Wednesday, July 23, 2014


At a loss for words
he joined the mob
afraid that he'd be next

In that day
it was a crime
a sin against the sect

To take a chance
and risk his neck
not for this common whore

Look at these men
with all this hate
she must have known the score

This was his fault
he'd caused all this
all he wanted was his fun

Somewhere down deep
he knew the truth
she was not the guilty one

His conscience called
his heart then burned
how could he stand this sadness

Stepping forward
he became a man
to stop this utter madness

He showed the mob
how all had sinned
and that none were free of guilt

The mob dispersed
the maiden saved
a new kingdom he had built

Monday, July 21, 2014

For Our Leaders

Your hearts
your compassion
have you become so cold
that you walk on without seeing
the needs of the poor who live on the streets
care not that children go hungry
how can you live like that
where the hell is
your hearts

Your eyes
can you not see
the damage you have done
how your wars have killed innocents
battle fields have moved into the cities
stop the collateral damage
why not give peace a chance
it's time open
your eyes

Your souls
why let them rot
you have defiled yourself
man was not meant to live this way
we're meant to share our love with each other
we were all taught this as children
yet you continue to
to endanger
your souls

Saturday, July 19, 2014

For The Children

I awake, my heart sinks
with each days dawning light
another day of struggle
where our children must fight
many for breakfast
others for warmth
and over there
on the other side
just to survive
another mans war

Why must they suffer
hungry and cold
and the rockets
red glare
these wars
they're getting old
not all are fought battles
but they all threaten life
we must comfort the children
put an end to their strife

These children
they're precious,
but they're also our future
the wounds
quite deep
are in need of a suture

If we fail to make changes
and let them bleed out
the day will come sooner
that man will fade-out


It's time
to stop all this madness
put an end to the wars
put an end to the sadness

Our children should laugh
our children should play
and not have to fight
to survive each new day

Two Four Six Eight Who Do We Appreciate

When not tested
Is seldom understood
By folks who take it for granted
They've no appreciation insulting
The men and women who have fought
Giving their lives for us
That we may have

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have A Nice Day

They told me to have a nice day
I barked at them NO!!!
my mood it was rotten
I just wanted to go
leave them behind me
be alone
by myself
where no-one would see me
bother or peeve me
find my own little corner
away from these bosses
just get away
and suffer the losses
our very world
going to hell in a hand-basket
and these smiling fakes
don't see the returning caskets
our sons
and our daughters
returning from war
their broken dead bodies
that's how politicians keep score
have a nice day
uh-uh, not for them
and as for their families
you've brought them mayhem
stolen their children
for an unneeded war
as if they were nothing but disposables
found in a store
and then there's the others
those coming home maimed
that we should care for
for life
why isn't the government ashamed
always passin' the buck
and tryin' to lay blame
when the truth is
it's all of 'em
it's the political game
so have a nice day
it's thought of too free
at least not today
oh no
not for me

Will This Ringing Ever Stop

Is it my hearing
that suffers

This noise
way too much

Too many voices


Out of touch

No keeping up

all gone

go missing

It's as if curtains
are drawn

Or is it my mind
has it been lost

On the decline

Has age
come with a cost

Every-thing's jumbled
so little makes sense
When people do ask
I can't add my two cents

I think
I need help
I just don't know
of what type

Can technology
fix me
Or have I matured
far past ripe

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't Dwell in Hell

The past has had lessons
some were good others bad
but all of them taught
to bring the life that we've had

They should not be forgotten
as the bad ones have burned
and there's no need to relive them
once the lesson's been learned

So be careful while choosing
where you choose to dwell
the memories you find there
can be a complete living hell