Sunday, December 28, 2014

There's Always A New Chip To Try

Consider the potato chip
new flavors all the time
fire roasted sweet corn
who-da thought

Oh how we search
for that new flavor of life

We search high and low
for something fresh

To tickle the taste buds
of our imagination

To set us on a path
we've not traveled before

To open our minds
toward a greater understanding of who we are

To enrich our lives
bringing greater joy to our hearts

I've tried that fire roasted sweet corn chip

You know something
it really was quite satisfying

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Broken Silence

In the dark I sat alone
the silence I had searched for was broken
it was as if I was hearing
the beat of a broken heart

With it came the sound the empty stomachs of children
the wailing of mothers and fathers
over those who had already passed
the weeping of an entire people
as the lack of humanity
allowed them to go without

I could swear that it was with my ears
yet I knew better
somewhere deep within
there had come an awakening
to the rhythm of life
a life that I could not begin to comprehend

I had to question if this was real
or a greater presence before me
from another plane
one that we cannot see with our eyes
hear with our ears
nor feel with our mortal being

How had this come while I was so alone
why was that time of silence invaded
these sounds I hear
should never be present

I had once been told
that a man's heart
had a limited number of beats
and then he would die

Whose death am I witnessing
as I listen to what is supposed to be my quiet time

That place of peace
will I ever be allowed to visit it again

Friday, December 26, 2014


To sit in total silence
my world becomes filled with peace
it's as if no others exist at all

I am alone in that emptiness of sound
where no one and nothing can touch me

I become for a short while
he who molds the entire universe
into a single harmonic entity

There is no hate

There are no wars

No sickness nor hunger

One may believe
this to be running away
from reality

But in truth
it is more a journey within
which returns my sanity

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Final Season

Sometimes in winter
it gets very cold
all warmth is gone
life becomes hard
lacking the motivation
for most anything
the days long
they become lonely
when the kids
no longer visit 
the nursing home

Thursday, December 11, 2014

To Everything There is a Season

I felt the turn
it came subtly
the transition was smooth
almost to the point of not being noticed
the teaching was becoming an appeal
one to an awakening
we must become aware to learn
find the truth and then act with care
to preserve a world that we can live in
if we sleep we will be lost
buried beneath a wave of tidal proportions
this is a season to stay awake

Mad at the World -any means to an end

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
any means to an end
is no way to be

Where are mens morals
how black be their soul
stooping so low to use torture
have their hearts grown that cold

I thought we were better
that was how I was taught
we once held the high ground
has this all been for naught

I guess man's no more than an animal
once again barbarized
he's returned to those days
before he became civilized

Still Mad at the World

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
the men of greed
deprive many in need
c'mon at least feed

the children

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
our leaders ain't trying
leaving mothers home crying
while their children are dying
at wars to appease those of greed

War waged for profit
what's wrong with these men
lives having no meaning
I'll ask it again

They've purchased our government
it's power they buy
when it comes to their greed
is this the ultimate high

It's much more than money
it's power they want
like the days of the slaves
have come back to haunt

they want full control of the public
get rid of the whole middle class
the more we're like slaves
the better their days
their ways won't soon pass

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mad at the World

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
as death marches on
the killers walk free

Home and abroad
our children they're dying
parents and loved ones
at home can't stop crying

It's hard to accept it
you cannot move on
when a death comes to visit
and your child is gone

Sad for a moment
the next you're so pissed
you beg for some closure
but it doesn't exist

You never forget
ask around and you'll see
there is ever a hole
where the heart used to be

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
they're down in the gutter
they're like you and like me

These folks they're still people
there are children and vets
unwed mothers and the ill
fallen through all the nets

Hungry and cold
each day continue to suffer
while the greedy fat cats
keep adding more to their buffer

Laws being made
against feeding these people
ordinances made
that they cannot panhandle

How else will they eat
how will they survive
when our countries lawmakers
wish they weren't even alive

