Sunday, January 31, 2016


without the rains
allows the land to dry
without the water nothing grows
winds begin to strip away the topsoil
important are the storms of life
true joy will not be known
with nothing but

Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Love

To love
how wonderful
your heart filled to the brim
joy flowing as a babbling brook
bubbles disguising the danger to love
a flood of lust leaves emptiness
your heart becomes a hole
ever so hard
to love

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trash Day

His favorite toy
brought great joy for a season
but its day had now come
now no more than an object
the next stop would be the landfill
the day they met
he pledged his love as true
but this love was lust in disquise
and his favorite toy
she sits by the curb on trash day

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Sky is Green

The sky now blue
the warmth returning
springtime has come
leaving the cold of winter behind
the trees bring forth new buds
giving life to new leaves
the leaves fill the trees
and my eyes and mind now drawn
to the wonder of natures ability
to turn the sky green

Crayons Were Meant to be Free

I colored within the lines
my picture seemed so dull
my work held no adventure

My spirit is held in Limbo

My freedom of expression
my personal taste
frowned upon

Must I lie to myself

The rulemakers say
if I am to have their approval
I must continue to follow their rules

Do I not have a right to approve of myself

If I am to live within a prison
it will not be of their making
it will be the one I choose for myself

It's time to set my crayons free

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Nights were long, days were dark
minutes seemed more like hours
yet in my dreams there was a place
with magic healing powers

The travel would not be easy
the mountains they'll be steep
I imagine there'll be a price to pay
which I know will not be cheap

But here I am, I've made the trek
it's time to pay the price
but now that I know how much it costs
I will not make it twice

This place has brought me heartache
it's delivered so much grief
I wish I'd known when I first came
it was owned by the spirit thief

He was there to steal my happiness
I had soon become his toy
but like all new toys, he tired of me
and he robbed me of my joy

Now life plods on
who cares how I feel
those damn dreams of magic
they're never real

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cold Stones of Castle Walls

I built my walls
dug my moat
they will not be breached
for if I were to open the doors
to trust any from outside them
the assault might prove more than I could handle
but it is cold here in my stone castle
at times I feel imprisoned
how could I again give my heart to another

Thursday, January 14, 2016


My stone of disrespect was always at the ready

The stones of prejudice and bigotry were my tools

I have thrown that stone of anger

And the stone of bitterness then weighed me down

While the stone of hate destroyed me

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


such a special beauty arrives with her.
My cat and I sit quietly watching the feeder,
the one that's just outside the window.
I guess you could considerate this
one of natures most watched shows.

So many different types of birds are visiting this morning.
Flying in and out,
being nourished by our seed.
Well, it's really their seed.
A little help for their survival,
or is it for our entertainment?
Which ever, the cold days and nights
those that come with winter
do require a little more body heat than the other seasons.

Trying to tell the difference between different sparrows
now that's tough.
The finches, they're somewhat easier.
At first the chickadee and the nuthatch with their similar coloring
brought a little confusion.
It didn't take long to learn the difference though.
But when the red bird arrives we both pay special attention.
I've always understood them to be
well, quite territorial.
Yet here are two of the males and a female
all feeding together
without the males arguing.

Men, if they wanted to could learn a lesson from these birds.
Even when times provide the least
there can still be enough to share.
We can all to eat together in peace.

At least that's the case until the bully bird comes along.
Seems as when that blue jay comes in everybody scatters,
he takes what he wants when he wants it.

But you know something
those birds who prefer to feed on the ground.
They have a debt to pay to him.
He certainly does knock a lot of seed to the ground.

He was just here,
I guess it's time to refill the feeder. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So Soft, So Hopeful

Soft music
filling the early hours
it brings me peace
but also a sadness
a sadness that we live in a world
consumed by an attitude of violence
people who think
“I will have closure through revenge”

I am sad for those who hold an attitude of
returning in kind
wrongs they feel have been done to them

Revenge may bring
a certain satisfaction in their minds
but never peace to their spirit
the mind reminds them of the hurt they hold
their heart grows bitter
it is the vengeance that keeps them hurting

Forgiveness is their escape
but they fear forgiving will
allow a repeat of the moment that brought the hurt
that the offender may believe that it's alright with you
but the forgiveness is not for them
it is a letting go of all that has caused your hurt
and robbed you of your happiness
forgiveness is for you

Damn, that music is so important to me
but then, so is my hope that one day
the attitude of violence
will disappear from the face of the earth

Color Well

So many crayons
Colors chosen fill the lines
My past in the books


The cloud entered
along with it rain
a time full of trouble
filled with sorrow and pain.

Heartache and tears
filling my days
stealing my joy
in so many ways.

The days became long
as if with no ends
it was an awful aloneness
as if without friends.

But true friends did exist
helping me make each tomorrow
till that cloud did move on
and ease this deep sorrow.

Well the new day brought hope
as the Son warmed my soul
my heart finally was healed
and once again I felt whole.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Food of Life

I drank in new life
my voice found
cried out simply to be fed
food for my bellies
activity to build my body
knowledge to nourish my mind

The feeding
often sweet
delivered times filled
with wonderful moments
and marvelous people

There were times the flavor
left a bitter taste
a feeling of aloness crept in
a time where I felt nobody cared
whether I was alive or in the grave
backs turned toward me

such a lonely place
empty of the one most important food

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I looked upon the spot where that old tree stood
So many memories of days spent in her shadow return to me
The relief from the cruel sun of summer
The moments of relaxation lying in her shade
The changes as the seasons came and then passed
Green leaves gave way to the colors
The colors disappeared leaving the beauty of the branches behind
Snow and ice took their turns visiting
How the ice would shine
It was as if my tree was covered with diamonds
Then the thaw
The budding
The new leaves
And the shade would once again return
We had many a picnic under that tree
There came a year where the bud did not return
then a second year
But now she's gone
She is no more
Now I am warmed by her
As I rest watching the glow in the fireplace
And the shadow she casts
Contains fond memories

Monday, January 4, 2016

Rockets or Rhetoric

Tearing down nations
there's more than one way
from the outside or in
it's the game that they play

There are times they use rockets
that kill folks where they land
other times it's the rhetoric
that bury their own under sand

Whether rockets or rhetoric
in this game politic
it's the innocent who suffer
our leaders are thick as a brick