Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today They Lead From Behind

Whatever happened
to the days of the brave
when the king would go forth
fighting next to his knave

Meeting the enemy
face to face on the field
unto the last man
and there would be no yield

His kingdom held
in the balance of war
with the knowledge that failure
meant it would be no more

All would be lost
in the end probably dead
yet still he would lead
though he might lose his head

These leaders would do
as they required of their men
and that's why the men followed
it didn't matter where nor when

So I ask you again
where are those brave leaders
and how is it we're left with
cowardly bottom feeders

So, to all of you leaders
who advocate war
go out there yourselves
to even the score

Don't lead from behind
move up to the front
or is your bravery only in words
and you're not fit for the hunt

That feeling you have
that you'll be devoured
keeping you at the rear
that's the mark of a coward

If it's war that you want
go on fight it on your own
take those hawks you have with you
leave our young folk at home

If only the leaders
would have to fight the next war
I think we would find
there would be no more

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