It's not just here in the states
it's all over this earth
where men fallen on hard time
are seen to be without worth

I pity the rich folks and lawmakers
the ones who haven't a care
but their greed makes me angry
with their refusal to share

Yet the poor, the downtrodden
and us who live week to week
are the folks who will share
when the picture's most bleak

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
our kids taught to hate
that's not how it should be

When they're just small
they don't know about hate
but then as they grow
bigoted parents dictate

“Stay away from them
can't you see they are black”
it could be Muslim or Jew
the bigots go on attack

And it's not just the white folk
that live in this world
it's from all races and creeds
that this hate has been hurled

Just because someone's different
kids are being taught “they are BAD”
it not only makes me angry
but also quite sad

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
old folks neglected
why can't their kids see

Many see their parents are aging
body and mind paying the toll
from the pressures of life
and that they're no longer whole

Then the kids say they can't cope
taking care of parents today
except to pack up their belongings
an stash them away

To the rest home they send them
after all that's a start
to have the care they require
minus the needs of the heart

Then they wonder what's wrong
with their Mammy and Pappy
when they do finally visit
to only find they're not happy

Mad at the world
that's what you should be
are you immune to the killings
they sure bother me

What of the homeless
are they no more than bums
do you care for these people
or are you just numb

The hate that is taught
to you does it matter
or have you been part of that teaching
think of the hearts it does shatter

When your folks do get old
it's your love they will need
c'mon think about it
after all you're their seed

In life there are things that matter
they ought to be done right
if these things make you angry
it's time that you join the fight

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Seize the Moment

The moment that passed
cannot be retrieved
whatever it had
is now lost

Attention not paid
to the time we are given
can often come
with a very high cost

To just dream of tomorrow
and never learn from today
our lives
they will not move on

As the path set before us
requires some walking
seize each moment
before today is all gone

Monday, December 1, 2014

Will We Ever Eat Cake Again

a crumb or two will do
anything at all
will help ease my pain
this emptiness
it's been my ruin
will there ever come a day
that I might feel full again
yet for the time being
I must find satisfaction
in the crumbs
of the great cakes
dropped beneath the tables
of the oligarch 

The Wilding

I had heard of this species
a video had been brought to me
there was a great pile
all struggling in an attempt
to gain an advantage
over all others
an attempt to make the prize its own
these creatures were nothing I had seen before
totally wild and uncontrollable
while watching I heard their call
in amongst the noise, a sound
it almost sounded human
I began to look away
as my eyes moved toward the edge of the screen
I saw it, a sign
the words brought additional fear to my heart
it said

Saturday, November 29, 2014

There are Times When Words do no Good

How many times had I tried to help
four or five, ten maybe twenty
I had lost count
Our talks never seemed to do any good
He needed to change the way he thought
understand forgiveness
But his bitterness
it was nestled too deep within
Ever since his loss
his life was in decline
He was ever moving further away
from the man he once was
His wife and children
they were everything to him
The accident had taken them away

Why had he drank so heavily  

The Softer Side

Men, why yes
they've a softer side
but much too often
it's forced to hide

Hidden beneath
a rough exterior
then they act
the complete posterior

Hiding their feelings
not sharing their trust
denying emotions
yet acceptance a must

They're there to protect us
our hearts are under the gun
we've got to wake up
before the damage is done

Friday, November 28, 2014

Take My Hand

Has it gotten any better
than those days gone before
are races any more equal
will we ever tie the score

Will there always be discord
and this horrible lack of trust
why is it that we judge a man
for the color of his crust

“It's plain to see he's not like me”
that excuse is truly lame
see deep inside, beneath our hide
our blood runs all the same

Each and every one of us
must share this common land
and we can truly live in peace
if we'll just walk hand in hand

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Reminder

Another Thanksgiving
and here we are
gathered round the old table
the grandest feast by far

The turkey, the stuffing
yams and mashed taters
gravy all over it
pumpkin pie we'll eat later

