Thursday, March 26, 2015


Though the days ramble on
and the years move ahead
a mind that grows old
is the one thing that I dread

A mind should stay young
the negative severed
keeping a fresh attitude
that we can cherish forever

Growing old
and growing older
to me they're two different things
the one is as winter
while the other
still spring


Our youth
the pressures they face
children fighting
for acceptance

fitting in with their peers
they strive for
it's a shame
so many have died for

where have we gone wrong
did we sing the wrong song
the lessons we taught
seem to have gone for naught

are we actually failures as parents

is it really our fault
have we pushed them away
what can we do
to help them today

turn this tide
so they've no need to hide
the feelings they harbor
so deep down inside

the hurt that drives them
beyond our hearts reach
unto the point
where their spirit's been breached

how can we help them
bring them back home
help them to feel
they're not so totally alone

get them to realize
that they're loved beyond measure
and here in our hearts
they are the greatest .of all treasure

I ask you
are there answers to this
if not we must find them
yes, that is truly my wish

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Living Longer does not Mean Growing Old

Though I grow older
and closer to death
there's no reason at all
till I take my last breath
that I must act my age
or act as I'm old
I'll pause here a moment
you must find my statement quite bold

Yes I'm living longer
but I refuse to grow old
it's true, older I'll be
but the world I will see
through the mind and the eyes of a child
living my life free and wild
you see, youth
never goes out of style

Saturday, March 21, 2015

One More Lost Veteran Brother

He went away to save the world
at least that is what he thought
his government claimed that it was needed
a great lie that he had bought

But he went and served
then injured came home
where his government bailed
leaving him on his own

His body was broken
his mind had failed
no longer protecting him
he and his madness were jailed

Could no longer find work
losing his family and home
living now on the streets
he'd sit sadly alone

The days would pass by
one after another
till the day that he died
one more lost veteran brother

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Renewal

The sound of the wooden flute
it's as if I'm listening to the song of the warbler
those that visit at sunset
bringing rest and relaxation to the weary

Their song resting on a bed
of an ever present drone
of the didjeridoo
comforts and quiets me

There, the stick
beating on a block of wood
I feel as if there are
droplets of dew
falling from leaves from a tree above me
into a pool of water at my feet

It's as if the water of life
my life
is returning home

As the shamisens strings come alive
I see a field of wildflowers
they wave gently in the breeze
that is brought forth from its music

Peace is mine

Happiness abounds

My spirit is renewed

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Bird in the Cage

The bird
in the cage
each day
woke with rage
squawking till loosed
the man
loved his bird
and his thoughts
often heard
of his wonderment
about its behavior
to what love was
the bird died
became only fuzz
what he couldn't see
was the birds need
to be free

The Evil of Intolerance

The world it is mine
if it is here you wish to stay
one thing to remember
you'll live in it my way
for there is no variance
and no we do not play

You've now heard the rules
what is it that you say
accept or decline
there is only today
it is time to decide
or your body to go on display