Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Winter Has Changed

Growing up in Connecticut
I cannot help but remember how wonderful
the winters of my youth in Bloomfield were

Sledding the hill behind Daniel Boulevard
skating on backyard ice when there was no ride to Filley Pond
playing hockey at that small pond down at the end of the street
and digging out igloos from the piles of snow dad had shoveled from the driveway

It was always a challenge to try and walk on top of the crusted over snow
each step taken with care as not to break the surface

There was the time as a boy scout we pitched tents in the snow
what a camp out
even though it was only one night as I remember
my dad was the scout master
he had built the fire
and then a wall of aluminum foil behind it to reflect heat back toward us
good thing there wasn't a lot of wind that night

Even the snowball fights brought joy and laughter
well providing I didn't get hit in the face

It's these memories are what makes me love winter
even with it's cold and snow

As I've grown and now live in a small town in Michigan
I've learned to appreciate winter in another way
there is a beauty that cannot be found at other times of the year

Though it brings possible danger
the ice storm that comes overnight
places diamonds before my eyes upon the tree branches
when the sun rises the next day

There is the super frost
it comes when the air is almost unbreathable
so crisp and cold yet so beautiful

Waking to the morning sun
shining down upon a fresh snowfall
before anyone has disturbed it with their foot steps
a purity displayed like no other

Yes winter has been harsh this year
I have probably shoveled more snow than ever in my life

Some might call it the worst winter ever

To me it has been one of the best

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There's a human trait
we oft try to hide
that's not letting out
what we harbor inside

Emotions stay hidden
so as we not appear weak
our words become guarded
with those that we speak

We want to look strong
appear as we're stable
regardless of cost
so we don't garner a label

That label unstable
bringing other folk's jeers
delivering to us
one of our most basic fears

That lack of acceptance
those friends who will leave
bringing us heartache
is what we believe

It's this lying to self
we must always avoid
as we cripple our hearts
without emotions deployed

Time and Tide

Time waits upon no one
in its passing we find little
to be permanent
for with time also comes
the tide
high and low
offering an ever changing shoreline
as waves crash upon our beaches

During the low we find many
who write in the sand
others who build their castles
knowing full well
that the tide will change

It matters not
that the writings contain words
of pain or of love
the tide will carry them out to sea

It matters not
if the castle is built
large or small
in the end the sea dismantles them

Whether roses or rubbish
the changing tides
alter the face of our beaches
it is the nature of the sea

Though time and tide
wait for no man
they are ever changing

heals all wounds
it also brings sorrow

ravishing or lives
yet able to wash away our pain

Lives that are filled with pleasure
others that are filled with pain
all become subject to them

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Do They War

Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart more than to live amongst people who can't understand it. ~ Ali Ibn Abi Talib

They had no knowledge
of just how vast a world
they were part of was
no understanding of the love
found among the peoples
outside of their tribe

Their lives
allowed only for war
the desolation of their neighbor
no mercy shown
any form of kindness
was seen as weakness

Their wars continued

The world outside Wept!

The Optimist

My days I find so bright so clear
it seems that life is full of sheer
there's always blessings round the bend
and never a worry or problem to mend
my time has come this is my fate
there's nothing I don't appreciate
such a wonder it is
I see
to be my life

Life is kind it's always fair
as if I'm honored within the lair
as the guest of a cougar
as she's nursing her cubs
it's natures love she shows in the flesh
I know man can learn and start life afresh
I have no fear
I know
there's always a way

Why me
What have I done
That I should live
A life with so much fun
I always do see
A life filled with joy
It's all of the the fun
I knew as a boy
I just love to view
With positive eyes
A world filled with happiness
Life's only true prize

The Pessimist

My days I find so dark so drear
it seems the end it must be here
there's always trouble round the bend
and never a cure or way to mend
my time has come this is my fate
there was no way to satiate
this vast depression
I see
to be my life

Life so unkind it's never fair
as if I'm trapped within the lair
of a great cougar feeding cubs
or stuck within the thorny shrubs
the pricks the teeth piercing flesh
why can I not start life afresh
I'm so lost
I fear
I'll never find my way

Why me
What have I done
That I should live
A life void of fun
Teach me to see
A life with joy
Show me the fun
I knew as a boy
Help me to view
With positive eyes
A world filled with happiness
Life's only true prize

