Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fear Is A Prison, Hope Sets You Free

Nine eleven
The buildings came down
The airspace was closed
I sat with a frown

Our government said
We should go on with our lives
Then quickly shut themselves down
To run home to their wives

They said live life as normal
Don't let the terrorists win
But the example they set
Proved they were nothing but spin

They went on to tell us
Just how scared we should be
Fear sold through the terror alert
Headlined the government marquee

Now at airports we're treated
To being frisked and x-rayed
For everyone is a suspect
Making sure we're afraid

The terrorists took
Our freedom that day
Now the country's a prison
It's the price that we pay

Well I guess this is life
I'll just have to cope
Proclaiming my freedom
Because of my hope

That hope will not die
Unless I give it away
I'll not remain in that prison
It's just not my way

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