Friday, January 31, 2014

My Kingdom For A Smile

His rule was iron fisted
his subjects lived in fear
his wife and children hated him
no one dared to come too near

His knights they did stay loyal
defending all his land
ever living in the shadow
of the executioners hand

It was as he had no people
it was a feeling very strange
all this land and not a soul
with a smile to exchange

Throughout his kingdom he found no love
as he traveled mile after mile
with just one thought upon his mind
my kingdom for a smile

Monday, January 27, 2014


Wind blowing
snow flying
drifts growing
temperatures falling
schools closing
work places shutting down
folks being asked to stay off of the roads
the grip of winter this year is harsh
the cat has decided to imitate the bear
the dogs trips outside are short
she's not even circling to find her spot
the out of doors
is no place for man nor beast
it is warm
the sweet scent of apple cobbler
the wonderful aroma of almond bread
they grace our senses as they bake
the harshness of winter
has not come
without its blessings

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Brook Beyond The Pines

I could hear the sounds of the brook
calling from beyond the pines
it's voice was soft, gentle and inviting
beckoning for me to visit
how could I resist its call
to sit upon its banks
with feet dangling in the pool
formed by the eddying currents
I knew the spot so well
we, the pool and I
had spent many a hot summers day together
but summer was gone
autumn too had passed
winter had set in
snow covered the path that I had traveled so often
I thought, what did that matter
I knew my way even in pitched blackness
how could a little snow deter me
I strapped on my boots
put on my parka
grabbed my hat, scarf and gloves
then I set out to visit my old friend
to spend time in a place of peace
away from the stress of everyday life
to once again commune with my soul
to remind myself of who I am
to renew my spirit
for me
the bank of the brook
beyond the pines
offers life 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Tired Of The Dyin'

I wonder what's wrong
with people today
so many goin'
outta their way
puttin' an end to their
number of days
tired of tryin'
thinkin' of dyin'
now folks I ain't lyin'
instead of just cryin'
they bottle it all up inside
don't wanna look weak
afraid to just speak
the truth of
their feelin's
it's their own
joy that their stealin'
they gotta wake up
fore they can't
no the problems
not measly
the cure
it ain't easy
if they'd only
look deeply
they might find
somethin' to live for

Not I Said The Blind Man

Man tends to believe
what he sees

When what he sees
is disagreeable
or disturbing
to him
he tends to look away

Removing his eye
from what he has viewed,
he pretends
that it doesn't exist

He has chosen
to close his eyes
to the world
around him

He has chosen blindness
over sight

He will tell you

“It's not my problem”

There is none so blind as he who will not see ~ Ray Stevens

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blind, Deaf and Heartless

Must we become blind
to see

Must we become deaf
to hear

Must we lose our hearts
in order to feel

When will we realize
the needs of the people

Aren't fake
they're actually real

So many go hungry
with nothing to eat
others traveling the roads
with no shoes for their feet

The homeless, the sick
in alleys lie dying
while others can't sleep
as their children are crying

These poor only beg
to be lifted from pain
while from the top
looked down upon
with utter disdain

I hear their words

“I got mine
go out
get your own”

Do they not have a heart

Do they not understand

That the greed of the rich

Has brought the downfall of man

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pro or Con, Which Way Do We Go?

Pro and con
so opposite these are
they just make me think
we haven't come very far

How can we today
once again as a nation
get moving forward
without a foundation

The folks at the bottom
must be healthy and strong
of this I am certain
I know I'm not wrong

So many homeless
starving and cold
just barely surviving
including our old

The congress doesn't care
unless there's something for them
they block any progress
while clearing their phlegm

“To hell with the poor
long as I've got mine
who cares if they're sick
it's not worth our time”

Not caring one bit
for the needs of the poor
yet padding their pockets
giving themselves so much more

When will we move forward
will we again see progress
or keep moving backward
because of congress

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Art Thou Philadelphia

This day
filled with poison
has mounted its attack
bruising my inner most being
my spirit has been poured out and withers
my soul now parched as the desert
my heart broken, calling
for an end to
this day

An end
is what we need
to this social disease
civility has lost its way
respect has become a thing of the past
the love of our brother
today came to
an end

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Smile Is For You

Someone once told me
this smile is for you
it's the one thing you'll need
to carry you through

When things seem the darkest
and your cup seems to drain
go and look in the mirror
put that smile on again

It seems to work well
as every day as I wake
I go to the looking glass
and a face I do make

Uplifted am I
as I start each new day
here, this smile's now for you
just my way to repay