Yeah feeding our faces
till our bellies are full
yet still making an attempt
at just one more spoonful

Yes today seems so perfect
all this family and food
and it's thankful we are
for this fall interlude

But there are others less fortunate
who have no houses or homes
living out on the streets
cold and alone

Scrounging for food
and a place to get warm
without all the comforts
we believe are the norm

Please enjoy todays feast
but share when you can
though those folks may be homeless
they're still your fellow man

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

War, Good for Business

War is good
for business you know
there's always
a buck to be made
and the killing of people
increases the profits
as many employees
won't have to be paid

so mothers and fathers
throughout this great land
help build our economy
c'mon, take a stand
send us your kids
that's right, don't delay
kill 'em off for good reason
here at home they die anyway

why die in vain
who knows, with some luck
they could perish quite quickly
saving investors a big buck
spiking the profits
by saving their wage
keeping the rich on the fast track
without turning a page

like I said
war is good business
profit margins
they're great
as long as
there's killing
there will be
pieces of eight

We Can Always Hope

It's here, it's here,
Utopia has arrived
What a wonderful moment
And here I'm still alive

A land of peace
A country of love
A total absence of hate
A gift from above

Long have I waited
For this day to arrive
My hope for its coming
Is what's kept me alive

Finally it's here
This is mans second chance
We can rejoice all together
And to new music we'll dance

Oh how I pray this is real
And this moment is what it seems
That I'm actually awake
And it's not just one of my dreams

Why Not Have Ham

was once for dinner
but the cow said
“eat more chicken”
I saw the turkey
holding a sign
the words
“why not have ham”

These things made me stop
they made me think
these animals wish the demise of another
that attitude sure does stink

Then I looked around
quite embarrassed, AHEM
I'd seen this before
how HUMAN of them

I Can't Save the World Alone

Here I am
trying to save the world
my words
will they make any difference
why write
if no-one's going to read them
why care
when man enjoys his bitterness
his loss
peace, love and joy
his change
must first come from within
reaching one
my hope is that change is contagious
and passed
from one heart to another
a dream
of love spreading to all men

What the Hell's Wrong with People

well it just ain't right
what the hell's wrong
these folks ain't too bright

The violence erupting
won't change anything
the fires, the looting
more brutality will bring

They're hurting themselves
while destroying much good
this world that we live in
is everyones hood

Respecting our neighbors
a thing of the past
never more obvious
than while their anger does last

And that there's the problem
you'll see on both sides
closed minded people
living lives nurtured by lies

The Blacks are all criminals
The Whites all racists
Asians invading
Too many Latinos exist

People today
they're brought up on disdain
and their hate leaves behind them
nothing but pain

Do I have the answer
no, but I can see the cause
it's those closed minded people
who won't give hate a pause

If only for a day
they'd give peace a chance
and walk hand in hand
we could learn a new dance

You might say “FAT CHANCE
your dream will never come true”
well you're probably right
not with your attitude

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just The Way I See It

Though I wasn't there
the truth I'll never know
but the prosecutor
well put on a poor show

A life had been taken
his job was to indict
yet he presented defense
well I guess that's his right

I'm telling you folks
there's just something wrong
when a district attorney
touts a defense song

The killer went free
self defense we were fed
all six shots found their target
to make sure Brown was dead

How is this not murder
because Wilson's a cop
my word, six shots
I guess he just couldn't stop

If he's really that nervous
and afraid for his life
he might be working the wrong job
if it creates that much strife

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Reminder of How Things Should Be

The clear morning sky
allows the sun to shine
directly upon the fresh blanket of snow
which was delivered over night

The super bright of the reflection
harsh on my eyes, painful
yet so pure, so wonderful
I have no will to look away

How could I not continue to gaze upon this picture
this beautiful moment will not last long
natures gift to me will soon be spoiled
man's pollution comes with his activity

My hope, call it a prayer
is that on this beautiful morning
man over sleeps
leaving this world untouched for today

