Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Winter Has Changed

Growing up in Connecticut
I cannot help but remember how wonderful
the winters of my youth in Bloomfield were

Sledding the hill behind Daniel Boulevard
skating on backyard ice when there was no ride to Filley Pond
playing hockey at that small pond down at the end of the street
and digging out igloos from the piles of snow dad had shoveled from the driveway

It was always a challenge to try and walk on top of the crusted over snow
each step taken with care as not to break the surface

There was the time as a boy scout we pitched tents in the snow
what a camp out
even though it was only one night as I remember
my dad was the scout master
he had built the fire
and then a wall of aluminum foil behind it to reflect heat back toward us
good thing there wasn't a lot of wind that night

Even the snowball fights brought joy and laughter
well providing I didn't get hit in the face

It's these memories are what makes me love winter
even with it's cold and snow

As I've grown and now live in a small town in Michigan
I've learned to appreciate winter in another way
there is a beauty that cannot be found at other times of the year

Though it brings possible danger
the ice storm that comes overnight
places diamonds before my eyes upon the tree branches
when the sun rises the next day

There is the super frost
it comes when the air is almost unbreathable
so crisp and cold yet so beautiful

Waking to the morning sun
shining down upon a fresh snowfall
before anyone has disturbed it with their foot steps
a purity displayed like no other

Yes winter has been harsh this year
I have probably shoveled more snow than ever in my life

Some might call it the worst winter ever

To me it has been one of the best

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