Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Brook Beyond The Pines

I could hear the sounds of the brook
calling from beyond the pines
it's voice was soft, gentle and inviting
beckoning for me to visit
how could I resist its call
to sit upon its banks
with feet dangling in the pool
formed by the eddying currents
I knew the spot so well
we, the pool and I
had spent many a hot summers day together
but summer was gone
autumn too had passed
winter had set in
snow covered the path that I had traveled so often
I thought, what did that matter
I knew my way even in pitched blackness
how could a little snow deter me
I strapped on my boots
put on my parka
grabbed my hat, scarf and gloves
then I set out to visit my old friend
to spend time in a place of peace
away from the stress of everyday life
to once again commune with my soul
to remind myself of who I am
to renew my spirit
for me
the bank of the brook
beyond the pines
offers life 

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