Monday, November 17, 2014

Can't You even Spare A Cup of Coffee

As a boy
I played with toys

But as I grew
somehow I knew

Those days of fun
would soon be done

Watching my dad
as he worked for a living
paying the bills
little left for the giving

No we weren't dirt poor
we didn't miss any meals
always a roof over our heads
they didn't seem like big deals

Though we heard of the hungry
we didn't believe they existed
just a ploy to clean our plates
of foods with tastes we resisted

But the poor did exist
yes in the sixties and before
and as I grew in the suburbs
I never knew the real score

You see the city was hidden
Appalachia as well
where I lived we were sheltered
from those conditions of hell

Then one day I woke up
and the poor became real
knowledge I lacked in my childhood
was now a big deal

In this world are the hungry
they are tired and weak
many are cold and sick
as they lie in the streets

How the hell can we let them
go without care
it's not like we're a people
unable to share

If we're such a great nation
with all of our riches
why is it we act as such low

The Green Man

Entering the forest
not really knowing why
I took chance to step upon a worn path

Though shaded beneath the canopy
the way was plain to see

Here and there rays of light
fought their way through the leaves
preventing the theft of my sight
removing the darkness
left behind from the night

The sun seldom dawns on the forest floor you know

The path I was following
was reminiscent of a slalom course
winding its way
through trees which were ever increasing
in their height and girth
taking me ever deeper
into the very heart of the forest

Before me appeared an opening
there was a great abundance of sunlight

As I drew closer
there at the center
I could see what must have been
the mother of all trees

The picture I saw
appeared strange to me
upon its branches
it looked as if there were the leaves
of the oak
of the elm
of the maple
of the birch and beach trees alike
all upon the same tree

My curiosity peaked
it was mixed with
the fear of the unknown

There at the base
of this trees great massive trunk
was the answer to why
I felt the need to enter this great wooded area

I had only heard of the Green Man before
never really believing that he existed

Then to my amazement
he spoke to me

“As the life of all trees are nourished
by the flow of the same life giving sap,
all human life is nourished
through the same blood”

“As all trees are one with creation,
all men are one with the trees”

“All the minute portions of creation
are part of the one whole,
we are all one”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Gift from the Mist

I sat in the shallow cavern behind the falls
gazing out at the fine mist
it was rising above the pool below
I watched as the sun sent forth its rays of light
as they passed through this mist before me
I felt as if I was receiving a gift
sent by morning star
its brilliance
excited the millions of prisms
contained within the tiny water droplets
causing colors to burst forth
displaying the most glorious rainbow
more spectacular than I had ever witnessed before
all those wonderful colors
coming together
to make the whole of this vision in the mist
it was then that I realized
today this rainbow
that I was given the privilege of viewing
was not the promise spoken of
instead, it was a message
that all men
of all colors and races
of all faiths
believers or not
gay and straight alike
whether they're rich or poor
must at one point
all come together
if we are ever to be whole
for within us
it is the same river of life
being pumped through our bodies
by our hearts

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Poets Nightmare

Was that all there was
could he really be done
it was becoming like work
no longer fun

It once was a joy
the rhymes came so easy
but lately a burden
leaving his stomach quite queasy

It was upsetting as hell
when he couldn't find words
like as if freedom was across the river
and he could not find the fjord

He was stuck on this side
as if a curtain had been drawn
yet he knew he couldn't quit
yet there was no way to move on

It was a terrible feeling
being trapped there in limbo
having so much in his heart
and so little to show

Was it time to give up
time for him to quit writing
what would become of his life
it was a time that was frightening

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Plains

The plains
travel is smooth
little stands in the way
progress through life is made easy
there are few challenges or pit falls here
personal growth held to limits
we tend to grow lazy
why remain in
the plains


low points of life
what purpose so they serve
they were not meant to weaken us
these fertilized basins feed your spirit strength
faith needed to face your mountains
rest for your very soul
do not fear the


are there to climb
they may stand in the way
you may be wondering just why
the fact is that there are lessons to learn
that will determine your future
once you find that success
give thanks to the

