Monday, July 28, 2014

The Homeless Angels

Down on their luck
Life never easy
Days take forever
Nights totally empty

Huddled in corners
On streets that are mean
Having no memory
Of the last time they were clean

Hungry and cold
Often living in fear
At times believing
Their end is quite near

Sure they're the homeless
But there are days they have hope
Knowing the angels will come
And help them to cope

Clothing and shoes
Blankets and food
Given them freely
Brightening their mood

The Homeless Angels of Lansing
Reaching into Detroit and to Flint
Helping these folks who are broken
Offering more than a splint

It's not a hand out
More like a hand up
Removing the void
While filling their cup

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


At a loss for words
he joined the mob
afraid that he'd be next

In that day
it was a crime
a sin against the sect

To take a chance
and risk his neck
not for this common whore

Look at these men
with all this hate
she must have known the score

This was his fault
he'd caused all this
all he wanted was his fun

Somewhere down deep
he knew the truth
she was not the guilty one

His conscience called
his heart then burned
how could he stand this sadness

Stepping forward
he became a man
to stop this utter madness

He showed the mob
how all had sinned
and that none were free of guilt

The mob dispersed
the maiden saved
a new kingdom he had built

Monday, July 21, 2014

For Our Leaders

Your hearts
your compassion
have you become so cold
that you walk on without seeing
the needs of the poor who live on the streets
care not that children go hungry
how can you live like that
where the hell is
your hearts

Your eyes
can you not see
the damage you have done
how your wars have killed innocents
battle fields have moved into the cities
stop the collateral damage
why not give peace a chance
it's time open
your eyes

Your souls
why let them rot
you have defiled yourself
man was not meant to live this way
we're meant to share our love with each other
we were all taught this as children
yet you continue to
to endanger
your souls

Saturday, July 19, 2014

For The Children

I awake, my heart sinks
with each days dawning light
another day of struggle
where our children must fight
many for breakfast
others for warmth
and over there
on the other side
just to survive
another mans war

Why must they suffer
hungry and cold
and the rockets
red glare
these wars
they're getting old
not all are fought battles
but they all threaten life
we must comfort the children
put an end to their strife

These children
they're precious,
but they're also our future
the wounds
quite deep
are in need of a suture

If we fail to make changes
and let them bleed out
the day will come sooner
that man will fade-out


It's time
to stop all this madness
put an end to the wars
put an end to the sadness

Our children should laugh
our children should play
and not have to fight
to survive each new day

Two Four Six Eight Who Do We Appreciate

When not tested
Is seldom understood
By folks who take it for granted
They've no appreciation insulting
The men and women who have fought
Giving their lives for us
That we may have

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have A Nice Day

They told me to have a nice day
I barked at them NO!!!
my mood it was rotten
I just wanted to go
leave them behind me
be alone
by myself
where no-one would see me
bother or peeve me
find my own little corner
away from these bosses
just get away
and suffer the losses
our very world
going to hell in a hand-basket
and these smiling fakes
don't see the returning caskets
our sons
and our daughters
returning from war
their broken dead bodies
that's how politicians keep score
have a nice day
uh-uh, not for them
and as for their families
you've brought them mayhem
stolen their children
for an unneeded war
as if they were nothing but disposables
found in a store
and then there's the others
those coming home maimed
that we should care for
for life
why isn't the government ashamed
always passin' the buck
and tryin' to lay blame
when the truth is
it's all of 'em
it's the political game
so have a nice day
it's thought of too free
at least not today
oh no
not for me

Will This Ringing Ever Stop

Is it my hearing
that suffers

This noise
way too much

Too many voices


Out of touch

No keeping up

all gone

go missing

It's as if curtains
are drawn

Or is it my mind
has it been lost

On the decline

Has age
come with a cost

Every-thing's jumbled
so little makes sense
When people do ask
I can't add my two cents

I think
I need help
I just don't know
of what type

Can technology
fix me
Or have I matured
far past ripe

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't Dwell in Hell

The past has had lessons
some were good others bad
but all of them taught
to bring the life that we've had

They should not be forgotten
as the bad ones have burned
and there's no need to relive them
once the lesson's been learned

