Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have A Nice Day

They told me to have a nice day
I barked at them NO!!!
my mood it was rotten
I just wanted to go
leave them behind me
be alone
by myself
where no-one would see me
bother or peeve me
find my own little corner
away from these bosses
just get away
and suffer the losses
our very world
going to hell in a hand-basket
and these smiling fakes
don't see the returning caskets
our sons
and our daughters
returning from war
their broken dead bodies
that's how politicians keep score
have a nice day
uh-uh, not for them
and as for their families
you've brought them mayhem
stolen their children
for an unneeded war
as if they were nothing but disposables
found in a store
and then there's the others
those coming home maimed
that we should care for
for life
why isn't the government ashamed
always passin' the buck
and tryin' to lay blame
when the truth is
it's all of 'em
it's the political game
so have a nice day
it's thought of too free
at least not today
oh no
not for me

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