Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Got Words?

For those who write
but have no words,
an emptiness abounds.

They receive no inspiration
from anything they see
nor from surrounding sounds.

Their lives is seems
are put on hold
for their heart is in their words.

It's through their sharing
they help others across
as their poems offer up the fords.

This is how people help people
throughout their lives
holding them up
giving them hope
words of encouragement
words of comfort
this is what we share
with our words
this is how our words
makes us feel useful
this kind of usefulness
we live for

Your Choice!

There is a road less traveled
that seems hidden from us
we just follow our friends
and jump on their bus
forgetting our wants
ignoring our needs
blindly following along
as we succumb to their pleads
they're high on their joy
while we sit in our gloom
ignoring the fact
our happiness is entombed
we've forgotten ourselves
and the joy we deserve
traveling their road
leaning in as they swerve
so why don't we travel
a road of our choice
experiencing joy
gaining a voice

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beginning of the Road to Destiny

The idea that we are what we think
can be good
can be bad
our road can be smooth
or filled with pot holes
it is with our thoughts
we form words
they can be pure
they can be vile
these words
then become actions
and these actions form habits
our habits mold character
and our character
is who we become
it is who we are
and how we are seen by others
was this our destiny
birthed in our thoughts
raised in our words
grown up through our actions
is this who we are supposed to have been
or is there a better us
still hidden within

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The words gone
loneliness arrives
emptiness follows
sadness and depression take over
no escape
joy hidden so far away
one cannot find it
the torturous day goes on
seemingly with no end
will sleep come to hide it
even for a short while
or simply amplify the emptiness
could waiting another day be the answer
I hate having to be patient
I hate waiting
I want my words now
while I can still share them

Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaf Season - if you're a golfer, you already know where this is goin'

I'm hitting the ball straight
it's flying right down the middle
but I need ya'lls help
someone please get a fiddle
for there's good news and bad
here in Michigan this year
yes we're still playing golf
but leaf season is here
so the help that I need
is just finding the ball
it's right there in the fairway
sometimes I hate fall

Somebody's Been Telling Stories

Rationalization is something
folks like to be using
when the facts
of the matter
are outright refusing
to support
the way
they think
things ought to be
and way down deep
it's the only way that they see
that the world that's around them
keeps turning
their minds goes on burning
denying further learning
for they know they cannot be wrong
and they've been right all along
so they make up a story
to restore personal glory
and avoid the disgrace
in an attempt to save face
when they see in their mind
and they realize and find
they've been mistaken
that they were wrong
all along


Do we care what we say
Do we care who we hurt
Do we care for others at all

For the words that we use
When they're meant to abuse
Will only cause others to fall

Our words should be chosen
Only after we think
With an effort that they do not offend

Although we think they're amusing
With the words we are using
It's someone's life that we often upend 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Handle Your Hairpins With Hope

The road of life
brings many curves
when hope is present
the curves are gradual
with confidence

When hope wanes
the curves become
stress driven
taking you
to the edge
where control
can easily be lost

Without hope
your journey
on this road
can lead you
a place of

Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't Walk Away From Yourself

You've walked away
From who you were
In order to please another
Now you're wondering why
You're feeling empty inside
Thinking it should have been worth the bother

So what the feelings were hidden
So what the emotions suppressed
All you wanted was their acceptance
You tried to be who you thought they wanted
But what they saw
Was disingenuous

A heart now broken
A life now ruined
All because of a little lie
And yet you wonder
Why all you want is to lay down
And just simply to die

Can Happiness Be As A Candles Flame

A candle
With wick aflame
Sheds light
Into the room
The light increases
When it's fire
Is shared
And yet it's life
Is not decreased
It remains
Sharing it's light
With all the other candles
Continuing to illuminate
The room
Chasing the darkness
A thousand other candles
May be lit from this one
They in turn
Can share their fire
With a thousand more
The flame then can burn

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Road To Joy

The road to joy
Is found within
Where no man
Can destroy it

The road to joy
Is found within
Where the world
Cannot deny you

The road to joy
Is found within
Where only you
Block your way

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Key Is Within

The key is within
Where no man can plunder
If you don't give it up
They can't steal your thunder

No matter what's needed
You've got it inside
No reason to give up
No reason to hide

The strength that you have
It was present at birth
On it's own it won't leave you
It gives you your worth

When a man sets his mind
And his heart on a task
With his key the door opens
And that's not much to ask

It's A Man Made Hello We Live In

What if
there was no covetous greed,
I believe for religions
there would be no need.

Greed is often for power
and sometimes for wealth
and when overzealous
extremely bad for our health.

Desiring, groping
always for more
attacking our spirit
leaving it poor.

Gone to the point
where our means become crimes
bringing this world
to the worst of it's times.

But if
there was no covetous greed
and we find satisfaction
in that which we need.

The theft would then stop
the killing as well
and we might not be living
in this man made Hell.