Tuesday, March 3, 2015


shadowed words
said behind backs
when said aloud
they are often

So much carelessness

These words unheard
leave behind insecurity
they breaks bonds
often forever
ruined lives
are left in their wake

Kindness has no need to be hidden
it is pain that resides in the shadows

Monday, March 2, 2015

My Own Little Private World

music playing

the peace within is extraordinary

alone in a crowded waiting room
isolated as I enter my own little private world

people are in too much of a rush today
way too much
slowing down brings so much joy
lets my mind wander

I sit
and travel
to places that have to be recorded in some way

but how do I paint all that I see
I haven't the words to describe
the places that have been shrouded
by a veil created through
today's rat race

there has always been a mist
blocking me from seeing reality
or was I just hoping that reality
was something else altogether

if I'm not given the words
how can I share these wonders
my inner most self has been attacked
by my own lack of belief in myself

my peace has become threatened
I feel the crowd
it seems as they are closing in around me

they demand that which I cannot deliver

how is it that I must continue to sit and wait
even the music has abandoned me

why must I be required to return
from my own little private world

Ogden Nash a limerick

What we know as a limerick were truly his swan
And over the poet we often did fawn
They were wrote in a flash
By the great Ogden Nash
But it seemed when he died they were gone

The Days of Limericks

The days of limericks
gone with the tide
thought as old fashioned
were they too hard to rhyme
or maybe thought childish
no longer taught in the schools
i hope we're not raising
a generation of fools
even old timers
seem to leave them alone
setting rhyme up with meter
is a skill that they hone
if we'd just write a few
and sharpen our mind
I think a lot of great poetry
is what we would find

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Up From the Embers

The flames do wane
yet the embers remain
there is still life within
a heart filled
with memories
a spirit and soul
warmed by them
my time upon this great blue marble
far from over
there is much yet to see
and hear
they bring new adventures
for the mind
it is as if new wood
has been found
placed upon the embers
creating a new life
from a revived flame

Don't Stop

To sing
and dance
is life
when we stop
our spirit dies

Paradise is in the Heart

Life in itself
can imitate paradise
when one has love in his heart for all
and lives respectful with everyone

Being satisfied with the little things
he will find joy in his heart
and beauty in all that he sees
there is no man more fortunate