Thursday, June 13, 2013


The trails of our lives have taken us places
that we would never have guessed.
Some of them not quite so pleasant
others leaving us felling quite blessed.

Often as a child they'd led to the sandlot
or playing some round ball next door.
The trails of our youth they were molding us
leaving us wanting to return just once more.

Adolescence came along a new trail came to view
it was a time of discovery with brand new ideas.
We were young, sometimes foolish
and wouldn't you know it most often without any fears.

As we grew new trails opened to the service or college
for us it was now time to choose.
Although these new paths were not set in stone
we knew at that time we hadn't a moment to lose.

These new trails would then take us
to whom we’d become.
Growing up became scary
not knowing the outcome.

We had chosen a trail and it was now ours
with twists and turns often quite hard to swallow.
Nevertheless we'd grow strong
as this trail's lessons would never be hollow.

For all that we learned along our life's trails
has brought us here to the present.
They've molded and shaped us guided and taught us
making us the person that we did reinvent.

The trails of life
they've brought us much pleasure.
Even the down times
are times we should treasure.

These trails we have followed
have taken us far.
For without both the good and the bad
we'd not be who we are.

The trails that you followed
were there for you to awaken.
So celebrate your life
and the trails you have taken.