Saturday, November 8, 2014


yeah, I guess that's the word
those quick snide remarks
folks like to use as a sword

Not thinking at all
just plain biting back
taking offense to most everything
as if under attack

The argument starts
the anger does grow
the drama spills over
others forced to watch this sad show

I wonder why live like that
reactive I mean
is it something they've learned
or is it some kind of gene

Do they love being angry
does it have a great flavor
when I truth it hurts all
when their bitterness they do savor

I hope that someday
they can leave this behind
cast off all their anger
and become gentle and kind

Sharing the Marble

My time here is short
I've a message to share
it must be delivered
to teach others to care

It's mine for to spread
it could be for others as well
but I've been given these words
and I'm supposed to go sell

But just caring inside
is not near enough
I've got to put care into action
show that I've got the stuff

A love for my brothers
all religions and races
whether they're believers or not
respect everyones faces

The homeless, the rich
whether they're straight or they're gay
none of that should matter at all
again, it's respect I should pay

sure it would be oh so easy
to avoid all interaction
if this was nothing but words
and I failed to take action

But inside we're just people
all one great big union
sharing this wonderful blue marble
you see we're all of us human

Friday, November 7, 2014

Michigan Golf in November

This is Michigan
November seven
I'm still playing golf
is this some kind of heaven

The course is in great shape
and there's a feeling of peace
while I'm sharing the fairways
with hundreds of geese

I've been hitting 'em straight
and driving it far
my irons like lasers
yeah man, making some pars

Doing all of those things
that the good golfers do
except for one little thing
avoiding goose poo

Don't Ask

They asked my opinion
I gave it to them
then when I was done
I heard that “Ahem”

Turned out that it wasn't
what they wanted to hear
as a matter of fact
it wasn't even near

That was when the fight started
they took my opinion to task
if they didn't want to hear it
why in the hell did they ask  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Smile

A smile
often can be
what makes a difference
between the bad days and the good
when the bad days arrive, all is not lost
when you need to turn one around
the truth of the matter
all you need is
a smile


is for the soul
releasing the evil
that's taken a hold
bitterness, anger and hate
the spirit killers
that can seal your fate
tearing you down and leaving a life
of misery that's filled
with a great strife

it's for your own heart
protecting your spirit
doing its part
righting your path
to one where joy can be found
giving away all that evil
to which you've been bound

it's really for you
you're not saying it's fine
it's just what you must do
for with it comes freedom
for your spirit and heart
giving them life once again
giving you a new start

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Man' Revenge upon Himself

Hateful thoughts
imaginary daggers
emerge from a heart
with no ability
to forgive
filled with anger
owned by bitterness
a soul at its blackest
peace has no chance
love cannot exist
loneliness ensues
depression is born
a spirit dies

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Autumn Breeze

The autumn breeze
the colors bold
loosing the leaves
both red and gold

Raining down
to meet mother earth
where they'll turn to brown
decay and feed a rebirth

A lesson that's rife
here for reflection
the circle of life
nature in its perfection

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Man's Windows

Man's windows
to the world
his senses
open all
for his understanding
and his pleasure
his eyes feast upon
the beauty of the flowers
sun risings and sunsets
the colors of the leaves of autumn
his ears receive
the bird songs from above
and the sound of the babbling brook
his nose takes in
the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee
and the wonderful smells of the bakery
with it's freshly baked breads
his taste buds able to differentiate
the sweets from the savory
allowing him to enjoy the foods
meant to nourish him
and his touch
with its gentleness
not only to feel
but to bestow his love
upon another  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a Name

So, they say they are Christian
but how are they measured
do they act like their Saviour
can they truly be treasured

Or have they wandered away
from so many of his teachings
ignoring his words
it's his intention they're breeching