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Just Don't Pay

I noticed a man
the other day
he was pushing others
out of his way

He could have passed by
without giving a shove
yet he pushed on past
empty of love

His attitude showed
by the scowl on his face
warning all others
they should all know their place

Below him of course
and out of his way
if they hindered his progress
there'd be Hell to pay

He continued on
thinking he was a king
pushing past others
but he'd forgotten one thing

There's always another
bigger and stronger
who'll send you back down
and you'll be king no longer

Well this guy done met him
and took a great fall
then went looking for help
from any and all

But there was no help
you see nobody cared
all his past unkindness
had everyone scared

Then he hit bottom
and the one thing he did find
was that it really don't pay
to treat others unkind

Friday, February 21, 2014


a place of hidden knowledge
if a man remains awake
he will be enlightened
if he chooses to sleep
while the light is shining
he will remain
in darkness

The Unwanted Visitor

I was paid a visit
the other day
he barged in on me
is what I should say

He claimed to love all
that's what he said
then to my surprise claimed
Gays ought to be dead

He might have been
from that Westboro church
who want to leave citizens
out in the lurch

Then he began
to talk of Arabs
wishing they'd flake off
they were nothing but scabs

Then of the Asians
don't ever forget that war
them and their women
weren't nuthin' but whores

I wanted to stop him
but he just went on
it was time for Hispanics and Blacks
to join his hate throng

Told me how evil
our fighting men were
telling me how
I knew not the score

Well I refused to yell
no I wouldn't get mad
offered him lunch
it was all that I had

Then once he had left
yes he had been fed
I sat in the front room
shaking my head

I couldn't get over
his claim of great love
telling me how it had
come from above

The hate that he showed me
said he just ain't what he claimed
cause his kind of thinking
leaves a world that's been maimed

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wipe Your Feet

There came a knock at my door
It's always hard to not answer
You never know what might be missed
This day hate came to visit
As I opened the door he entered
He failed to wipe his feet
What good would that have done
He cared not who he encountered
It was now too late
I had already seen him
I saw him for what he was
Learned from him
His seed had been planted within me
If I were to water that seed
It would germinate
More hate would grow
Before I pass through the door
There is one thing I must remember
Wipe my feet
Before I leave

Mountain Climbing

Not every mountain is worth the time and effort it takes to climb: Walk around some. ~ Cindy Cummings Johnson ~

The mountain was there
what could I do
it had beckoned me to face it head-on
the gauntlet had been cast
the challenge set
life on the other side would change forever
all I had to do was to climb it
conquer it
make it mine


Each mountain has it's own personality
who would it be that I would meet
they can both be found in the mountains
sharp rock, steep cliffs and open fissures
yet marvelous viewing
and the knowledge that I could make it
not only to the top
but to the other side


Would I have the strength to climb
the conviction to continue
the confidence to begin
in the first place


These questions hounding me
I fear that my strength will fail
my conviction will not be enough
where is my confidence

Why not just walk around
I could avoid the danger
but I would miss the blessing

The mountain is my life
if I do not answer the challenge
I shall never learn to live

Half Truths

There are those
who tend to exaggerate
while others
leave out quite a bit

Facts left out
ignore the whole truth
as the tellers
really don't give a shit

Half truths
betray a mans trust
they're something
I've grown to despise

To me anyways
when you hide the whole truth
you've given me
nothing but lies

There are many facts that many may share while denying the whole as their knowledge is limited. The whole truth requires all of the facts. ~ Khalil Gibran ~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Embellished Truth

Where art thou
Buried beneath some wild
Must we dig
To find you
Must we strain you
Through a sieve
To know you
How is it that you hide
What is wrong inside
That you must appear
Larger and more interesting
Than you actually are
Are you that insecure
Is there no trust
That you
Will be believed
If you stand on your own
To mine own self
Be true
Should be your cry
Is no more than
A lie

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I must not venture out this day
it is much too cold
the roads and walkways iced over

It is not a good time to travel now
the rains are here
I could get stuck in the mud

How can I go out with this heat
the sun is merciless
dehydration and burns are there to greet me

I must keep me home not step out now
the wind blows fierce
how could I stand in it without being knocked off of my feet

