Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sharing the Marble

My time here is short
I've a message to share
it must be delivered
to teach others to care

It's mine for to spread
it could be for others as well
but I've been given these words
and I'm supposed to go sell

But just caring inside
is not near enough
I've got to put care into action
show that I've got the stuff

A love for my brothers
all religions and races
whether they're believers or not
respect everyones faces

The homeless, the rich
whether they're straight or they're gay
none of that should matter at all
again, it's respect I should pay

sure it would be oh so easy
to avoid all interaction
if this was nothing but words
and I failed to take action

But inside we're just people
all one great big union
sharing this wonderful blue marble
you see we're all of us human

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