Monday, February 10, 2014

dark hearts

hearts turned evil
men turned dark
as the light of all that is good
leaves them
love and caring
compassion for those around them
not only from their hearts
also from their minds
the knowledge of the needs of others

“i've got mine
go get your own
quit wasting the my air”

made not born
are they who speak
words so empty
of empathy toward
members of mankind

without love

of hate

without humanity

have these people sunk deeper
lower than the slugs
we find while working the garden
even they serve men for good
aerating the soil that it may produce
meaningful life
renewing it
from stagnation

“why should I
help them up
out of their gutter”

it is the same blood
that flows in their veins
as yours
they are
your brothers
your sisters
not crawling on all fours

they are people
they're like you and like me
they've a simple wish
food, shelter and free
no longer to ache
no longer alone
a body made healthy
not mere flesh and bone
they want to belong
have a feeling of worth
a simple hand up
will help them go forth
become once again
the men they once were
we can help save their bodies
that's what our hearts were meant for

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