Why does everybody ask how long I have been chained to this wall

Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't Let Your Mind Grow Old

tired and weak
sleep so broken that it brings no rest
aches and pains of age
grow stronger with each day
memory failing
recognition of family members
nonexistent on the bad days
poor on the good ones
a feeling of being totally lost
while never leaving the chair
life was grand
courting the wife
having a family
laughing and playing with the children
as they grew
watching them grow to adulthood
start families of their own
and again laughing and playing
this time with the grandchildren
but they're no longer here
what is this place
there is a great hunger inside
but there is no way to feed it
they're all gone
dementia stinks

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teachers With Lessons That Shouldn't Be Learned

How marvelous a teacher
the bigot makes
the racist twists and turns
that he takes

The way he goes about
hating all gays
and displaying all
his misogynist ways

He's a fine human being
at least in his eyes
living a life
molded from so many lies

Yes there's a great lesson
from the bigot to learn
we should study his ways
then from that life we must turn

The intolerant
another grand teacher for us
no patience like Job
it's been thrown under the bus

Not able to wait
for another to learn
he'll show you his anger
truly a cause for concern

Now what of the unkind
what do they teach
with total lack of respect
there's not a soul they can reach

Bringing pain with them
to even those that they know
hurting hearts and spirits
wherever they go

The loud and the boisterous
who must always be heard
constantly seeking attention
his teachings absurd

The religious fanatic
with all of his veal
insisting that his way
is how you should feel

These folks you see
great teachers they are
but lessons learned from them
are the most hated by far

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Fool

We look at others
Seeing their faults
Seldom seeing our own

Judging them
In ways that hurt
Crying foul when that treatment comes home

Criticize the way
They're raising their kids
What kinda job did we do with our own

The church they attend
My God it's so wrong
Where's their faith in the things of unknown

They party too late
Their music ain't right
They got lousy friends
her clothes are too tight

Their sons hair is too long
He ain't cut his grass for two weeks
Their daughter should dress like a lady
they ain't nuthin' but freaks

What. I'm busy
Woman leave me alone
I'm watchin' those idiots
Across the street, yeah they're home

those folks over there
God ought to condemn
All I can tell ya is
I'm glad I ain't nuthin' like them

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Beauty's A Beast

whites are all thought as racist
for the bigotry of the few
blacks just a bunch of criminals
because of what a couple did do
them browns are a bunch of deadbeats
true a few children have been left behind
and the yellow folk attacked pearl harbor
do you remember what entered our minds

now hold on just a minute
why is it the case
when other aren't like us
we blame it on race
painting the world
as a terrible place
and label mankind
as an awful disgrace

it's not been the whole
it's really the few
that push folks to anger
cause them to stew
once gone this far
so hard to undo
our world becomes ruined
for me and for you

our world once a beauty
has become such a beast
ignoring the good of the many
and report the bad of the least
it's the media frenzy
a veritable feast
more dollars flow in
as their ratings increase

i'm tellin' you folks
this is really bizarre
it's one tiny portion
that's defined who we are
mankind hasn't truly
fallen this far
this beauty's a beast
because of one little scar

Monday, February 10, 2014

darkness cannot stand in the light

where there is light
darkness fades
knowing that it cannot exist
in the presence of pure light

when we allow this light
to flicker or fade
darkness attempts
to creep in as a thief

it brings with it a veil
to block our view
of all that which the light
has shown us to be good

to blind us from truth
to obscure reality
to steal from us
our happiness and our joy

to deliver
sorrow and depression
driving us away from
our faith and hope of tomorrow

tomorrow will come
with it the sun
the light again shine
the day will be thine
just step to the east
the sunrise offers a feast
look up you will see
the darkness will flee

when we keep
the light on
in our heart

Twins Of The Heart"

Joy and sorrow
the twins of the heart
where one leaves off
the other does start
seeming so different
they're two parts of the whole
one with the other
they make up our soul
the sorrow burns deep
like we can't take anymore
carving it's way
to our very core
but the hole that it opens
although meant to destroy
has really made room
for an abundance of joy

dark hearts

hearts turned evil
men turned dark
as the light of all that is good
leaves them
love and caring
compassion for those around them
not only from their hearts
also from their minds
the knowledge of the needs of others

“i've got mine
go get your own
quit wasting the my air”

made not born
are they who speak
words so empty
of empathy toward
members of mankind

without love

of hate

without humanity

have these people sunk deeper
lower than the slugs
we find while working the garden
even they serve men for good
aerating the soil that it may produce
meaningful life
renewing it
from stagnation

