Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time and Tide

Time waits upon no one
in its passing we find little
to be permanent
for with time also comes
the tide
high and low
offering an ever changing shoreline
as waves crash upon our beaches

During the low we find many
who write in the sand
others who build their castles
knowing full well
that the tide will change

It matters not
that the writings contain words
of pain or of love
the tide will carry them out to sea

It matters not
if the castle is built
large or small
in the end the sea dismantles them

Whether roses or rubbish
the changing tides
alter the face of our beaches
it is the nature of the sea

Though time and tide
wait for no man
they are ever changing

heals all wounds
it also brings sorrow

ravishing or lives
yet able to wash away our pain

Lives that are filled with pleasure
others that are filled with pain
all become subject to them

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