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You're Not Old Enough

That which has been hidden
is something we must see

That which has been refused
is something we must have

That which has been forbidden
is that something that is truly the most desired

Growing up
the old folks said
don't smoke
don't drink
no sex

you kids are just not
old enough
but as kids are
when hearing this
you know what's coming next

just ain't good enough
saying don't
doesn't get it done

See what they hear
from you all day
is you're not allowed
to share our fun

Well there they go
off on their own
they heard but never listened

The example you set
by the way you lived
was what in their eyes did glisten

The Megalomaniac

The megalomaniac
does oft have his day
attacking all others
demanding his way
his ego too great
with thoughts he's a god
with no understanding
why others think he is odd
in his mind he's omnipotent
its power he brings
not to mention omniscient
of his knowledge he sings
he suffers paranoia
as if under attack
then makes the first strike
believing he's on the right track
but the problems much deeper
he's a victim you know
of his behavior itself
he has no control
he's trying to cope
with frustration and loss
it's his mental defense
he's got to be boss


When a man is really giving
of the life that he is living
there'll be no need of a forgiving
of any debt from his alms-giving

For to him this is not a trade
his priorities are not mislaid
the rewards to him already paid
they're in his heart and will never fade

I tell you this in verity
there is no need for parity
for this is truly charity
I know, I know a rarity

For most men only give to get
to reap some benefit in their net
and what you'll find it's a pretty safe bet
is they'll place on you a big old debt

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Great Mist

This great mist
brought on by the fog
I find myself walking within a cloud


I find myself in this is a place of peace
this place isolated
from the troubles of the world


The sounds of nature
that normally surround me
have grown strangely quiet


My mind so active
wondering where
my world has gone


Enter my consciousness
of what life could be like
without the hate that exists in this world


The sound of a train whistle
the closest tracks ten miles away
brings me back


Now leaving me wanting
to walk within the cloud
for eternity

Heads or Tails

Every coin and dollar bill has two sides, to refuse either side you will be left with empty pockets.

Of Sorrow and Joy

To deny sorrow its moment in time within will only keep you from recognizing joy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

So, Who Wins

Should I be civil
or should I fight back
peacefully protest
or mount an attack

There is no real winning
when men go to war
there's really no point to it
what the hell is it for

When men have a difference
and neither will budge
what is argued doesn't matter
it won't give them a nudge

Their minds are made up
and the hollering starts
respect then gets lost
and reasoning departs

There's no wonder
there are so many killings today
folks have forgot how to talk
it's just no longer their way

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fear, the Motivation

The greed of man
just how far does it stretch
must he possess
all that he sees
upon this earth

For what purpose
must he in his
apparent hunger
deprive others of
their basic needs

What is it that drives him
does he not tire of
a never ending toil
storing up more
than he could possibly ever use

And he answered saying, “Yes, I am satisfied, nay, I am weary of eating and drinking; but I am afraid that tomorrow there will be no more earth to eat and no more sea to to drink.” ~ Khalil Gibran


Said a sheet of snow-white paper, "Pure was I created, and pure will I remain forever.  I would rather be burnt and turn to white ashes than suffer darkness to touch me or the unclean to come near me." ~ Khalil Gibran

What is my purpose
am I here just for me
doing those things
that ensure purity

Staying untouched
as I take care for the needs
of people around me
who suffer from poverty

Yet I still feel so empty
somethings not quite right
I've given and given
but don't see the light

I refuse what they offer
I must turn them down
and it's breaking my heart
when their smile turns to frown

All of my life
I've thought giving was best
and helping out others
I'd be totally blessed

But wait I think I see
my purpose is not just for me
not only to give and care for others
but also to receive and truly be brothers

Ah now there's that filling
my heart now can soar
we're sharing nothing but smiles
between me and these poor

We must do our part in the lives of others and let others do their part in our lives to accomplish our purpose in life.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Is It Worth The Time To Share Rhythm And Rhyme

I often wonder
is it worth my time
to share my thoughts
in rhythm and rhyme

To make the effort
with words take a stroll
opening my heart
and baring my soul

This is a huge question
that is quite often asked
but sharing your poetry
is what you've now been tasked

Put it out there for others
simply to read
you may touch a few hearts
give them just what they need

Whatever blessing you give them
a laugh or a smile
you've made their day better
and I'd say that's worthwhile

Trimming Our Sails

Cut flowers
live longer
gracing us
with their beauty
when their stems
are trimmed

whose claws
are not worn down
develop a problem walking
when their claws
are not trimmed