“why should I
help them up
out of their gutter”

it is the same blood
that flows in their veins
as yours
they are
your brothers
your sisters
not crawling on all fours

they are people
they're like you and like me
they've a simple wish
food, shelter and free
no longer to ache
no longer alone
a body made healthy
not mere flesh and bone
they want to belong
have a feeling of worth
a simple hand up
will help them go forth
become once again
the men they once were
we can help save their bodies
that's what our hearts were meant for

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bein' You Is Cool

You gotta follow your heart
you gotta be yourself
don't allow this life you got
to be rottin' on the shelf
get up off your ass
you best not hesitate
if you ain't gonna do it
it could end up way too late
it ain't really all that bad
to think somebody is cool
but if you livin' as them
you gonna look like a fool
see folks they ain't that stupid
they can always spot flake
the rep that you'll end up with
is you ain't nuthin' but fake
kinda like this style
for me it's real tough
but gettin' these words to some
I try writin' this stuff
but your life it's too precious
you only got one
so go out and be yourself
for a change have some fun

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Real You

The real you
one day will wake up
to know
just how much
easier it is
to go with the flow

How a life
with less stress
can deliver such pleasure
the amount of which
simply cannot
be measured

A heart
that beats easy

A mind
that is clear

A person
at peace

There's nothing
to fear

When you constantly fight
to become someone
you're not
your lie to yourself
ties your guts
in a knot

Don't be afraid
to become
the person you are
being true to your heart
will be much better
by far

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Walking Karma

We walk through life
on a chosen path

Todays karma
is a product of yesterday

depends on today

Reaping what we've sown
is unavoidable

Our path must be chosen
with care

In Rictameter Form

We walk
throughout our lives
on a chosen pathway
our karma produced yesterday
tomorrows is determined by today
we reap in life that which we sow
there's no hiding, we must
take care of how
we walk

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dance For Your Pants

For some
the dance
is in their words
for others in their motions

But either way
this game they play
their one main hope
is to win the day

Come out on top
the victor be
to win the prize
so all may see
there's none like them
there will never be
anyone else as sly
just wait, you'll see

You see winning
isn't just a game
for these who duel
it's their claim to fame

Beware my friend
if you decide to dance
if you're not very lucky
you could lose your pants

Whose Dues Are We Paying

Other folks
have their own pair of shoes
if we've not walked in them
we've not paid their dues

Judging them
isn't really our place
for all they might need
could be a simple embrace

A moment of time
a kind word or two
a little attention
just may resole their shoes

Lifting their burden
their pain you'll erase
giving them hope
and a smile on their face

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Time To Sample The Nectar

Sticks and stones
though one breaks bones
those words they slice much deeper

For careless words when they are spoken
cause others hearts to become broken
these words they're far more dangerous than swords

It no longer seems our fashion
to treat folks with compassion
seems to be the trend that most don't care

The treatment of others has grown coarse
folks live like this without remorse
I have to wonder do they even care about themselves

But those who care they're a special breed
they'll even cater to the need
as a whipping boy for those who would abuse

It's not themselves they think about
that's not what brotherhood's all about
to survive in this world we need each other
treating each as if a brother
my hope is some day that we wake up
to learn to drink from that one cup

Containing a nectar known as



This world
filled with anger
people across this earth
holding a bitterness within
for the lack of the attention they hope for

These people
never content
to live their lives
without trying to make others
as miserable as they are

They claim
they're not angry

They swear
they harbor no bitterness

They deny
their miserable existence
They claim
to be happy

The real shame is
they are happy

As long as they can
make another miserable
as long as they can
push others to their limits
as long as they can
make themselves feel superior

They are happy

Finding joy
in the misery of others
only requires
that a man have no heart

Pushing others
unto the point if despair
gives them
a feeling of power

Their belief
that they are superior to all others
will eventually
leave them old and alone

A sad existence
never realizing
caring for others
is caring for self

These people
filled with anger
all across this earth
who hold bitterness within
will find what they seek

Only when they learn


Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day

So much beauty
Just outside the window
A fresh snow falling
Shutting down travel for the day
An opportunity not to be overlooked
I accept the peace this day delivers

The feeder that hangs there
Just outside the window
Collects snow upon its roof
providing so much entertainment
More than the birds visiting
But also the reactions of the cat

Those same birds
Pictures of true freedom
Cause me to wonder
Yet each time thoughts begin to take form
My eyes are drawn out the window
To the beauty of the falling snow

Today is a day to relax

It's a beautiful day