When you look at these people
quite often you'll find
they've forgotten his love
for all of mankind

Their treatment of black folk
less than human they were
three fifths of a person
not the Christians finest hour

Women had their day
in the churches not equal
again less than human
kind of like a rerun or sequel

Today it's the gays
trans-gendered and bi's
and these same so called Christians
have averted their eyes

Refusing to love
as that man Jesus said
gone to the extreme
of wishing them dead

Where is that love
where is their caring
are todays Christians real
or is just a name they are wearing

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who are Those People

Where is Christ
they told me he was dead
I knocked all the doors
of all the churches
there was never any answer
I guess it's true

Has hope up and left
without him
what will become of the world

Who's that sharing his food
and providing a coat
to that homeless fellow?

Why is that person
giving his shoes
to that bum?

Did I just hear that woman
offer shelter and help with health care
to that pregnant teen with no home?

Do my eyes and ears deceive me
or is that.......

Wait a minute,

How come he's not in the churches?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Beauty of a Lemons Rind Hides the Sour Fruit Inside

I knew this girl, quite beautiful
and of course I thought, she's wonderful
until her mouth had opened wide
the words that she spoke were ever so snide
revealing to me what was deep inside
an ugliness that she couldn't hide
that proved her to be despicable
and made her quite unlovable

I Can Only Hope for that Someday

Both on the street
and battle field
the killings endless
they never yield

While all the talking
gets nothing done
it appears as they kill
purely for fun

I feel as though
I write this in vain
while so many others
continue to suffer their pain

If they who need to
will not listen
however will our words
ever glisten

Yet I'll continue to write
with hopes for tomorrow
that one day we'll wake
with none of this sorrow

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Own Your Own

No need to be threatened
by the beliefs of another
when the beliefs you have
are your own

No need to be upset
by their ideas and words
if yours are truly written
in stone

There's no need to fight
no need to argue
simple discussion
is a much better tone

For then if you talk
and learn from each other
you'll find in the end
you've both grown

Others words, ideas and beliefs threaten not when one truly owns his own.

The Fourteenth at Tomac Woods

I love it
I hate it
it's both my favorite
and least
a long and narrow fairway
lined by marvelous trees
so many different types
the colors
for a moment
cause you to forget how important
a straight drive is on this hole
the leaves in the landing area
tell you it really doesn't matter today
you're here to enjoy the course
wandering through the changing season
even now as autumn has taken full control
the joy playing
brings a smile that remains
ever present

Don't miss a day of it my friends

Don't miss a day!

The Breaking Down of the Wall

The wall had been built
strong and sturdy it was
it kept the state
from dictating religion

It's purpose to insure
that all men, women too
could believe, or not
worship, or not
in short to have their own faith
and that all may be treated as equals

It was built
to stop the witch burnings
to end the persecution of the baptists
to bestow upon all men, women too
the freedom to have their own faith

The differences were many
folks seemed to get stupid

“There's only one way
and that's mine”

“Laws should be made to
give me advantage”

“After all
can't you see God is mine”

They picked up the sledge
started hammering away at the wall
attempting to mold it, shape it, yes change it
and with all this pounding it started to fall

They were claiming the first
and yes they've that right
what they forgot
was the first was for all
they had picked the wrong fight

Then the fourteenth was born
to bolster the wall
build it back up
to insure to all
their rights be protected
but that wasn't enough
the hammering continued
and the state said


“All have these rights
and you've no right
to deny them”

You claim you're non-profit
you've been given the freedom
to worship and believe as you wish
and in your church build your kingdom

But if you're licensed as business
I know this sounds hollow
but you've really no choice
it's the laws of the land you must follow

You've been given protection
and what did you do
started tearing it down
tell me

Who's encroached upon who?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Don't Miss the Important Stuff

Possessions and people
they'll come and they'll go
while the heart and the spirit
they're a world all their own

It's a world deep within
that's ignored by so many
who concentrate on the surface
only to miss their own beauty

