Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Beauty's A Beast

whites are all thought as racist
for the bigotry of the few
blacks just a bunch of criminals
because of what a couple did do
them browns are a bunch of deadbeats
true a few children have been left behind
and the yellow folk attacked pearl harbor
do you remember what entered our minds

now hold on just a minute
why is it the case
when other aren't like us
we blame it on race
painting the world
as a terrible place
and label mankind
as an awful disgrace

it's not been the whole
it's really the few
that push folks to anger
cause them to stew
once gone this far
so hard to undo
our world becomes ruined
for me and for you

our world once a beauty
has become such a beast
ignoring the good of the many
and report the bad of the least
it's the media frenzy
a veritable feast
more dollars flow in
as their ratings increase

i'm tellin' you folks
this is really bizarre
it's one tiny portion
that's defined who we are
mankind hasn't truly
fallen this far
this beauty's a beast
because of one little scar

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