks
they've been sworn to represent

Let them live in a tent

Money spent on defense
is one of these lies
but again to the contractors
is where they have ties
this is a great failing
of our American congress
but how can you blame them
as war is big business
padding their pockets
feeding their greed
while all the while
ignoring the need

Of the People

The needs of the people
should have come first
yet these folks who are in power
satisfy their own thirst

On the backs

Of the People

When will they learn
will it become far too late
can they turn this around
or have they finally sealed the fate

Of the People

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is There A Bucket For The Homeless

The ALS bucket challenge
now what a great thing
drawing attention to disease
with the hope
a cure it may bring

Truly I'm happy
that this goes around
as each year 5,600
are diagnosed
does that number astound

But my fight is for
for the homeless
they sure could use help
each year 1.6 million children
become part of this mess

Please cure this disease
but please don't forget
the veterans
and families
who have fallen through the net