So be careful while choosing
where you choose to dwell
the memories you find there
can be a complete living hell


I want to go back
please let me return
it's to those days of old
that my heart does now burn

The days of my youth
when all was for fun
to live them again
like a summer rerun

Return to those times
when my cares were so few
and there wasn't a worry
of what this world's going through

Life was so much simpler
when I was a boy
you see our days back then
were filled with laughter and joy

It's so much different now
those days they're gone forever
but the memories live on
and of theses I'll not sever

For when things get too much
and the burden too heavy
I'll remember my youth
and let it act as a levee

It may just be the floodgate
that's keeping me sane
not allowing the madness
of this world be a bane

Keeping the poisons of life
away from by heart
to renew my spirit
and make a fresh start

Although I wish to return
I know it can't be
the same as it was
except in my memory

Tuesday, July 15, 2014





The measure of tolerance
The Creator has with his creation

Rockets or Rhetoric

Tearing down nations
there's more than one way
from the outside or in
it's like a game that they play

There are times they use rockets
that kill folks where they land
other times it's the rhetoric
that bury a nation under sand

But whether rockets or rhetoric
when playing the game politic
the real hurt is always to innocents
our leaders, they're thick as a brick

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beware The Waves Of Today

The waves ever present
the shore constantly battered
the tide never ebbs
it continues to rise
the turbulence rages
without care
of who
or what
lies in its path
villages threatened
endangering the people
leaving more and more
the waters continue to rise
moving inland
increasing the devastation
lives and properties lost
the surge moves on to the cities
survival rates decline
many more die
on the brink of extinction

This is the wake
left behind
by cowardly politicians
who have yet to enter
the water

Mans End

at what we're seeing today
has become many mens way
practiced by only the few
we should be able to do
in the gutters folks lay
seldom act 'cept to pray
call them a blight
never seeing the light
helped make this huge mess
our world's in distress
have been a great cause
are such damaging claws
before it's too late
would be a terrible fate

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today They Lead From Behind

Whatever happened
to the days of the brave
when the king would go forth
fighting next to his knave

Meeting the enemy
face to face on the field
unto the last man
and there would be no yield

His kingdom held
in the balance of war
with the knowledge that failure
meant it would be no more

All would be lost
in the end probably dead
yet still he would lead
though he might lose his head

These leaders would do
as they required of their men
and that's why the men followed
it didn't matter where nor when

So I ask you again
where are those brave leaders
and how is it we're left with
cowardly bottom feeders

So, to all of you leaders
who advocate war
go out there yourselves
to even the score

Don't lead from behind
move up to the front
or is your bravery only in words
and you're not fit for the hunt

That feeling you have
that you'll be devoured
keeping you at the rear
that's the mark of a coward

If it's war that you want
go on fight it on your own
take those hawks you have with you
leave our young folk at home

If only the leaders
would have to fight the next war
I think we would find
there would be no more

Friday, July 11, 2014

When The Last Soldier Dies

There will be no peace
until the last soldier dies
for their youth who fight
have swallowed their lies

No it's not one sided
the fault lies with both
they've brainwashed their children
into taking an oath

They're to fight to the death
practice that eye for an eye
killing women and children
without ever knowing why

They've been told it's about faith
and on this they should stand
but the truth of the matter
it's really about the land

As long as the land
hangs in the balance of war
there will never be peace
it's politicians keeping score

So it's time now to play war
your leaders beat the drums
it's their power they seek
without care how it comes

Go forth to your death
whether land, sea or sky
the only time we'll know peace
is when the last soldier dies

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Sucks

Life sucks
then you die
some-how's become
todays depressed cry

what the hell's wrong
why can't they see
the good times out there
they ain't just for me

they mope, can't cope
don't care for tomorrow
do dope, no hope
it all adds to their sorrow

they gotta step up
gotta get right
gotta come round
or their future ain't bright

the thought is it's rad
to be actin' real bad
and makin' folks mad
but the truth is it's sad

maybe some day
they'll wake to that truth
look at the world
but not through 80 proof

see life as it is
with hope in their eyes
accepting themselves
rather than living their lies

life don't really suck
and yeah someday we'll all die
but it ain't gotta be rotten
go-on give it a try

