Sunday, October 19, 2014

Own Your Own

No need to be threatened
by the beliefs of another
when the beliefs you have
are your own

No need to be upset
by their ideas and words
if yours are truly written
in stone

There's no need to fight
no need to argue
simple discussion
is a much better tone

For then if you talk
and learn from each other
you'll find in the end
you've both grown

Others words, ideas and beliefs threaten not when one truly owns his own.

The Fourteenth at Tomac Woods

I love it
I hate it
it's both my favorite
and least
a long and narrow fairway
lined by marvelous trees
so many different types
the colors
for a moment
cause you to forget how important
a straight drive is on this hole
the leaves in the landing area
tell you it really doesn't matter today
you're here to enjoy the course
wandering through the changing season
even now as autumn has taken full control
the joy playing
brings a smile that remains
ever present

Don't miss a day of it my friends

Don't miss a day!

The Breaking Down of the Wall

The wall had been built
strong and sturdy it was
it kept the state
from dictating religion

It's purpose to insure
that all men, women too
could believe, or not
worship, or not
in short to have their own faith
and that all may be treated as equals

It was built
to stop the witch burnings
to end the persecution of the baptists
to bestow upon all men, women too
the freedom to have their own faith

The differences were many
folks seemed to get stupid

“There's only one way
and that's mine”

“Laws should be made to
give me advantage”

“After all
can't you see God is mine”

They picked up the sledge
started hammering away at the wall
attempting to mold it, shape it, yes change it
and with all this pounding it started to fall

They were claiming the first
and yes they've that right
what they forgot
was the first was for all
they had picked the wrong fight

Then the fourteenth was born
to bolster the wall
build it back up
to insure to all
their rights be protected
but that wasn't enough
the hammering continued
and the state said


“All have these rights
and you've no right
to deny them”

You claim you're non-profit
you've been given the freedom
to worship and believe as you wish
and in your church build your kingdom

But if you're licensed as business
I know this sounds hollow
but you've really no choice
it's the laws of the land you must follow

You've been given protection
and what did you do
started tearing it down
tell me

Who's encroached upon who?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Don't Miss the Important Stuff

Possessions and people
they'll come and they'll go
while the heart and the spirit
they're a world all their own

It's a world deep within
that's ignored by so many
who concentrate on the surface
only to miss their own beauty

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Earth is Ours, We are the Earth

We are children of the one creator
man has given him many names
but the names matter not
he is simply the ever present

We are all his creation
all of the same substance
I am but a small part of he
while he is all of me

Being one with the earth
the flowers of all colors
and the towering trees
the animals that roam
the forests and prairies

Being one with the seas
the gilled of the deep
the air breathers and shellfish

One with the heavens
the melodious songbirds
those great birds of prey
even the vulture
who displays great beauty in flight

They are all a part of him
all intended to be the answer
to the needs of another
the supply that sustains

He's not hard to please
he only wishes
to be treated with respect
a gentle touch
a soft footprint
use but don't abuse
and share it all
while traveling his paths

We are also the answer
to the needs of another

We are their sustainer

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Gentle Footprint

He had taken care
of each step he took
they were gentle
never destructive

Pebbles along his path
remained in their place
that path left open
no bridge ever burnt
always present
that others might follow
his footsteps

Gardens of flowers
ever fragrant
blessing his life with joy
always groomed
weeded so that others
might also enjoy their beauty

He had been taught in his youth
to respect all things of this world
for all things belonged to all people
to bless each according to their need

Destruction would deny a healing

His footprints were worthy
of being followed

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Winter of Love

It was the dead of winter

A fresh snow had come
that pure white blanket
drifted across the walk
and just off the eves of my roof

The picture was like what you would find
only on a print done by Thomas Kinkade
That stone cottage
in amongst the trees
with a faint warm candle light
coming through its bay window

Warmed by the embers left in the hearth
we had explored each others bodies, minds and hearts
discovered that commonality only soul mates are aware of
we found a world that brought joy to both of us

It was the birth of our love