Friday, July 11, 2014

When The Last Soldier Dies

There will be no peace
until the last soldier dies
for their youth who fight
have swallowed their lies

No it's not one sided
the fault lies with both
they've brainwashed their children
into taking an oath

They're to fight to the death
practice that eye for an eye
killing women and children
without ever knowing why

They've been told it's about faith
and on this they should stand
but the truth of the matter
it's really about the land

As long as the land
hangs in the balance of war
there will never be peace
it's politicians keeping score

So it's time now to play war
your leaders beat the drums
it's their power they seek
without care how it comes

Go forth to your death
whether land, sea or sky
the only time we'll know peace
is when the last soldier dies

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Anonymous said...

good poem. Stick to your guns

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