The sail boat
makes optimum use
of the wind
sailing more efficiently
when it's sails
are trimmed

we should
hold on to
our beauty
walk unhindered
and keep our lives
on the right course
by once in a while
trimming our sails

Those Heroic Leaves

Leaves fall
now free
from the tree
this new freedom is short
it's life's blood, the sap
flows no more
no longer does it grow
it's time of death
and decay has come
yet this death
decay and freedom
has not gone without purpose
the leaves return to the earth
creating the food
needed by all to continue
their lives

Those who are willing to give their lives for the preservation of others carry the heart of heroes.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Torture of Selfishness

If you could leave your selfishness, you would see how you've been torturing your soul ~ Rumi

Holding on
never giving
to another
even a small part
of ourselves
steals from us
the perfect storm
of joy
for our souls

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My take on Gibran's ~ Garments

When the twins of both sides of the coin were born they took two paths.

As they grew apart in their own worlds one grew impatient. not caring for anything other than to feed his greed. Walking over others to reach his goals and grew ugly.

His twin walked a different path through life. He was patient to wait for all things to fall into place naturally. He shared what he could with others along his way, treating all with respect. He grew to be a very beautiful person.

The twins never the less where twins. They continued to have a relationship and visited with each other.

There was a day that they decided to go for a swim. They left their clothing on the bank and enjoyed their swim together.

This day, ugly had tired first and decided to leave. He looked upon his brothers clothing and decided those were for him and others would treat him better thinking that he were his brother beautiful.

Upon leaving the water, beautiful discovered that his own clothing was missing and what was left was his brothers. Too modest to walk naked back to his house he dressed in his brothers clothing.

Many who looked upon them and the clothing they were wearing thought precisly what the ugly brother had hoped.

Those who beheld the face of the beautiful twin recognized him regardless of the clothing.

Those who came across the other saw his ugliness for what it was as the grandest raiment could not cover it.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Could Poetry Save The World

given in poems
that a poet
might share

Carry the hope
that someday
the world
may learn
to care

If they
just reach
one heart
even one
at a time

might have
a chance
their rhythm
and rhyme

Share What You Can

Preserve what we have
give to those who do need
live our lives sharing kindness
it's the souls finest feed

Our spirits then lifted
our hearts filled with joy
even if starting
with one girl or one boy

It's uncanny to think
of the difference we'd make
if we'd just share a smile
and a moment we'd take

A moment for them
yes those poor and down hearted
we could help heal this world
if we'd only get started

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That Wonderful Snow

I'm not a rock
nor an island
I cannot
stand alone

Words of a song
Paul Simon wrote
my mind
and heart did hone

His freshly fallen
silent shroud of snow
showed a special purity
yet of this I've always known

Still when I hear these words he wrote
a picture comes to me
perfectly white and undisturbed
as beautiful as can be

The dirt of our world
hidden from sight
although for just a short time
we forget the blight

We've seen enough of the hate
way too much of the killing
we need a snow storm of kindness
it's so much more fulfilling

“Kindness is like snow,
it beautifies everything
it covers”
~~~Khalil Gibran~~~

Our Favorite Retreats

Funny how things of old
can mold themselves
into our very best friends

Somehow their comfort
can live on
long past their integrity

Worn and tattered
faded and falling apart

They attract us
as if they were
a long lost lover

A sanctuary
of peace
and harmony
for our soul

The Mean Streets Of Winter

He was a poor man


Clothed in rags

The dirt and filth
of the streets
had not only taken toll
of his clothing
but his body as well

Struggling to breathe
from the years of exposure
to the cities foul air

from the lack of food
and nutrition
with little to eat

he had found his way
into a back alley
to escape the wind
and frozen temperatures
that had come with winter

What he found
was unbearable
for him to look upon

A dog huddled
in a far corner
skin and bone
was all that could be seen

The poor beast shivering
looked up at the man
it's eyes held only despair
and loneliness

Hunger and thirst
were too obvious

Frozen and
on the threshold
of death

The sight of this dog
was too much
for the mans heart to bear
his tears began to flow
running down and freezing
upon his cheeks

As he laid down
next to the dog
his company
and what little warmth
he could share
was accepted

He gave the dog
the last of his water

His last few crumbs of bread

As they spent their
last few moments
upon this earth
they felt at peace
as they had each others
love and

Celebrate The New Year

This new year is upon us
it's up to us to make it grand
don't pass up opportunities
to seize each day and take command

It's your life not another's
do those things that you enjoy
whether for yourself or someone else
matters not it will bring joy

Don't wait until tomorrow
forget your yesterday
this moment is what you've been given
celebrate that life today