Feeding Their Greed

Our land is in trouble
of this I am sure
the intents of our leaders
they're not very pure

Their main goal is their wealth
without care how it comes
so they pander to business
they've become the closest of chums

While the people they're left
by the wayside without
our leaders ignore them
thinking the people have no clout

But that's where they're wrong
and they need to take note
that the people own power
when they get out and vote

We people must go
to the polls and speak out
we must all band together
use our voice as a shout

These politicians must learn
that feeding their greed
can't be viewed more important
than meeting our need

No Peace

Religious differences
drove these men far apart
it was not always this way
no not from the start

At one time they were brothers
yes family they were
but down deep in their hearts
there was something impure

Pride in the one
jealousy in the other
but this is not the way
to treat one as a brother

To gloat “I'm the chosen”
that's no way to make friends
it's like claiming you're better
it will only lead to bad ends

Yet to be jealous of others
ever wanting their lot
in this day and age
keeps getting folks shot

Well the proud and the jealous
they went separate ways
creating rules and religions
that would guide all their days

Then the problem arose
when they both claimed the land
the fighting began
and got out of hand

For thousands of years it's been war
I doubt they'll ever know peace
as there's just no forgiveness
found in todays middle east

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Homeless, Still Human

Down on their luck
always they roam
with stomachs empty
not having a home

Many quite proud
even in pain
not wanting much more
than to avoid man's disdain

Sure they're on corners
begging nickels and dimes
we would be too
if we'd had their hard times

All they're trying to do
is survive till tomorrow
could there be some small way
to relieve some of their sorrow

It wouldn't take much
a meal, maybe shoes
you'll see a smile develop
as you lift them from the blues

Just a small cup of kindness
from down in you heart
though it may not seem like much
it's a pretty good start

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Words Need to be Kinder

The words
so many

The eye strain

But the words call
not only to be written
but read

How is it
a blind eye can
be bothered so

By certain levels of light
and while reading

Can it be that my eye
even with the blindness of glaucoma
is yet being commanded
to see, to focus

Those words I love
do they not know the pain
they inflict upon me

When will my mind learn
that that eye no longer works
when will my brain
give me a break
bring relief
from this constant aching

Maybe tomorrow
the words will be kinder


This countries separation
of the church and the state

It was the founding fathers
Who thought that it was great

Your form of worship
They were protecting just for you

But hang on wait a sec
How about mine too

If I'm not supposed
To make you live by mine

What makes you think
Your doing it is fine

We all gotta be equal
In the eyes of the state

So quit actin' high and mighty
What makes you think you rate

This argument that's based on faith
Becomes quite hard to swallow

For once you take away my rights
Yours won't be long to follow

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Love at First ......

The view before her was marvelous
His strong cheek bones
His square chin
Had given the appearance of strength of character
His build
Broad shoulders
Narrow hips
Offered a suggestion of six pack abs
His hair dark
His eyes piercing
She thought
Is this a Dream
Could love at first sight be real for me
He approached and said
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven
She awoke

Friday, July 4, 2014

Words Become as Knives

Words given
must be used
but never ever
to be abused
we must build up
and not tear down
when that is done
others drown
killing spirits
hampering lives
when the words used
are used as knives

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fear Is A Prison, Hope Sets You Free

Nine eleven
The buildings came down
The airspace was closed
I sat with a frown

Our government said
We should go on with our lives
Then quickly shut themselves down
To run home to their wives

They said live life as normal
Don't let the terrorists win
But the example they set
Proved they were nothing but spin

They went on to tell us
Just how scared we should be
Fear sold through the terror alert
Headlined the government marquee

Now at airports we're treated
To being frisked and x-rayed
For everyone is a suspect
Making sure we're afraid

The terrorists took
Our freedom that day
Now the country's a prison
It's the price that we pay

Well I guess this is life
I'll just have to cope
Proclaiming my freedom
Because of my hope

That hope will not die
Unless I give it away
I'll not remain in that prison
It's just not my way