Monday, November 17, 2014

Can't You even Spare A Cup of Coffee

As a boy
I played with toys

But as I grew
somehow I knew

Those days of fun
would soon be done

Watching my dad
as he worked for a living
paying the bills
little left for the giving

No we weren't dirt poor
we didn't miss any meals
always a roof over our heads
they didn't seem like big deals

Though we heard of the hungry
we didn't believe they existed
just a ploy to clean our plates
of foods with tastes we resisted

But the poor did exist
yes in the sixties and before
and as I grew in the suburbs
I never knew the real score

You see the city was hidden
Appalachia as well
where I lived we were sheltered
from those conditions of hell

Then one day I woke up
and the poor became real
knowledge I lacked in my childhood
was now a big deal

In this world are the hungry
they are tired and weak
many are cold and sick
as they lie in the streets

How the hell can we let them
go without care
it's not like we're a people
unable to share

If we're such a great nation
with all of our riches
why is it we act as such low

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