Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Reminder of How Things Should Be

The clear morning sky
allows the sun to shine
directly upon the fresh blanket of snow
which was delivered over night

The super bright of the reflection
harsh on my eyes, painful
yet so pure, so wonderful
I have no will to look away

How could I not continue to gaze upon this picture
this beautiful moment will not last long
natures gift to me will soon be spoiled
man's pollution comes with his activity

My hope, call it a prayer
is that on this beautiful morning
man over sleeps
leaving this world untouched for today

Monday, November 17, 2014

Can't You even Spare A Cup of Coffee

As a boy
I played with toys

But as I grew
somehow I knew

Those days of fun
would soon be done

Watching my dad
as he worked for a living
paying the bills
little left for the giving

No we weren't dirt poor
we didn't miss any meals
always a roof over our heads
they didn't seem like big deals

Though we heard of the hungry
we didn't believe they existed
just a ploy to clean our plates
of foods with tastes we resisted

But the poor did exist
yes in the sixties and before
and as I grew in the suburbs
I never knew the real score

You see the city was hidden
Appalachia as well
where I lived we were sheltered
from those conditions of hell

Then one day I woke up
and the poor became real
knowledge I lacked in my childhood
was now a big deal

In this world are the hungry
they are tired and weak
many are cold and sick
as they lie in the streets

How the hell can we let them
go without care
it's not like we're a people
unable to share

If we're such a great nation
with all of our riches
why is it we act as such low

The Green Man

Entering the forest
not really knowing why
I took chance to step upon a worn path

Though shaded beneath the canopy
the way was plain to see

Here and there rays of light
fought their way through the leaves
preventing the theft of my sight
removing the darkness
left behind from the night

The sun seldom dawns on the forest floor you know

The path I was following
was reminiscent of a slalom course
winding its way
through trees which were ever increasing
in their height and girth
taking me ever deeper
into the very heart of the forest

Before me appeared an opening
there was a great abundance of sunlight

As I drew closer
there at the center
I could see what must have been
the mother of all trees

The picture I saw
appeared strange to me
upon its branches
it looked as if there were the leaves
of the oak
of the elm
of the maple
of the birch and beach trees alike
all upon the same tree

My curiosity peaked
it was mixed with
the fear of the unknown

There at the base
of this trees great massive trunk
was the answer to why
I felt the need to enter this great wooded area

I had only heard of the Green Man before
never really believing that he existed

Then to my amazement
he spoke to me

“As the life of all trees are nourished
by the flow of the same life giving sap,
all human life is nourished
through the same blood”

“As all trees are one with creation,
all men are one with the trees”

“All the minute portions of creation
are part of the one whole,
we are all one”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Gift from the Mist

I sat in the shallow cavern behind the falls
gazing out at the fine mist
it was rising above the pool below
I watched as the sun sent forth its rays of light
as they passed through this mist before me
I felt as if I was receiving a gift
sent by morning star
its brilliance
excited the millions of prisms
contained within the tiny water droplets
causing colors to burst forth
displaying the most glorious rainbow
more spectacular than I had ever witnessed before
all those wonderful colors
coming together
to make the whole of this vision in the mist
it was then that I realized
today this rainbow
that I was given the privilege of viewing
was not the promise spoken of
instead, it was a message
that all men
of all colors and races
of all faiths
believers or not
gay and straight alike
whether they're rich or poor
must at one point
all come together
if we are ever to be whole
for within us
it is the same river of life
being pumped through our bodies
by our hearts

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Poets Nightmare

Was that all there was
could he really be done
it was becoming like work
no longer fun

It once was a joy
the rhymes came so easy
but lately a burden
leaving his stomach quite queasy

It was upsetting as hell
when he couldn't find words
like as if freedom was across the river
and he could not find the fjord

He was stuck on this side
as if a curtain had been drawn
yet he knew he couldn't quit
yet there was no way to move on

It was a terrible feeling
being trapped there in limbo
having so much in his heart
and so little to show

Was it time to give up
time for him to quit writing
what would become of his life
it was a time that was frightening

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Plains

The plains
travel is smooth
little stands in the way
progress through life is made easy
there are few challenges or pit falls here
personal growth held to limits
we tend to grow lazy
why remain in
the plains


low points of life
what purpose so they serve
they were not meant to weaken us
these fertilized basins feed your spirit strength
faith needed to face your mountains
rest for your very soul
do not fear the