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Earth is Ours, We are the Earth

We are children of the one creator
man has given him many names
but the names matter not
he is simply the ever present

We are all his creation
all of the same substance
I am but a small part of he
while he is all of me

Being one with the earth
the flowers of all colors
and the towering trees
the animals that roam
the forests and prairies

Being one with the seas
the gilled of the deep
the air breathers and shellfish

One with the heavens
the melodious songbirds
those great birds of prey
even the vulture
who displays great beauty in flight

They are all a part of him
all intended to be the answer
to the needs of another
the supply that sustains

He's not hard to please
he only wishes
to be treated with respect
a gentle touch
a soft footprint
use but don't abuse
and share it all
while traveling his paths

We are also the answer
to the needs of another

We are their sustainer

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Gentle Footprint

He had taken care
of each step he took
they were gentle
never destructive

Pebbles along his path
remained in their place
that path left open
no bridge ever burnt
always present
that others might follow
his footsteps

Gardens of flowers
ever fragrant
blessing his life with joy
always groomed
weeded so that others
might also enjoy their beauty

He had been taught in his youth
to respect all things of this world
for all things belonged to all people
to bless each according to their need

Destruction would deny a healing

His footprints were worthy
of being followed

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Winter of Love

It was the dead of winter

A fresh snow had come
that pure white blanket
drifted across the walk
and just off the eves of my roof

The picture was like what you would find
only on a print done by Thomas Kinkade
That stone cottage
in amongst the trees
with a faint warm candle light
coming through its bay window

Warmed by the embers left in the hearth
we had explored each others bodies, minds and hearts
discovered that commonality only soul mates are aware of
we found a world that brought joy to both of us

It was the birth of our love

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How Could I Not Love Her

Yes lust had come first
but love took its place
when once I discovered
she had more than a face
when I gazed in her eyes
I saw into her soul
she had this desire
to make everyone whole
she would care for those
deemed unlovely by most
to the down trodden and poor
she was ever the host
lifting them up
dusting them off
helping them to feel human
after they'd felt so lost
always the giver
denying herself
when they call and they need help
her life goes on the shelf
just why is she like this
I don't have that answer
the one thing I do know
is that I'll always love her

Poets Immortal

Poets immortals
ever with us
their ghosts still present
there's no need for to fuss

They mean you no harm
they're here for to bless
with the words that they've left us
they oft relieve our distress

Their words are alive
they are truly an art
a wonderful archive
here to show us their heart

These marvelous words
that we sit and we ponder
the stories they bring us
offer journeys to wander

The pictures they paint
with the ink that they share
introduce us to new places
and then take us there

They show us the heavens
and take us through hell
their inspired words
put us under their spell

Some are life lessons
others lessons of love
they document wars
and speak as the dove

Yes they live on
not one of them dead
they're truly immortal
as long as they're read

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Side we don't See

He had it all
not a worry one
his life a picture
of nothing but fun
he had all the toys
that one could ever want
and always in public
appearing so nonchalant

Why suicide
whatever was wrong
often it's drugs
that have stolen their song
was having it all
without any limit
the last nail in the coffin
that had taken the spirit

That will live
where does it go
what the hell are they missing
does anyone know
those rich and famous
why so hard pressed
to always appear
as their lives are so blessed

Down deep inside
they lie to themselves
their lives become wasted
the best parts have been shelved
always in character
ever playing their role
in truth they've run aground
on a deserted shoal

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Wonderful memories
bringing forth tears
the times of my youth
those long lost years

Often forgotten
hidden by years
of life's many trials
and day to day fears

Seldom they come
yet once they do start
they race though my mind
and again touch my heart

Bringing back feelings
I thought were long dead
taking me back
to my youthful homestead

We'd gather with friends
I can picture their faces
they're right here in my heart
though we're in far away places

These tears, they're the good kind
they take me back home
to spend time with my good friends
reliving days long outgrown