Thursday, July 10, 2014

No Peace

Religious differences
drove these men far apart
it was not always this way
no not from the start

At one time they were brothers
yes family they were
but down deep in their hearts
there was something impure

Pride in the one
jealousy in the other
but this is not the way
to treat one as a brother

To gloat “I'm the chosen”
that's no way to make friends
it's like claiming you're better
it will only lead to bad ends

Yet to be jealous of others
ever wanting their lot
in this day and age
keeps getting folks shot

Well the proud and the jealous
they went separate ways
creating rules and religions
that would guide all their days

Then the problem arose
when they both claimed the land
the fighting began
and got out of hand

For thousands of years it's been war
I doubt they'll ever know peace
as there's just no forgiveness
found in todays middle east

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