Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This world
filled with anger
people across this earth
holding a bitterness within
for the lack of the attention they hope for

These people
never content
to live their lives
without trying to make others
as miserable as they are

They claim
they're not angry

They swear
they harbor no bitterness

They deny
their miserable existence
They claim
to be happy

The real shame is
they are happy

As long as they can
make another miserable
as long as they can
push others to their limits
as long as they can
make themselves feel superior

They are happy

Finding joy
in the misery of others
only requires
that a man have no heart

Pushing others
unto the point if despair
gives them
a feeling of power

Their belief
that they are superior to all others
will eventually
leave them old and alone

A sad existence
never realizing
caring for others
is caring for self

These people
filled with anger
all across this earth
who hold bitterness within
will find what they seek

Only when they learn


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